How VJIM’s PGDM graduate J. V. R. Ravikanth bagged placement through a National level process involving 2000 candidates?

2017-03-05-PHOTO-00044676Mechanical engineer J. V. R. Ravikanth had four years of work experience as a Sales Engineer with a manufacturing company. But he believes that his professional journey was inadequate as he didn’t even understand the concepts of sales and marketing. Doing his PGDM at VJIM, Hyderabad helped him grasp the concepts, get practical exposure and reposition himself in the industry. The confidence helped him ace the National level placement process for a noted brand like Berger Paints.

Ravikanth was chosen as a Sales officer trainee amongst 2000 participants from all over the country. He talks to us about the rigorous placement process and how he came out trumps.

Stealing the show in National level placements

The placement for a renowned brand not only had aspirants from all over the country competing but also included four demanding rounds. The written test was followed by a Group discussion with company representatives, an interview with a panel including GM – Marketing & HR Manager, and video conference interview with VP (Marketing), Area sales manager, HR Head & one HR executive.

If that wasn’t intimidating enough, Ravikanth reveals the unique nature of each of the rounds. “The GD focused on logical questions and decision analysis where they were looking at our body language, communication skills and ability to analyze situations. The first interview also required us to know the basics of marketing while the video conference focused on our selling skills and communications. I felt I had the right background to make an impression,” he says.

How he got his prep on at VJIM

According to Ravikanth, VJIM, Hyderabad enhanced his understanding of various industries through class assignments, term papers seminars and conferences. He also talks about his SIP with GMR Hyderabad International Airport, which boosted his learning. “My project was on the Business excellence model of GHIAL. Sometimes more than the brand of SIP company, it’s the experience you get is crucial for your future career,” he says confidently.

Ravikanth admits that he has gained this confidence with his PGDM, and wants to use it in his work space to develop an understanding of the processes and become indispensible to the company. Participating in Chrysalis, YUVA – Challenge, winning a tagline competition are all experiences that he cherishes deeply.

“These experiences make PGDM at the institute all about holistic learning. It’s important to try and understand the concepts of management so that you won’t be confused in front of the interviewer. You should also keep up with the latest trends through ET, TED Talks, Shark Tank and other avenues to give yourself the edge,” are his final words of advice.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of sportsmanship!

“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it. – Knute Rockne

Apart from honouring victories, sports events also aim at imparting lessons on sportsman spirit and camaraderie to everyone. VJIM, Hyderabad recently hosted its a Sports Meet on 25th February, 2017 to celebrate the spirit of sports among students and help them understand Management from the field, of the field, in the field.

The event got kick-started at 12:45 p.m. with a basketball match. Students gathered around to encourage the teams on the basketball court. Qualifier matches were played among four teams and was followed by the final match between the qualified two. Following the the basketball match, athletic events were held which included – 100 meters’ race, 400 meters’ race and a super interesting relay race.

Dr. Durga Prasad, Director, VJIM, Hyderabad along with the faculty attended the sports meet to cheer the participating students. The enthusiasm and zeal demonstrated by the students motivated the faculty to join them for the events. Representatives and members of the sports committee ensured a smooth running of the event held.

The day ended with a cheerful note, filled with joyous smiles of the young sports enthusiasts.


Everyone enters college with one wish. Especially when it comes to postgraduate courses. They want to leave with the promise of a pay-cheque in hand from a reputable company, the sweet smell of money and the future it brings. Once you doff off those caps, the panic begins to set in.

“Who will pick me? How do I prepare? What if I’m the only one who is left out?” are questions every higher-ed student is haunted with.

How is VJIM, Hyderabad doing in PGDM Class 2017’s placements so far? How is the campus placement season looking so far?

Deloitte swooped in and left its mark by hiring a big chunk of VJIM-ites as has been the trend most of the years. Actually, getting to numbers, the UK based MNC took whopping seventeen students. Following their suit, were the FMCG giants ITC, Marico, Nestle, Godrej Consumer Products etc. FMCG companies who were reluctant to hire last year lined up to recruit fresh management graduates in droves because the alumni of VJIM, Hyderabad proved their mettle.

Housing Finance companies were not hot ticket till recently but showed immense interest in hiring owing to expectations from the market in the housing sector. HDFC, which is the largest Home Loans company in India offered Rs. 7.50 lacs to VJIM-ites.

The other giants were Tech Mahindra, TIME Education, Conduira Online, ICICI Bank, AutoRabit, Schindler, Fitch Ratings, which came in the fray and selected the best of VJIM’s latest batch. With the influx of these giants, the Placement Cell’s motto at VJIM stayed intact ‘no students gets left behind!’

Talking about what further matters- the average salary so far touched Rs. 5.4 lacs per annum with 80% median at Rs 5.0 lacs per annum. This, for a starter isn’t just a way to make ends meet, it makes them save enough to explore passions, travel and buy the things they always wanted. Plus, motivate them to think of making it bigger in coming days!

VJIM is celebrating its 25th year of delivering top quality Management education in India. The B-school’s track record boasts of successfully producing graduates who have been ready to smooth it out in the real world. The school’s alums have been known for leaving their mark wherever they went. Naturally, their performances have sent messages of delivery and efficiency to other business schools.

FMCG companies, Housing Finance firms and Credit Rating agencies hired their heart out of the Class 2017. With all of this, VJIM has numerous reasons to celebrate the on-going placement season- already! Let’s wait and watch how the number fares at the end.

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Vishnu BK is set to hit the ground running with GGK Tech. How has the PGDM journey been for him?

vishnuAs a Computer Science engineer, Vishnu BK hoped to work in a Tech company in managerial profiles. With his single minded goal, he enrolled for the PGDM program at VJIM, Hyderabad. For two years, he was groomed as a future professional at the institute and it has resulted in his placement with GGK Tech handling Business Development for the company. Here he reflects on how his B School made his dream come true.

Crossing the finish line

Stakes are high for management aspirants during the placement process. For Vishnu they were raised a few notches because GGK Tech was his preferred industry sector, and the placement process consisted five rounds. “The first was aptitude test including basic logical reasoning, verbal ability and quantitative ability. It was followed by Group Discussion, where I think I did well,” he says candidly.

Shortlisted candidates were put through a stress interview with Team Leader, and a company based interview with the Managing Partner. “The final round was a market research task based on two prospective customers. I had done my homework about the company and followed questions asked to seniors to understand the pattern. Besides your knowledge they want to test your communication skills and how you handle stress,” he informs.

From early steps to giant strides

Vishnu remembers his early days on the campus as an anxious student with dreams in his eyes. According to him everyday learning at VJIM, Hyderabad turned him into a finished product. “The ET sessions taught me a lot about news and of course finance, while business communication classes and student forums improved my presentation skills. Being associated with the PR committee taught me networking skills,” he recounts.

While those were his early steps towards his professional goals, Vishnu believes he took giant strides during his SIP. Looking back at the experience he says, “I did my internship with iPublish ATS doing research on ‘Identifying Recruitment Requirement for Startups’. It was quite useful to have done my SIP on market research because that’s related to the job profile I’ve been offered. So it has all worked out for the best and I am raring to go.”

The long and short (cuts) of Niharika Bakshi’s transformation at VJIM, Hyderabad

niharika-picNiharika Bakshi wanted to do her PGDM from a reputed B School because she wanted to build a strong career. That’s the reason she joined VJIM, Hyderabad and it began her upward rise, which has led to her placement with Tech Mahindra as a Management Trainee. “I would say the preparation for placements began the day I joined the B School. All I did was grab the opportunities I was offered and started learning from each one of them,” she says enthusiastically.

Tip that did the trick for Personal Interview

The placement process for the reputed firm involved three stages. Niharika had done well in the first round of Aptitude, Reasoning, Verbal ability and Psychometric tests. “The second round was Group Discussion about a current topic – Uri attack. Right from day 1 at VJIM, we had inculcated the habit of reading ET. So I was aware of the news and mock GDs we had at the institute taught me the etiquette that came handy,” she explains.

Niharika sheds light on the crucial Personal Interview that was largely focused on her resume and SIP. She had done her homework about the company but given the stakes was bound to be nervous. “A day before the PI our faculty advised us to get good 8 hours sleep. That helped me stay energetic, reduce anxiety and have presence of mind during the interview. I am obsessed with Human Resources, so I think that passion showed too,” she explains.

Two year long prep

While the simple tip might have turned things in her favor, Niharika remains mindful of the fact that VJIM, Hyderabad offered her the best platforms for two years, including the SIP. “I did my internship in Mahindra and Mahindra Automotive and Farm Sector. Apart from learning and development, I was also involved with recruitment, which was a huge experience to have. Along with various initiatives at my B School, it helped mould me as a professional,” she claims.

Nikarika admits that in her initial days she couldn’t communicate in English during JAM sessions. But today her communication skills impressed her recruiters. “I think the mentoring sessions helped me get over my weaknesses. I was also a part of the placement committee that taught me multitasking. I was involved in many informal and formal events including the Business Conclave at the B School, which gave me required corporate experience,” she recounts.

Why Nagarjun Yadav was the only candidate with Marketing specialization to get placed with a Finance powerhouse?

nagarjunM.Com graduate Nagarjun Yadav, who has also done his Chartered Accountancy wanted to equip himself with a degree that would set him apart in the competitive business world. He opted for the PGDM program at VJIM, Hyderabad and hasn’t looked back. As he bagged a placement with Piramal Group’s Shriram Housing Finance Limited and a handsome remuneration package of Rs. 6.5 lakhs per annum, he has a lot to look ahead in his professional journey.

Nagarjun admits that he aspired for the role offered by Shriram Housing because it suited his passions for both, Finance and Marketing. Reflecting on the placement process he says, “I was confident during the pre-placement talk where I answered all the questions. The next round was group discussion on street shopping, mall shopping and online shopping.” He was the only student with Marketing specialization called for the personal interview that lasted 40 minutes.

The rest as they say is history and Nagargun will now be working as a Management Trainee without the renowned organization. He believes it’s a result of his SIP experience to a large extent. “Having done my internship with Thomas Cook selling foreign tour packages and Forex, I could link it to sales and marketing of the housing loans. They had a lot of questions about my internship and my knowledge showed them I was ready for the industry,” he states.

According to Nagarjun, the SIP was one of the many opportunities VJIM, Hyderabad offered him to grow into a professional. “We set up stalls at Chrysalis and made huge profits. It was an experience that helped me learn entrepreneurial skills. We would actively participate in debates and discussions during ET sessions, make regular presentations. These initiatives built my confidence and helped me grow,” he says thoughtfully.

Now as a professional Nagarjun wants to bring his brand of creativity and enthusiasm to his work place. He wants to take the learning from his B School to his professional life. “VJIM, Hyderabad taught me how to do things in an organized manner. I also imbibed decision making skills and can take mature decisions. It has given me the vision and belief to succeed in my professional life,” he says confidently.


How VJIM, Hyderabad helped Elina Ann Mathew redefine herself and her career?

elinaVJIM made me realize that failures can be used to understand and redefine who you are. It also taught me that reaching great heights of success comes from working from your heart and being persevering,” says Elina Ann Mathew, who specialized in HR and Marketing from the institute. Today she has been able to redefine herself and her career as she has had a solid start being placed with Tech Mahindra as Management Trainee-HR.

The Computer Science graduate from Kerala is candid as she talks about the difficulties she had in her graduation college years. They were filled with difficulties and her self-esteem had taken a beating. Elina admits that being at VJIM, Hyderabad helped her rebuild herself. “My B School gave me a chance to heal. I was offered several platforms to learn, grow and come into my own. I can use those learnings into my professional life,” she claims.

Right from the orientation program at the onset to insight into placement process and the SIP, it all helped Elina in getting recruited with a top firm. “I did my internship at Signode India Limited, Rudraram Plant, Hyderabad. It helped me understand the HR processes and answer all the questions during the interview. I also had help from my college since we were briefed about current topics that could be a part of the Group Discussion,” she says.

Elina offers further insight on the actual placement process. “The campus drive by Tech Mahindra consisted of 3 rounds Aptitude Test based on quantitative ability and psychometry, Group Discussion and the Interview. The first round tested us on reactions to real life situations while the subsequent rounds were more about communication skills. My interview was quite unique because I was asked to interview myself and I did that in all honesty,” she explains.

She urges her juniors at the institute to know more about their prospective recruiters as they prepare for the placement process. It’s something Elina did to good effect and won her reward. Now she is ready to make her mark in her professional life. “Tech Mahindra is known for training employees to take critical decisions and nurture leaders. It would be my privilege to be a part of this system wherein I can inculcate my learnings in taking strategic decisions,” she ends.