Business Conclave at VJIM, Hyderabad leads to invigorating discussion about the Future

The 5th Business Conclave on the theme “The Future of work – Role of HR” was held by VJIM, Hyderabad on the 4th of November, 2016. The session brought together reputed industry names along with the bigwigs from the institute who discussed what the future holds for HR professionals. It was an enriching session where the panelists made eyeopening points that were taken on board by the participants. The students also had an opportunity to have their questions answered, which made it an engaging session on the whole.

Mr. Harish Raichandani, Founder CEO-Potentia, Ms. Kiranmai Pendyala, Corporate Vice President, Greater Asia, Mr. Stanley George, Head-HR, Hexaware Technologies, Mr. Yusuf Gararai, General Manager – R&T, Sivsshakthi Group and Ms. Mira Vempati, Head-Learning and Development, Hyundai Mobis were the industry names that expressed their views on the topic. The proceedings began with a welcome speech by Dr. CH Durgaprasad, Director, VJIM. Dr. DN Rao, General Secretary then explained business pragmatics to the students.

According to Dr. Rao, “The future at VJIM should be about “Question the Answer”. What defines beautiful organization are concepts like do the necessary, create intimacy, be ugly and most importantly remain incomplete.” Mr. Raichandani focused on the importance of Artificial Intelligence in connecting the dots between the present and the future. Ms. Pendyala on the other hand believes, “Future is unknown and we are moving from inter-dependence to completely independent. Humans will exist even in presence of artificial intelligence because of hard work.”

Like Ms. Pendyala who offered the example of GPS replacing Yellow Pages to find directions, all the talks were filled with anecdotes to keep the students riveted. Talking about the future of technologies, Mr. George said, “There will be a few switches including in Analytics (Bug Data), Robotics (technology overtaking human effort), Mobility (present generation attachment to mobile phones), Bricks and Clicks (launch of car “Qwid” with the help of application) and Zero (zero-collision, zero-emission).”

Mr. Gararai offered the example of Ms. Anita Roddick, Body Shop, who adopted climatic stop agriculture which meant no animal testing, and use of natural products. Ms. Vempati the final speaker talked about L&D future and said, “In this era, distance is no more a concern and people are very comfortable putting forward their idea without hesitation. Young generation with less than 10 years experience has more transparency and less ambiguity. This category of people will ask questions, communicate and be open.”

If any proof of that statement was needed, it was offered quickly by the students who engaged the speakers in a lively question and answer session. They also had an opportunity to interact with the professionals making it a truly fruitful conclave.

“When better is possible… good is not enough” believes the determined medalist of Batch 2016- Pratik Kr. Ghoshal, PGDM, VJIM, Hyderabad

pratikPratik Kumar Ghosal specialised in HR & Finance from VJIM in 2016. Like many B.Tech degree holders, he headed to VJIM for a PGDM to enhance his career. Little did he realise that his life would take a complete pleasant turn of one eighty by the time he would walk out of the school, with his diploma in hand.

When we asked him how he felt with a medal in his hand, he beamed and agreed- “it’s a great feeling to get the medal.” Most of all Pratik is happy to have learnt important things that will help him in life. “Honestly, I wasn’t always fixated on scoring the highest. I worked hard and it came around.”

“Determination and hard work,” according to him are the things that are required to stand out with an outstanding CGPA in a B-School where every student is eyeing for the best placement and best score.

Pratik informs us that he has been placed at ACT Private Limited. Grinning from ear to ear, he doesn’t thing that PGDM is absolutely necessary for his job profile but he says that it doesn’t hurt at all to know that climbing steps from the beginners’ level to mid-level and then highest would not require him to get back to a Management degree again. With a PGDM, he already has what it takes to ride the storm.

As for the gap between what he learnt in the classroom and what they get exposed to in work place, he admits that there will be differences between textbook learning and real life application. However, learning the theories well as per Pratik is imperative.

“Reading various journal, continuously updating myself with new information is a drive which VJIM instilled in me. The school asked us to challenge ourselves at every bend,” comments Pratik while reliving the days spent by.

It was Prof. Jayashree’s calling him out that made him realise that he had made it to the medalists’ list of the 2016 batch. Pratik had done his Summer Internship at Techno India in Finance wing that provided the base, which now serves as the rock on which the foundation of his professional life ahead begins.

“When better is possible… good is not enough”, he espouses as he moves forward with wistful memories attached to his teachers.


Answers Chintakunta Mounika, PGDM Class of 2016, Alumni Award in Finance,Currently working with Deloitte

Chintakunta Mounika came to Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad get a PGDM in Finance after finishing her B.Com. What changed was that she emerged with the Alumni Award from VJIM, Hyderabad after having spent two glorious years at the institute that forged her pathway to the future.

mounika“Of course I feel amazing! This recognition will encourage me  to push myself beyond my limits and try achieve more in my career as well as life”, Chintakunta chirps happily.

When the results of first Trimester came out, her friends informed her about it and of course, her joy knew no bounds. She had arrived where she had to. She had made her mark. After innumerable days of sticking to the basics, adopting to the theories and practices, late night assignments, last minute PPTs, balancing academics with extra curricular day in and out, Chintakunta is now a professional ready to take on the world.

“Winning a medal wasn’t the goal I had actually entered VJIM with. All I wanted was a sound PGDM in Finance but I did promise myself to give my best with all I have.” Surrounded by talent, it made Chintakunta yearn for performing even better. All of her effort and dedication.

With her stellar record, outstanding CGPA and of course groomed professional outlook, she is now at Deloitte as a Senior Audit Assistant. Now out of B-School, she carries the drive, the passion and the fierce vigor, which her PGDM education has instilled in her while she was there.

As she sits at her work desk everyday, the lessons and lectures from VJIM passes through her mind making her more competent and help her excel at work. The words from the chalkboard now transform into practical experiences and solutions for clients now.

Although we might argue that things taught to us in classrooms don’t necessarily extrapolate to real life experiences Chintakunta disagrees. She remarks that her classrooms provided her with skills that she uses everyday at her work. They are what make her the professional she is today. Her persona at Deloitte is just what VJIM shaped and honed.

Talking about the varied experiences and exposures provided to her by VJIM, she recounts that getting Economic Times was an added advantage which helped her get ready for the outside world.

Her Summer Internship Programme with Zycoo Private Limited left an indelible mark on her while providing the much-needed practical experience she needed. While she remembers most of her teachers fondly, one in particular stands out. Her finance teacher from VJIM, Abhishek Sinha is someone she immensely values. It was his lectures and his method of simplifying the course content which helped her get a grip over the subject.

Before signing off, she had a message for her juniors. “Have interest in your work, work with passion and yearn to achieve it.”


Chandana Varma talks about her journey to the coveted Gold Medal of HR & Finance at VJIM, Hyderabad

chandana-varmaChandana Varma a medalist of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad’s batch of 2016 from HR & Finance comes from an academic background of B.Tech but that is where the similarities stop. Chandana is not the run of the mill Engineer who opted for Management education to enhance her career. Her’s an acute sense of understanding in the field of Management. It was this acumen that drove her to pick one of the best B-schools of the country and qualify for it. Her quest for learning gathered more momentum the minute she stepped at VJIM, Hyderabad.

Chandana worked hard and pushed herself to the top, emerging victorious after two years of grueling studies and hard management schedule at VJIM, Hyderabad. When you talk to her about being the medal winner, she takes it in stride and says that she did what she always wanted to and the accolades came through. With her eyes firmly fixed on the future, she laboured and her labours bore fruit.

Moving further, she adds- “CGPA shouldn’t be an ultimate aim for a student. Learning should be.” It was this fire within her and the constant desire for learning that got her placed at GGK Technologies as an HR Associate. She however believes that there isn’t a huge gap between what she was taught in the classroom and what she eventually got exposed to in the work place. “The lessons transform, translate and come in handy every step of the way,” says a happy Chandana with her academic accolade in her hand.

Chandana remembers concepts that detailed effective utilization of resources among many other things that VJIM helped her pick up. What in her mind was exactly different at VJIM? “The exposure that I received which I think no other B-School would probably have given me. I had acute fear of the stage and with the regular VJIM assignments, I completely defeated that fear.”


The first time she realised that she had made it to the medalists’ list of the 2016 batch, the news took her by surprise, but what a pleasant surprise that was!

She did her Summer Internship Project (SIP) at Tata Projects Limited. This experience laid the foundation of what promises to be an illustrious career ahead for her.

We asked Chandana her parting message for the young aspirants of PGDM. Unlike the world that keeps harping on CGPA, she wants her juniors to keep learning. “Don’t focus more on CGPA, keep learning”, she emphasises as she walks into a bright future that now rests at GGK Technologies.

The 22nd convocation of VJIM had 161 PGDM students step out of B-school with pride

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad celebrated with pride the academic success of its exceptional grandaunts during its 22nd Convocation hosted on October 14, 2016 in its very own campus at Hyderabad.


The VJIM auditorium became an even more spruced-up and well decorated venue and was bubbling with activity during the entire morning with preparations happening in clock-like precision.

A total of 161 students graduated in 22nd batch out of whom 5 opted to start up on their own while the remaining students have been placed with top companies like Deloitte, Standard chartered, Thomson Reuters, Marico, Dabur, ICIC, Tech Mahindra, Axis Bank, etc. The average package of class 2016 went to 4.5 Lakhs.

The Convocation Ceremony started as scheduled at 2 pm. The procession was lead by Dr. Ch. S. Durga Prasad, Director, VJIM, Hyderabad and Mr. Arun Wakhlu, Executive Chairman, Pragati Leadership along with Dr. G. Manchala and Prof. Rama Rao.


The dignitaries opened the ceremony with the lightning of lamp on the stage along with the traditional prayer song sung by one of the student.

22nd convocation of VJIM was officially set open by Mr. D N Rao, President, VJIM. MR. D N Rao then proceeded to give the presidential speech which included him talking about three aspects i.e. a) what happened at VJIM, b) what is happening in VJIM and c) what is going to happen after VJIM. About what happened at VJIM he spoke around the present scenario about globalization and the 3 P’s required for the manager’s – (P)ERCEPTION, (P)ASSION in life and the (P)RIDE through the knowledge acquired. Regarding what is happening- he spoke about the 4’s to be successful – (S)ANKALPAM, (S)HRADHA, (S)HRAMA and (S)AHANAM. About what will happen post VJIM- he advised all the present graduates to continue to dream and continue learning.

14633611_1322566457788642_6913555827454102940_o 14707878_1322568334455121_3331096456347775917_o

Mr. Sharath Gopal, Governing Council Member then came forward to introduce our prestigious Chief Guest of the day Mr. Arun Wakhlu, Executive Chairman, Pragati leadership. He put forward the achievements of Mr. Arun Wakhlu in the field of academics and his professional journey so far.

This was followed by Dr. Durga Prasad, Director, VJIM, Hyderabad reading the annual academic and extra curricular report of the school- 2015 to 2016. He mentioned about the success of the courses offered at VJIM that makes its students industry ready and a perfect fit for the corporate world. The report included brief summary of some stunning initiatives for the academic year like- career vision schooling, PMCI analysis, National Conference organized by students and faculty, Business Conclave, innumerable industry academy interfaces, etc.

Before receiving the graduation certificates , the graduates of Class 2016 took their Convocation oath to remain honest and truthful to their duties as Management professionals and leaders of tomorrow. The oath ceremony was led by Prof. Harish Chandra Prasad.

The time had finally come for which all the graduates were eagerly waiting last two years- the time when there two years hard work was going to be paid off, the moment when you can see proudness in the faces of graduates, their parents and the faculty. This was that moment when the Hon’ble chief guest Mr. Arun Wakhlu and the other dignitaries on the stage handed over Diplomas and medals to the students of the 22nd batch of VJIM, Hyderabad. Merit medals were given to the following students in their respective academic fields and to star performers of the Batch. Following were the recognitions:

  1. Ramachandra Reddy medal of Ethical Standards- Mr. Abhijith
  2. Gopal Rao gold medal in finance- Ms. Chintakunda Mounika
  3. Kapuri Devi gold medal in Operations- K. Durga Jyothi
  4. Thummala Madhav Rao medal in Operations- Mr. Thota Pradeep Kumar
  5. Alumni award in Finance- Ms. Mounika Reddy
  6. Punaihah gold medal in Marketing – Ms. Sharmista Dey
  7. Gold medal in Analytics – Dhakka Rajeev Kumar
  8. Polasani Rudrama Devi Gold Medal (outstanding girl student In the field of personal and institutional excellence) – Ms. Chandana Vsarma

The ceremony continued further with the Chief Guest addressing the gathering where he congratulated the students and faculty for their overwhelming success. His remarks were greeted with thunderous applauds. He motivated the students to attain success in whatever they are doing in their lives. Mr. Wakhlu put forward five principles that would guide students in the path of success in life. The five principles included:

  1. SERVICE, i.e. always have a mindset of a “go giver”. Here he also mentioned selfless service rendered by the Leadership and Management of VJIM.
  2. PURPOSE – here he spoke about the difficulties faced by him in incorporating his company and bringing it to the heights of success that it is at present. The “purpose” motivated him to never give up.
  3. ACTION – this is about one’s personal action that reflects to the actions in the environment and surrounding. External circumstances and events are tiny compared to the immense power of your self.
  4. CREATIVITY – He wanted the students to chant the three words- uncomfortable, scary and awkward in order to come out of the comfort zone and self-imposed prison to enhance their creativity.
  5. ENTHUSIASM – a quality that would be imperative at every stage of life.

At the end of the address he concluded by congratulating all the students and wish them a glorious life in the service of the nation, service of the humanity and in the service of the one wholesome world.

The Management presented a memento to the Chief Guest. Mr. D N Rao officially delivered the vote of thanks and declared the ceremony close.

The most exciting part of the convocation was when the graduates through their hats in the air with pride. There was perceptible sense of pride and achievement throughout the ceremony. The graduating and academic awarding-winning students, their proud parents, contended faculty members, distinguished guests went back with loads of memories that they would cherish forever.



“The presentations I delivered in class boosted my confidence enormously,” says the Calcutta boy who is about to join Deloitte from VJIM, Hyderabad

One of the newest hires of Deloitte, Nityananda from Kolkata is a PGDM Finance from Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad’s Class of 2017. Before arriving at VJIM, Nityananda did his B. Com in accounting and finance from the University of Kolkata. The profile he has been offered at this multi national company is that of a Tax Consultant for US clients.

Nityananda faced three rounds of interview there- Belit, versant and Business Proficienityananda-1ncy that he had to clear. After that came the interviews and then the HR round, a domain specific round followed by the final round where he was asked questions about his educational journey and previous work experience.

Before his interview he had prepared a lot about self-introduction and had researched sufficiently well about the company and the job profile. He had mock practised with his friends several times which gave him confidence when he faced the real drill.

While he already had the academic background of finance, PGDM enhanced his public speaking abilities, confidence and knowledge about the subject further.

We asked him as to what is it he wants to do differently in future when he gets on board with the company. Nityananda seemed to have enough clarity and vision around that. He said- “I would like to always think from the clients perspective, understand, their need and requirements and offer them advice that is valuable to them.” While his SIP did not help him much as the job profile he currently holds is different from the experience he had during his summer internship, he still thinks it was beneficial because it was his first taste of the corporate world.

He would like his juniors to keep up their confidence, prepare well, acquire in-depth knowledge in their subjects, rehearse mock interviews and stay positive to stay ahead of the game.

He reminisces about the time he received the call and had then relayed the message to his father and his sister who had been his pillars of support throughout the entire process. But the people he would like to thank the most are his teachers and batchmates from VJIM. He is going to miss “the classes, lectures, hangouts, presentations, the annual fest Chrysalis, the excitement and the enthusiasm of the campus life.” Of all, he is going to really miss the opportunities he got in order to grow and blossom. “The institute truly carved out the best in me and made me a more confident, creative person. At VJIM, you are respected by your peers and your faculty no matter what,” says a happy Nityananda while signing off from the conversation.

The Hyderabad girl Himaja is all set to start with Deloitte as a US Tax Consultant post her VJIM PGDM

himajaHyderabad girl Kolli Himaja, a student of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), PGDM in Finance and HR just got placed with Deloitte as a US Tax consultant. She is a graduate from Osmania University and had simultaneously completed CPT and IPCC of charted accountancy before she came to do her PGDM from VJIM, Hyderabad. When she got through Deloitte from campus, she promptly called her mother and her friends with a broad smile on her face.

Cracking Deloitte was not easy of course! She had to go through BELIT that tests reading and listening, followed by versant for speaking skills. After that came the business proficiency test for basic accounting, MS Excel and logical reasoning. After completing three tests, she made it to the personal interview round that consisted of a round with the HR followed by the technical round and then the final round of selection. Himaja went on crossing the hurdles with the destination in mind.

When asked to advice the people who are in line for the job hunt, she says they should focus on research and practice aptitude. Further, she says “their assessment of you is based on your confidence, candour, preparedness and research, so answer only if you are sure of the answer otherwise be honest and give it a pass.”

Moving ahead, Himaja sheds light on the shifts she feels about her pre and post VJIM self. She confirms “…a clear growth in my confidence, ability to multitask and positive attitude.”

Now, Himaja did not just come to VJIM for a job. Instead, she came to do her PGDM for becoming a leader and a performer. In few years’ time, she wants to be head and shoulders above those she started with.

Before Deloitte happened, she interned at Apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills during her Summer Internship at VJIM. The project was on detailed feasibility report on expansion programs of Apollo hospitals in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The experience there helped her every step of the way during her personal interview with Deloitte. When asked about her work, she could answer very confidently and in great detail.

Himaja got wistful when we asked her about the days spent at VJIM so far. She cherishes each and every lecture, every moment that she had at the Bschool. “In particular, Chrysalis, the annual festival left an indelible mark on me and still makes me nostalgic,” concludes Himaja with a smile.