How S. N. Avinash’s PGDM Renewed His Career

Avinash shares his success story, which he scripted despite the adversities

“Hardships are temporary, but they serve as a stepping stone to success.” This is the precept that young S. N. Avinash, a Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) student, lives by. For PGDM graduates, finding a job that is fulfilling, exciting and better paying than the previous one is typically a critical part of their post-graduation plans.

Avinash, a marketing PGDM student and now a territory sales manager at Crompton Greaves, completed his course this year and said the support and guidance of the institute’s placement group made all the difference in landing his ‘dream job.’

Avinash wanted to extend his career prospects through a new course and superior experience, and enrolling at VJIM drew him in a special way. “VJIM is warm and allows building sincere relationships with faculty and students. It ranks high and puts great stress on offering practical and hands-on experience, which I find is crucial,” says Avinash.

As a part of his curriculum, Avinash and his fellow-students met industry experts from across the country and beyond. Their insights allowed him to get clarity on the industry he wanted to choose and understand the requirements that will make him fit for the industry. “The experience gained from these experts was not just interesting, but valuable too. It was after meeting them that I got clarity about my future, understood the importance of practical approach versus bookish knowledge, and the process of targeting the desired industry,” Avinash says.

Just before his final placement, Avinash landed a role at Syska personal care category as an intern – where he was on a ‘steep learning curve’ and was constantly challenged in his work. He adds, “Learning how large organizations function while setting up my credibility and gaining the trust of my seniors have been important.”

Recalling his college days, Avinash says he will always be grateful to the faculty members for helping him get through the course and preparing him for the future of work. “If there’s one thing that VJIM has instilled among its students, it’s the leadership skill,” he says. Avinash also counts the faculty, co-students, visit to ITC for the big billion day, and internship at Syska among the highlights of his PGDM.

The holistic nature of this course has left a lasting impact on Avinash, shaping his new direction. The events, the peers, and the syndicate environment have also helped to shape his personality during the PGDM.

Avinash and his PGDM experience were much more than the classroom studies and aspirants should embrace all that is available.

Find out how Management Development Programs (MDPs) give an edge to aspiring management students

Every year, colleges, institutes, corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations spend an abundant amount to train students, employees, and the staff. From simple one-day seminars that help to learn effective work skills to long and elaborate programs like the six sigma that help understand the functioning of a business, tens of hundreds of management development programs exist to offer specialized training to aspirants. Of late, it’s being realized that upskilling is an important growth strategy that can be successfully put to execution with the help of MDPs. Check out how MDPs give the management students an edge in the industry!

Improved skills

An immediate difference between a student who’s attained management development training in contrast to the one who hasn’t is the improvement of knowledge and skills, which can be implemented at the workplace or anytime in the professional journey. When an individual’s skills are top-notch, he or she is able to create efficient processes, the outcome for which can be seen in the business generated. A well-trained student can become a better team member and invariably, a great problem-solver.

Competitive advantage

Having a competitive advantage in your chosen industry is extremely vital. And that’s exactly what MDPs help with! Management training sessions ensure students get equipped with the necessary skills which are required at multinationals and expected from a management pass-out.

Effective practices

Management Development Programs are carefully designed with an aim to change the way students think or approach a setback, which can be very crucial to productivity. Here’s where students having undergone management training stand apart from the rest in terms of working with or reacting to people around them. A lot of MDPs specifically focus on giving guidance to carry out effective practices at work and changing the nature of how a person acts and thinks in order to facilitate a positive environment.

Management success

MDPs facilitate recipients to keep moving forward, even when the inevitable strikes. The training sessions encourage students and make them aware of their duties, responsibilities, and roles. Over time, with experience, the aspirants develop skills of innovation, which ultimately leads the way in business development and improvement.

In addition, students who have endured different MDPs, both long and short format, grow the ability to see a big-picture plan and stay invested in seeing that plan come to life!

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, celebrates 26th convocation ceremony on 13th March 2021

Hyderabad, Tuesday, 16th March 2021: Hyderabad’s premier Business School, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), on Saturday, 13th March 2021, hosted and concluded the convocation ceremony of the 26th batch, in other words, the batch of 2020, at the B-school’s campus after a year of being isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Amidst a feeling of nostalgia that was profoundly evident around the campus, 228 students were conferred degrees in the presence of the esteemed faculty, staff, Council members, chief guest, and alumnus.  Dr. D. N. Rao, the President of Vignana Jyothi, inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp and addressing the recipient batch. What followed the inauguration was a melodious singing performance by 3 students from the 28th batch. The ceremony was further progressed by Dr. D. N. Rao who, in his address, laid emphasis on the importance of industrial revolution 4.0 and how artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning is likely to take the world by storm. He also prepared the students by making them aware of these fields and that they should equip themselves with essential knowledge and skills in these areas today, to become better professionals tomorrow. Quoting Johann Wolfgang, He concluded that, “Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

Dr. Ch. S. Durga Prasad, the Director of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management took the ceremony forward.  In his address, he spoke about the institute, its long-standing journey toward excellence and he gave a glimpse of how the first batch began with merely 17 students and evolving today, to being able to host the 26th batch convocation comprised of 228 students. He also announced proudly that “VJIM Hyderabad is the first institute to have followed Outcome-Based Education (OBE), and it gives me immense satisfaction to deliver this piece of news that’s not only special but also extremely important.”

In conclusion, Shri Kode Durga Prasad, Joint Secretary of Vignana Jyothi and Member of the Governing Council, introduced the guest of eminence with charming eloquence.  Dr. Shalini Lal, the Co-founder of Unqbe, Founder of Infinity, and an entrepreneur and a prolific writer.  She congratulated the students and narrated a story that emphasized the vitality of time, values, and education. “Always stand up and fight for what is right,” she said. “These are the most exciting yet responsible days of your life. Do not give up, irrespective of the hurdles. And never feel disheartened even if you fail. I feel immensely proud of each one of you for successfully having attained your higher education degree. Success is a call away, do not lose focus,” added Dr. Shalini.

The first-ever event after a year-long online academic session concluded successfully with great joy and fervour at VJIM!

Hyderabad: The land of Charminar, Education, Biryani, and Nizam’s!

There’s more to Hyderabad than just an IT city. From an insightful history to a strong culture, architectural marvels to tons of parks, and Hyderabadi biryani to top-ranking business schools – there’s nothing this city is not good for! Having evolved as a premier destination for studying management, IT, biotechnology, medicine, pharma, and defense, students and job aspirants consider Hyderabad a treat to attain more exposure, experience, and knowledge to world-class institutes and corporates. The presence of the Indian School of Business, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, ICFAI Business School, and Institute of Public Enterprise among other key institutes of national and international standing contribute to making the city a hub of education for the youth. What’s more? Acres of land are dedicated to world-renowned film studios like Annapurna, Saradhi, and Ramoji Film City; thus, making the city a hot spot for the film industry. Not to forget, the numerous overseas consultancies, fitness clubs, sports academies, spiritual centers, film-training institutes, and theatre groups together make Hyderabad a place to live, enjoy, and treasure the value of life.

Will education institutions ever be the same after the coronavirus crisis? Find out how VJIM is prepping up to deliver an enhanced hybrid classroom experience

It takes days, weeks, months, or years, but someday the campuses are certain to light up with the presence of students, professors, and staff alike. Greeting each other, teaching students, taking classroom lessons, going to department meetings, heading into the library, and enjoying time at the canteen will no longer seem strange and uncomfortable. And we will perform these activities without reaching out for masks or grabbing our wipes – also, without wondering if we committed the biggest mistake of our lives.

How and when will colleges be reopened?

We are gradually seeing an increasing number of students return to the classroom. However, over a billion aspirants are still out of schools, colleges, and universities due to partial world-wide closures. Given the difficulty of the circumstances across India, states are in different minds regarding when and how they plan to open educational institutions. At present, the best interest of every student is at the center of every decision, using the best possible alternative, but how this will look will vary from institute to institute.

After months to almost a year at home, students have most probably lost their professors’ face-to-face support. However, the need of the hour at this point remains some extra student support and cooperation. More than ever before, the learning gaps are likely to widen and a lot of students, may perhaps, be found looking at smartphones or being indulged in playing video games.

Some of the practical measures that Hyderabad’s premier institute, VJIM, has taken, include:

  • Holding classes in shifts, to reduce class size
  • Increasing mealtimes
  • Bringing a shift in the classroom seating arrangement
  • Hosting cultural and social activities in temporary spaces or outdoors
  • Special emphasis on improving hygiene and water facilities
  • Setting up guidance on physical distancing, respiratory etiquette (i.e., sneezing and coughing into the elbow)
  • Safe food preparation practices

Students, not just across the country but world-over, have shown how much they are willing to learn. And thus, VJIM has made plans for catch-up lessons to help them bounce back to speed. Given the possibility that the institute may not function full-time or all-days of the week, the institute is looking to implement a ‘blended learning model’ – a mix of remote education and classroom instruction. These are big changes and they are certain to require work, resources, and creativity from administrators, faculty, and students. But at the same time, they are also great opportunities!

Putting the theories of Finance to practice in every little thing- How students of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, breathe and live Finance as a subject

Financial literacy may not instantly come to mind when one thinks of the essential skills that the students should hone, but what a person learns about finances at a young age shapes the way they manage and handle money in adulthood. And thus, the programs at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, are designed in a manner that emphasis goes on collaboration and practical implications of learning, coupled with collective knowledge attained through the cohort. All the courses at the institute are stimulating, real-world, and challenging, and ideal for aspirants interested in becoming moguls of the financial, business, and management world.

“As a student who relies on pocket money whilst pursuing higher studies, giving an equal amount of time for rejuvenation as much as education holds utmost importance. However, doing all of it within a budget is what we’re learning, both theoretically as well as practically. When out for trips with friends and peers, we prefer choosing student-friendly accommodations, say, zostels or hostels. The mode of transport is usually bus or train, depending on the distance to be covered. When it comes to our events at the college, we map out the potential expenses, available resources, and allocate emergency funds after due consideration of all the factors,” says Shravya from the 28th batch.

Dharani, on the other hand, from the same batch, says, “For annual events, based on the previous year’s expenses, we form a benchmark, which we try not to exceed. Plus, utilizing the existing resources at the campus is the best way to avoid spending anything extra. For personal leisure, amongst friends, we opt for tour packages available for groups from travel agencies so as to save and yet, have a quality trip, without compromising on essentials.”

These strategies, the art of planning, and seamlessly executing it is mostly adapted from the cohort model, which is not only brilliant but also creates a rich learning experience. Besides, in an environment that encourages teamwork and collaboration, learning by seeing and doing from others’ strengths, experiences, interests, and uniqueness becomes interesting as well as inspiring. Moreover, the faculty members and visiting professors help students connect and make the transition from theoretical knowledge to practical implementation easy, relevant, and possible.

Finally, the support of breaking the ice with innovative teaching techniques, classroom discussions, and group activities aid in widening the understanding of financial literacy. Finance, as a subject, overall, is thus prioritized more than anything else at VJIM, and the process begins right amidst the four walls of the classroom by cracking productive, lasting conversations regarding the significance of financial decisions.

VJIM, Hyderabad faculty team offers expert advice to cope with changes in CAT 2020

CAT 2020 scheduled for 29th November poses unique challenges this year with the ongoing pandemic situation. The pattern changes like reduction of exam time has caused some confusion and added to the stress for candidates. But there is support coming from all quarters including the experienced faculty team of VJIM, Hyderabad ranked No. 1 in Telangana by MBA Universe. With a month to go for the test, their informed tips can make all the difference to your prep.

In spite of the changes to CAT 2020, Dr. Dammalapati Ravinath, Professor, Marketing believes your focus shouldn’t switch from mock tests. “But just taking tests isn’t enough; analyze your results and use those insights to adjust your preparation,” he adds. Dr. Vishal Kutchu, Senior Assistant Professor, Finance asserts, “Now is not the ideal time to learn new skills, instead revise on what you know. Focus on your strengths to take on CAT 2020 with confidence.”

The last month is truly about building on your strengths and it should also include your mental and physical wellbeing. “Get enough rest and don’t forget we are in the middle of a pandemic. Prepare for CAT but keep safety protocols in mind,” says Prof. Niharika A, Assistant Professor, Human Resources. Her colleague Dr. Yamini Meduri agrees and highlights the importance of doing things you love to manage your stress levels and being in your best shape for CAT day.

You can also train your body and mind for the test in real-time, believes Prof. Sishir Polasani, Senior Assistant Professor, Marketing. He recommends taking mock tests at the time of the day when CAT 2020 will be held. Prof. N Srinivas Chakravarthy, Assistant Professor, Business English also urges candidates to stay informed about the pattern changes. “Since the duration for each of the sections has reduced, time your preparations so that you can take off the blocks on exam day,” he rounds up the sound advice from the academic experts.

The students of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, share the joy of pursuing new hobbies during the COVID-19 lockdown

While the lockdown has been tough on most, for many, it’s also had some silver linings, particularly because people have had a chance to up a new skill or hobby and go back to doing something they were wanting to pursue for a long time. And yes, this is not limited to celebrities like Malaika Arora who has been cooking, Twinkle Khanna who has been gardening, and writing like Ayushmann Khurana.

For Aishwarya Garg of the 26th batch, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, finding time for photography amid her tight schedule has always been challenging, or rather, impossible. However, the onset of lockdown offered her an opportunity to grab her camera back in her hands and capture the beauty of surroundings that was left unexplored. Remarked Kavya, an aspirant of the 27th batch, “I had no clue I had the capability of cooking until I began observing my mother and getting inspired by her skills. I had been drawn towards different cuisines from around the world, especially the ingredients used, but never knew I’d able to prepare some of it one day. Lockdown facilitated that time which I could direct towards doing something productive, therapeutic, and skilful.”

Cooking is another interest that a lot of people, including students, have begun to work on or been obligated to, owing to the absence of domestic help. Take, for instance, Manasa, from the class of 2021, who not just spent time cooking and innovating but also managed to fulfil her long-lived dream of commencing a blog. A hobby that stemmed from merely a cup of tea grew into an art that the young Manasa is mastering effortlessly. As she spends more time blogging and cooking, the VJIM student said her goal is to be able to share her personal experiences from the culinary world as opposed to simply penning down standard recipes available all over the internet.

Other than the stories of these hobbyists, many are busy exploring their creative talents in painting, reading, writing poetry, and working out! 

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, in association with Brand Equity, hosts ‘brand disruption virtual summit’

September 21st, 2020, Hyderabad: On August 13th, 2020, Hyderabad’s premier B-school- Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), in partnership with Brand Equity, hosted a virtual summit on ‘Brand Disruption’ amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Focused on exploring the importance of disruption as a catalyst for improvement and growth in different sectors, the summit featured panels with eminent speakers from Kia Motors, OnePlus India, Tata Consumer Products, Unacademy, Madison Media Sigma, and more, who addressed subjects at the forefront of online teaching and learning, opportunity development during a global crisis, engaging customers through digital platforms, and significance of technology.

Mr. Arjun Mohan, the CEO of UPGRAD, addressed the audience, shedding light on the primary theme of the summit, brand disruption, and how UPGRAD paved the way for ‘economical’ and one-of-its-kind online PG courses for aspirants seeking higher education, regardless the external adversities. The session conducted by Mr. Prasad Sagameshwar, the Editor of ET Brand Equity, and Mr. Steffen Knapp, the Director of Volkswagen India, elaborated on how the outlook of consumers has taken a curve, owing to the constantly emerging uncertainties, due to which, the sense of affordability has taken a major hit.

Mr. Puneet Das, VP, Marketing Beverages, Tata Consumer Products, spoke on his views on brand disruption and added, “It is something people do not expect to happen, but it’s for the purpose of creating a new way and going out of the way.”

Prof. A. Ramesh, Department of Marketing, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad said “Partnering with Brand Equity for the brand disruption virtual summit proved to be extremely valuable and insightful for all the faculty members and other participants. While the world is grappling with and overcoming the coronavirus pandemic, learning and understanding how and why brands need to disrupt at this hour were of utmost importance. This summit also examined which brand is leading this revolution and what to expect next. We look forward to hosting many more such events – both online and offline – for the betterment of everyone!”

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, hosts virtual orientation programme for the batch 2020-22

Hyderabad, August 25th 2020, Tuesday: Before COVID-19 changed the way we react, new students would gather on the Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) campus every year to get acquainted with fellow students and explore their new college. This academic session, VJIM’s orientation programme – Parichay – moved to an online format for the first time. The week-long programme introduced the students to the VJIM community, the rules and regulations, resources and facilities, and the calendar of academic events.

The day one of the orientation programme was commenced with a welcome address by the Director of VJIM Hyderabad- Dr. Durgaprsad, faculty members and staff alongside registration of the students.

The second day commenced with a talk by Prof. Sanjit Sengupta, who shed light on the importance of management education in today’s scenario. The session following this was conducted by Mr. Javed Jamal, who enabled students to introduce themselves, present their interests, and interact with each other. Post the ice-breaker session, students were introduced to the faculty members who helped them get an overview of the campus life virtually.

The third day of Parichay began on an interestingly different note, where Prof. Niharika spearheaded the session that was divided into three parts; mainly, insights on career vision schooling, newspaper analysis, and student forum. The session after this was held by Mr. J. Ravikanth Reddy – Founder and CEO, PQuest Human Resources – who spoke about the digital transformations taking place in business and the new trends shaping the corporate world. The spirit of the students soar even more with the session conducted by Mr. Ankur Dani – VJIM Alumni (Batch 2014) – who shared insights on the role of PGDM in career building. The day ended on a light note with endless interactions and fun activities like Guess Me Where, Dumb Charades and Jog Your Memories between seniors and the new batch.

The day four of the orientation programme begun with Dr. Abhimanyu Acharya’s session that focused on business etiquettes, importance of languages, and practices to be followed in the corporate world. What followed was a speech by Mr. Sajan Murali Puravangara who introduced the students to the concept of manifestation, self-swot analysis, and the need for possessing the passion and a dream.

Parichay, on its final day, concluded with an announcement of a report writing contest, Who Describes the Week Best, through which, the students were given a chance to share and express their views and experiences. And not just that, students were introduced to one of VJIM’s unique practices- the news analysis’ practice where Dr Dani delivered the first session to them. And the day came to a wrap with a beautiful session on “Importance of a Sound Mind & Healthy Body- The Path.”

According to Dr. Durgaprasad, Director, VJIM, Hyderabad, “Our orientation programme, Parichay, is designed to ensure students make a successful and smooth transition into a new journey of higher education in the world of management. The programme experience is organized to make students feel prepared and engaged in this new step. However, owing to the pandemic this year, we had to conduct the programme virtually, unlike other years, in order to keep the momentum going, without disturbing the schedule of the academic session for students. I’d like to welcome the new batch of 2020-22 once again, and the VJIM family is glad for having them. We look forward to hosting smooth, uninterrupted, and quality-focused sessions for the students in times to come – regardless of whether they are conducted online or on the campus. We are ready!”

Through the online orientation programme, VJIM extended a warm welcome to its new members whilst they embark on this voyage of learning, evolving and growing.

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, gears up to induct the class of 2020-22, virtually

Hyderabad, August 10th, 2020: As educational institutions are swiftly shifting to digital teaching and learning, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, today announced the commencement of virtual classes for the batch 2020-22 enrolled in the institute’s PGDM program. For the same, VJIM has geared up to conduct a week-long induction program, Parichay, through which, the students will be given an opportunity to engage in an interactive session, have an ice-breaking activity, and learn the concepts as well as the importance of innovation, creativity, mental & physical health, and the purpose and vision of the institute.

The main induction program is scheduled for 14th August 2020, Friday, with a host of activities planned for the day, mainly, introduction to faculty members, a workshop on grooming and communication, and a special session on etiquette and self-management. Coupled with this, VJIM will host a bunch of other lectures and seminars to orient students towards their two-year PGDM journey. By the end of the induction program, the institute plans on conducting an informal, brief session for students to share their experiences and expectations from VJIM after having spent a few days on the campus. Through these activities and the whole of the program itself, VJIM aims to help students adjust themselves to a new environment and adapt to the new culture.

Admissions, assessments, examinations, and learning don’t seem to have stopped at the institute despite the COVID-19 crisis. VJIM has been using technology platforms such as Google Classroom, Zoom, and Skype to deliver classes for the on-going batches. Talking about the program, Dr. Durga Prasad , Director, VJIM, said, “This year, the pandemic has changed a lot of things. But we didn’t want the students to face the consequences of it or have their academic session hampered. Thus, the decision to conduct the induction program was taken. We look forward to welcoming the students. I’m certain, this induction program will ensure that students are introduced to the facilities at the institute and help them understand the systems followed here.”

Besides academia, VJIM is also known for its class-apart infrastructure and rich heritage and students will be made known to this aspect of the institution.

About VJIM

An Autonomous institute approved by AICTE, India. The lush green sprawling campus and the architectural splendor of VJIM, situated in a serene atmosphere in the outskirts of Hyderabad, is a perfect setup to match the synthesizing of conventional & modern learning environments.