Behaviour tips for new management students to make their life easier at college

Starting management education often proves to be an overwhelming experience for some students. Despite their prior exposure to campus life, they may find it difficult to adjust to the rigorous schedule of the higher education programs. This is more frequent in the students, who are resuming their studies after a gap. Discussed below are some key behaviour tips that can help the management aspirants make their PG Diploma courses easier and memorable.

  • Do not pretend to be someone else

The most important behavioural tip for new management aspirants is to be themselves. They should not try to adapt a pseudo personality simply to impress their peer and seniors. Adapting such an approach will lead to great mental and emotional stress besides making them less trustworthy. The freshers need to remember that they can win good friends with an honest and right approach rather than being desperate to become the hottest new student of the institute.

  • Volunteer in various college activities

Taking part in activities at campus is the easiest ways to socialize and make new friends. Showing an interest in such activities makes it easier for the freshers to meet new people and learn new skills as well. It also reflects the willingness of the students to contribute positively towards to the institute. New students can seek information about the different student bodies operational at the institute to learn more about voluntary participation in activities of their interest.

  • Attend classes regularly

In order to successfully complete the certification, the students need to be extremely serious about their studies from day one. That is why they should make it a point to attend classes regularly. Every lecture and lesson is important and skipping even one lecture can make it difficult for the management aspirants to catch up with the concept being taught in the next class. Choosing to bunk classes can prove detrimental to the overall learning process of the students and can result in a significant downfall in their grades in the first semester itself.

  • Keep an eye on the budget

Most new management students dream of partying and shopping with fellow students. However, it is important for every student to keep an eye on their budget so that they do not end up losing all their money long before the month is over. Since management courses are quite expensive in terms of fees and accommodation, which leaves most students with limited funds for personal expenses. Even students belonging to affluent families should exercise caution before spending the money without proper planning.

  • Seek help and guidance from teachers when in need

It is common for students to come across challenges and issues on both personal and academic fronts during their orientation at college. In such cases, it is advisable to seek the help and guidance of teachers. This can help the students from making grave errors that can would complicate their situation. Teachers are well aware of the pressures faced by the new management aspirants and are eager to offer whatever help and support they can provide.


Various Career Options to Choose from after Completion of a PG Diploma in Finance

Give that accounting and finance form the backbone of every industry, a large number of students are opting to pursue a higher education program in this field. One such education option is a diploma in financial management offered at the post graduate level by various renowned institutes. Like most other post graduate diplomas, opting for this particular educational program can pave the way for a successful career for interested candidates. In this context having a better understanding of the various prospective career options available to them after course completion can prove quite beneficial for the candidates. Discussed below are the common career options that the candidates can choose from after successful completion of the course.

Opt For Higher Education


Even though completing a diploma in finance perfectly culminates the educational career of candidates, some individuals may opt to pursue a still higher education program. For such candidates, having a diploma proves to be distinctly advantageous while applying for a Masters level course in the most renowned universities and institutes across India and the globe. In fact, some universities might even offer a direct admission into the second year of a Masters program being offered by them, to such candidates. May candidates opt for a post graduate diploma in finance  only to improve their chances of getting selected for a Masters program by the university of their choice.

Take Up Internships

1_skv3aepXnws_DPNoZ9Sh6ACandidates, who are not too interested in pursuing higher studies, can opt to take up internships with various organizations for a short or long term. Most leading financial institutions are constantly seeking candidates willing to work as interns in various divisions within the organization. In addition, the candidates can also choose to take up internships with other organizations, in the areas of human resources, marketing, operations and even finance. Irrespective of the area they choose to work in, the practical expose that the candidates can gain during their internship makes them more confident and competent for fulfilling their long term career objectives.

Seek Full Time Jobs

imagesThe most common career path chosen by candidates after completing their Post Graduate Diploma Courses in India, in various fields, including Financial Management is that of seeking a full time job. With the rapid growth of the financial services industry in India, there has been a significant rise in the demand for skilled and proficient candidates capable of handling various roles. This presents a generally wide choice of options for the candidates to start their career in a highly satisfactory manner. In addition to offering them countless opportunities for growth, opting for a full time job helps the candidates to fine tune their analytical and inter-personal skills in accordance with their career goals. This is irrespective of whether they intend to reach the top management level positions within the next few years or star their own financial service.

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management is Set to Kick Off A Day-long Mega Cultural Fest ‘Chrysalis 2019’

2019, Hyderabad, India: The fun fiesta, Chrysalis, the annual Cultural cum Management Fest organized by the management students at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management is set to commence its 2019 edition from the last week of January, followed by the main function which is to be held on the 2nd February, 2019.

Chrysalis Fest is a culmination of art, drama, music, and dance – and this shall put to test the creative, intellectual, and oratory skills of the future managers. Chrysalis provides a platform for talent to compete amidst college fraternities and industry experts as judges while basking in the college culture, spirit, and legacy.

A myriad of exciting events are lined up in the genres of dance, music, drama, fine art, and management specific events consisting of debates, idea presentation, marketing & HR skills, etc. The foremost day of the fest, 2nd February, would witness the shortlisted contestants for a final round of competition that’ll be held within the campus in different categories. Like every year, the campus is expected to be buzzing with vibrant colors and fervent faces of the participants and audiences who are going to be gripped by the excitement of Chrysalis 2019.

This day-long extravaganza promises to offer an action-packed and unique experience for everyone who believes in the power of expression and skills through different art forms. Mr. /Ms. (Insert Name), (Spokesperson designation) at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, commented, “The preparations for this day-long event have already started. Like every year, we’re expecting a lot of participation from students from across different colleges in the city. Through this initiative, we aim to provide a platform for the students to enlighten their skills and showcase their talent in conjunction with a few cultural activities for fun. We look forward to see the same bright gleam in our students’ eyes as we look forward to Chrysalis 2019 – Bigger, Brighter and Better than ever!”

International Conference on “Impact of Current Events on the Future of the Business” held at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 2019: The two-day International Conference on Impact of Current Events on the future of the Business, held at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad, concluded on 5th of January.

Dr. Satish Raghavendran, Senior Director of Data Sciences, Cognizant, delivered keynote addresses highlighting the current Analytics landscape and practical strategies formed in the current business scenarios. Various cultural tracks were lined up for the first day, followed by another three on the second day of the conference.

Addressing the gathering, VJIM’s Director, Mr. Dr. Ch. S. Durga Prasad and Governing Council member, Mr. K. Harsischndra Prasad, in their presidential remarks congratulated the Institute for hosting the International Conference and introduced the audience to the conference theme.

Dr. Dipak Ghosh, Professor of Economics, Emporia State University, USA, attended the conference as a guest speaker and addressed the gathering by sharing insights on the “Challenges and Prospects of Financial Markets.”  Following this session, track 2 was hosted by Dr. Rajiv. R. Thakur, Professor, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, BIMTECH, who spoke about “Tapping Gen Z Talents.” The final session for the first day, track 3, which was also a technical session was chaired by Dr. B. Rajashekhar, Professor, School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad, who dealt with addressing the theory of “Positioning Businesses based on Environmental Factors.”

On day two, track 4, track 5, and track 6 were chaired by resource persons like Dr. Sriram Birudavolu, CEO, Nasscom/DSCI’s, Cyber Security Centre of Excellence, Mr. Alok Ranjan, Executive Manager, Data Science, Deloitte, and Mr. Akash Jain, Associate Director, Care Ratings, addressing insights on “Critical Factors for Sustaining Future Growth,” “Data Sciences/AI,” and “Policy and Governance” respectively.

The valedictory function was held on the same day which was presided by VJIM’s Director, Mr. Dr. Ch. S. Durga Prasad. Speaking on the occasion, he commented, “The conference provided a platform for the students as well as professors and market giants to exchange findings, opinions, and their take on latest industry developments. This will specially help the students to develop an understanding of the path in which the field is moving and can accordingly shape themselves, from the college days itself. Considering this was the first-ever International Conference hosted by VJIM, we look forward to hosting many more conferences in the years to come.”

Important Things for Candidates to Consider Before Opting for a PG Diploma Course


Pursuing a post graduate course can prove beneficial for the aspiring candidates in more than one ways. However, many times the candidates are not actually sure about why they want to pursue the course. Such candidates are either pressurized by their parents and acquaintances to undertake such courses or want to follow their friends into a common study program. Unfortunately, enrolling for PG diploma courses due to any of the aforementioned reasons is definitely not a good decision. Rather the candidates should seriously consider the following important things before enrolling for such courses to gain the maximum benefit after completing the same.

Their seriousness about pursuing the course

Even before considering the idea of enrolling for a PG course, the aspiring candidates should assess their own willingness and seriousness about pursuing the course. They should seek detailed information about what it involves and what to expect upon its successful completion. If the candidates find the course too difficult with respect to their competence and capabilities, it is better to look for an alternate option.

The course they intend to take

Having established their intention of pursuing a PG Diploma course, it is essential for the candidates to reflect upon the exact program they would like to enroll for. With the various universities and institutes offering several different diploma programs at post graduate level in equally diverse fields, making the right choice might be somewhat overwhelming. The best way to overcome this challenge is by gaining in-depth information about what each different course has to offer and how pursuing it can help the candidates to further their career.

The financial aspects of completing the course

Completing a post graduate program can put the aspiring candidates under great financial stress. As such it is advisable for them to consider the financial aspects of completing the course successfully. Most institutes offering the courses offer detailed information about the course fee and other expenses in their prospects. The students can also seek this information online from the institute websites. Most importantly, in case the aspiring candidates find themselves incapable of arranging the necessary funds, they can always opt to avail education loans for the same.

Eligibility of the candidates for the PG course of their choice  

This is perhaps the most important thing for candidates to consider before opting for a post graduate diploma in management course. Most institutes set stringent criteria about granting admission to prospective candidates. These generally include a good score in the competitive examination, an above average score in secondary and high school exams, and successful completion of a graduate level program. In addition, some institutions also require their prospective students to have a minimal work experience. However, this last rule might not be applicable for all post graduate programs offered by an institution, which can prove lifesaving for many candidates.

4 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable to Your Organization

A guide from Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad


It is one thing to complete a PGDM education with fair CGPA and another thing to cope up with the never-ending demands of the corporate world. You need to be good at almost everything- communication, human dynamics, domain knowledge, leadership skills, so on and so fort. But there are few things you cannot simply do without- if you got the boardroom in mind:



  1. The Power of Relationships

It is people that make or break companies. People hire and fire people. Companies don’t perform these actions. There is nothing called a company unless it is about the people we are talking about. It is important to work hard and be a competent and irreplaceable employee but you also need to be constantly likeable and try to fit in with the corporate culture. Maintaining a good relationship with the people who you work with, will increase your chances to get chosen for leadership roles or be part of groups within the workplace.

  1. Over Deliver

In an organization, doing a tiny bit more than what is expected out of you will help you go a long way in the overall perception of your performance and would further increase your value. Even if he is not your direct manager, being proactive can help you make your way back to your superiors and create an impression that will last for a long time. Over-delivering or going that extra mile would help you establish yourself a thought leader and a responsible person that other people could look up to.

  1. Expand Your Responsibilities

Expanding the second point further, it’s important to gradually expand your responsibilities as soon as the opportunity presents itself. There could be a new project coming up in the organization or someone might be leaving the organization and their role needs to be split up for the time being. Such opportunities are a great way to demonstrate your potential and establish yourself as a great leader. Volunteering to take on some of the additional work will position you as a team player, and will also make you a valuable and indispensable asset of the company.

  1. Establish your Expertise

Establish your expertise to be an irreplaceable asset of the company. This also helps you build your brand across the company. Becoming an expert at something would help you become an important part of the organization and will further make you an invaluable resource. In order to establish your expertise, participate in industry events, write articles for third-party publications, volunteer to carry out training programs and extend help to anyone who asks for it. A selfless help never goes unrewarded, especially in the workplace. It will help you become an expert leader and would create your brand in the company.

6 Mistakes every Leader should avoid while Managing their Teams

A guide by Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management


A key understanding to leadership is- people hire people, who hire people and somewhere within those three generations of hiring, there are leaders who have to handle these people. The chain is endless and we have come up with a list of mistakes you need to avoid making if you wish to manage an alpha team of performers:

1. My way or the highway (MWOH): Everyone has something useful to offer in terms of thoughts, ideas and suggestions. MWOH is fueled by the insecurity of a leader who wants to create an environment of control. Ideas do not always have to flow from you just because you are on the top of the team pyramid and you can’t think of everything. By listening to your team, not only will you create a feeling of involvement but will also improve the overall performance of the team by encouraging a sense of ownership.

2. All about the numbers: In simpler terms, if it is not making dollars, it doesn’t make sense. But numbers only become a problem when you lay too much focus on them and forgetting the team of people who are making those numbers happen. In your race to put numbers on the chart, you may lose sight of the “how.” So always keep people supreme and focus on creating a healthy team.

3. Talk and not listen: This is one of the major mistakes, leaders make. They only talk and they don’t take the opinions of others. Studies have shown that if people are not heard, they will cease to say the things that matter.

4. Change things just for the sake of it: Change is the law of nature but it should not be forced just to prove that you support change. It is a universal fact that any change that happens is difficult not only on leaders but on every single employee in the organization+. A good leader surveys the impact, timing and necessity of change before even planning to bring the change.

5. Do not be inattentive: This is one of the most common mistakes a leader makes. Handling a team is no easy task. There would be always a temptation to stop caring about the team and just do what you think is right without taking into account the needs and wants of the team. Such mistake can go a long way in destroying your team and your leadership as a whole.   I’ll close with the words of John Maxwell, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

6. Unwilling to receive candid feedback – “I am a leader and I am perfect.” This is an ultimate ingredient to disaster of your leadership career. As a leader, if you are not open to a feedback from your employee, you are going in an extremely wrong direction. We all learn throughout our life and our resistance towards feedback hampers our ability to grow and further succeed in life. As a leader, if you really want to keep improving, be open to a positive feedback and try to lead your team with open mind.