How S. N. Avinash’s PGDM Renewed His Career

Avinash shares his success story, which he scripted despite the adversities

“Hardships are temporary, but they serve as a stepping stone to success.” This is the precept that young S. N. Avinash, a Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) student, lives by. For PGDM graduates, finding a job that is fulfilling, exciting and better paying than the previous one is typically a critical part of their post-graduation plans.

Avinash, a marketing PGDM student and now a territory sales manager at Crompton Greaves, completed his course this year and said the support and guidance of the institute’s placement group made all the difference in landing his ‘dream job.’

Avinash wanted to extend his career prospects through a new course and superior experience, and enrolling at VJIM drew him in a special way. “VJIM is warm and allows building sincere relationships with faculty and students. It ranks high and puts great stress on offering practical and hands-on experience, which I find is crucial,” says Avinash.

As a part of his curriculum, Avinash and his fellow-students met industry experts from across the country and beyond. Their insights allowed him to get clarity on the industry he wanted to choose and understand the requirements that will make him fit for the industry. “The experience gained from these experts was not just interesting, but valuable too. It was after meeting them that I got clarity about my future, understood the importance of practical approach versus bookish knowledge, and the process of targeting the desired industry,” Avinash says.

Just before his final placement, Avinash landed a role at Syska personal care category as an intern – where he was on a ‘steep learning curve’ and was constantly challenged in his work. He adds, “Learning how large organizations function while setting up my credibility and gaining the trust of my seniors have been important.”

Recalling his college days, Avinash says he will always be grateful to the faculty members for helping him get through the course and preparing him for the future of work. “If there’s one thing that VJIM has instilled among its students, it’s the leadership skill,” he says. Avinash also counts the faculty, co-students, visit to ITC for the big billion day, and internship at Syska among the highlights of his PGDM.

The holistic nature of this course has left a lasting impact on Avinash, shaping his new direction. The events, the peers, and the syndicate environment have also helped to shape his personality during the PGDM.

Avinash and his PGDM experience were much more than the classroom studies and aspirants should embrace all that is available.

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad, Hosts Seminar on “Current Trends and Career Opportunities in Marketing”

November 12, 2019, Hyderabad | One of the pioneering B-schools that keeps industry and innovation at the core of its PGDM curriculum, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, hosted a day-long seminar on November 9th, 2019, on the “Current Trends and Career Opportunities in Marketing” at its campus.

The objective of conducting the seminar was to create awareness about the latest trends in the Marketing world, share different ideas, experiments, research conducted, and experiences drawn by the experts of the industry. The lecture delivered by the finest players of business, Mr Vipul Tiwari – Alumni, VNR VJIET, and Co-Founder and Program Head of “Infinity Research”, Mr Birendra Kumar Jain – Founder of The Gullak Co., and Mr Harsha Vardhan G – Managing Director at Medha Research and Consulting Pvt. ltd., explored how the history of Marketing continues to evolve and transform with a modern outlook in the form of Digital Marketing and the potential career scope for the students in the coming days ahead.

Before introducing the three speakers, the seminar was addressed by Dr. Ch. S. Durga Prasad, Director of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, who emphasized on the importance of technology and automation in Marketing and shed light on the constantly-changing business landscape.

Mr. Vipul Tiwar, co-founder and program head of Infinity Reach, led the first session by introducing the concept of Digital Marketing to the students. He highlighted the differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing by stating, “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing but no one else knows.”

Founder of The Gullak Co. – Mr. Birendra Kumar Jain took the next turn to speak on the different kinds of Marketing activities and some simple tips to understand those techniques. He further broke the speech down into other categories, mainly to focus on concepts such as self-branding and Marketing strategies implemented in the business world. To help understand the theoretical concepts, Jain presented real-life examples and case studies. The highlight of his speech was an effective slogan, “Seek Discomfort”, used with the purpose of engaging the students.

Thereafter, the second half of the seminar was chaired by Mr. Harsha Vardhan G – a 22 year-experienced strategic business advisor and consultant. In his speech, he elaborated on the different concepts of Marketing, including Conventional Marketing, Personalized Marketing, and Influential Marketing. This was followed by a detailed discussion of specific roles, skills, and responsibilities with regard to different careers in Marketing.

“Such seminars give us the opportunity to interact with some of the finest industry experts and gain information on the changing business landscapes. VJIM has continued to conduct student-centric seminars and workshops on various topics, and we actively look forward to many more similar sessions,” said Divya,  student, VJIM, Hyderabad.

Students gathered for a question-and-answer session by the end of the seminar. The event culminated on a positive and informative note for not just the students, but faculty, alumni, and other staff members as well.

Workshop organized by VJIM, Hyderabad discusses Innovative Solutions for Academic Libraries

“Transforming libraries into learning resource centers: Innovative solutions for academic libraries” was the theme of the workshop organized by VJIM, Hyderabad on 6th November. Aimed to equip traditional libraries to keep up with the latest digital disruptions, the workshop was an information-sharing platform for publishing houses, new age library systems, Library and Information Science professionals, graduates and researchers from all over the country.

Mr. Raghu Mantha, Librarian, VJIM, Hyderabad welcomed the guests and set the tone for the discussions with a talk on traditional library vs modern library. He highlighted the importance of automation and the internet for new age libraries. Dr. Ch. S. Durga Prasad, Director of the B School then spoke of the huge value of books in one’s personal and professional growth. “Learning should always continue,” were his words that resonated with the audience.

It set the stage for the guest speaker, Dr. K. Rama Patnayak, IIM-B to share her insights with the participants. She described libraries as centers that provide education equipment and material, before taking the audience through their different forms across centuries. During her presentation on principles of learning and key features of Learning Resource centers, she remarked on today’s scenario by saying, “Learning is more interactive, analytical and functional in nature”.

Dr. Ravi Basaiah, Librarian, University of Hyderabad, pointed out the impact of LRC on institutional rankings. He explained four different types of rankings and spoke of how libraries help improve the quality of education. Dr. P. Raghavaiah, Librarian, VNR, Hyderabad advocated the use of digital resources like pro-quest, EMERALD e-databases and CMIE for quality learning in technical Institutions.

What is the impact of IoT on learning resource centers? Mr. Angirasa Acharya, Digital Knowledge Management expert shed light on the topic and suggested ways to effectively implement the latest technologies. Product presentation by Mr. Vinay Kumar on Emerald Database and Balani Infotech also covered ground-breaking solutions like Remote XS, Start-up INFO, Elgar Online, IGI global, and more.

Mr. Srinivas, Mr. Vijay Reddy, Solution sales manager (South Asia) Scopus, Elsevier India, Dr. A. S. Chakravarthy, Assistant Professor, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Mr. A. Ramesh, Assistant Professor, VJIM, Dr. Kishore Ch. Satpathy, Chief Librarian, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, and Mr. Naresh Varma, Co-Founder, Brand Synergi were other esteemed speakers at the workshop. They spoke on wide-ranging topics, from identifying plagiarism to innovative Library spaces and services, making it a day of comprehensive exchange of ideas for the future of libraries.

VJIM, Hyderabad to host workshop on Innovative solutions for academic libraries

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad is gearing up to host a workshop on “Transforming libraries into learning resource centres: Innovative solutions for academic libraries” on 6th of November. Several publishing houses, new age library systems, and experts are associated with the workshop that will see academics as well as Library and Information Science professionals, graduates and researchers participating, sharing ideas and experiences on a dynamic platform.

It’s no secret that libraries remain crucial to all institutions of learning. They are arguably the single most powerful and comprehensive learning resource for students across domains. But libraries need to evolve according to changing times. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other modern technologies are a growing influence in varied fields. Libraries will have to comply with these technologies along with Digital Marketing tools, Plagiarism tools and more.

VJIM Library is an expansive learning resource center for students as it boasts of over 22,000 books and e-books. Subscriptions to over 200 journals and magazines, newspapers and the latest E-databases make it a finely curate space that complements the learning process. Given its own emphasis on maintaining a Smart Library for present times, it’s not surprising that VJIM, Hyderabad has taken the lead by delving into library innovations with this workshop.

To be held on its state-of-the-art campus, the workshop will follow four themes to streamline the information. Digital Resources For Learning, Support Services For Academic Research and Learning, Role Of LRC In Institutional Ranking, and Branding Your Learning Resource Centre, are the four main sessions for the workshop that will be conducted by leading experts in the field. Their aim would be to raise awareness about Digital Learning Resources of now and the future.

How to promote libraries through social media tools? The workshop will also answer the important question while offering participants hands on experience with the latest in the world of digital libraries. The interactive nature of the workshop will ensure active engagement from participants, who will include LIS professionals, academic professionals, Library Science graduates and future librarians. Thus they will be prepared to play the key and unique role of managing information, which remains crucial to our future.


To register for the event, visit:

P. Sai Naga Mourya Narrates How Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management’s Summer Internship Programme Gives Students Workplace Skills

Sai Naga Mourya credits his extensive network and interning with his dream company to the relations he built during his time at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad.

Starting his Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) at VJIM as a Marketing major, Mourya noticed that the classes he enjoyed the most were led by real-life examples from the business world. The opportunity to merge his studies with his love for motovlogs and travel came in the form of summer internship at Force Motors. The new role to provide vehicle demos, increase sales, conduct DTP (Driver Training Program), and promote Force Motors buses proved to be the right choice as it broadened Mourya’s horizons and expanded his business vision beyond what was learned.

P. SaiMourya says every aspect of his experience at Force Motors helped him prepare for his mission in Automotive industry. From approaching corporate schools, conducting promotional activities, to arranging demos for the potential clients using the knowledge acquired through Force Motors and VJIM’s classroom studies, Mourya did it all. “If it wasn’t VJIM’s extensive classroom training, assignments, personality development workshops, and on-ground training by Force Motors, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to approach countless corporate schools and build valuable customer relationships,” says P. Sai Naga Mourya.

Alongside his summer internship, Mourya began working on his final project on “The study of market potential for school buses” with specific reference to Force Motors. As a part of this project, Mourya was able to survey about the school’s existing bus fleets, service providers, arrange demos, and close the final deal by optimally utilizing the critical thinking skills that he developed as a Marketing student in VJIM.

“My experience at Force Motors along with VJIM’s training to transform ourselves from one level to another have made me a strong candidate to transition into a different role in the near future,” adds Mourya.

Mourya’s internship experience provided the exposure he sought and helped guide his thoughts about future internships and eventually career.

Summer Internship Programme, an opportunity to ‘unlearn’ and ‘relearn’ again, according to Vishnu Priya of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management

Vishnu Priya began her Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) course at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, in hopes of studying marketing & sales in an entrepreneurial context, but it was the summer internship with Mondelez India that truly stimulated her passion for the subject.

When it was time for Priya to find an internship opportunity, she had already decided she wanted to further explore a career in sales. Through a connection and interview process at Mondelez, Priya was introduced to the world of targets and tricks in the modern trade sales category. When Priya took a position as a sales intern and subsequently helped close targets, she knew what she had to do next. After working in a fast-paced setting that grants new challenges each day; ones that start with visiting countless supermarkets and end with meeting merchandisers, Priya thinks she is now equipped with working on high-volume of work and upholding priorities; in fact, she embraces both.

VishnuPriya feels a profound shift in herself that she attributes to her classroom training and professional development extended by VJIM and Mondelez India, respectively. Working under the directives of the sales team, Priya noticed that the hallmark of the SIP is the mentoring she received from her immediate reporting manager and other mentors at work. Her time at Mondelez also allowed her to present strategies to achieve targets, network with industry specialists, merchandisers, promoters, and research to close the sales gap.

“Throughout my journey with Mondelez, I feel I have grown wiser, stronger, and bolder, with better understanding of the business cycle, people, and myself,” says Vishnu Priya.

Priya’s dedication and determination to learn stayed with her for a long time, thanks to the training and career vision schooling received at VJIM, she was able to mold her personality and take on more work without missing tight deadlines. To this, she adds, “The team I was working for was really supportive and understanding. Over the period, I found myself really gelling and growing with the team.”

For students looking to follow Priya’s footsteps, she stresses the importance of networking to find the perfect opportunity, people, and fit. “I was always pro-active in my SIP and other college assignments. It’s very important to not settle for any role, but rather find one that you are wanting to make a career out of,” adds Vishnu Priya.

Customer Acquisition and Retention Business Conclave at VJIM, Hyderabad has experts share valuable insights and secrets with the audience

VJIM, Hyderabad organized a Business Conclave themed ‘Customer Acquisition and Retention’ on 21st September. The event held at Avasa hotel in the city saw the presence of leading industry names, who shared their thoughts with the gathering and offered insights on the topic to students, faculty members and the audience that attended the conclave.

Dr. Ch. S. Durga Prasad, Director of the B School introduced the speakers and outlined the objective of the conference while highlighting its significance. Ms. Navya Krishna Kilari, Associate Director, Value Labs started the proceedings as she talked about customer equity by focusing on value equity, brand equity and relationship equity.

Mr. Amitabh Sharma, Sr Consultant, Communications at Cyient spoke about customer acquisition and retention in the telecommunication sector. The talk also became quite engaging for the audience as he offered examples of technological platforms used by companies to keep the customers engaged.

Ms. Moumita Paul, Senior Product Manager at ISB drew attention to the huge industry trend of Big Data. According to her, this trend itself helps companies analyze future trends. She also highlighted how important it is for companies to realize their non-profitable customers and get rid of them. There were many such revelations through the talks that followed too.

Ms. Puja Khan, Head of Business Development & Marketing of N Coldpressed shared the mantra of startup success in health and fitness industry. Understanding the challenges and retention strategies applied by her company offered much food for thought for the audience. The talks were followed by Q and A session where the audience got their queries answered and learned more about customer engagement.

Institutional seminar at VJIM, Hyderabad offers students insights to make best decisions in Financial Markets.

‘Financial Markets – The road ahead’ was the theme of the seminar organized by VJIM, Hyderabad on 28th September, 2019. The aim of the seminar was to make participants aware of the latest trends and upcoming changes in the financial market. And there have been some mega changes indeed! The seminar had engaging discussions and brainstorming sessions with leading finance professionals from the country.

Mr. Ashwin Reddy, Investment Adviser and Founder, Samatva Investments, Mr. JK Jain,  Founder, Square Adviser, and Mr. Gopal Krishnan, Director and Principal Consultant, Stabaka consulting were the experts, who explained the intricacies of Financial Markets to participants. They shared their own experiences to drive home their point with the audience.

Mr. Ashwin Reddy set the ball rolling by offering an overview of Equity Financing. He spoke of their origins during Roman era and explained their evolution over time. He then highlighted the significance of investments and how ordinary citizens can cope with inflation and recession by investing in Equity and other derivatives.

According to him, the process of investing involves gathering facts, building perspective and sensible decision making. “There is huge scope for equity investments in India. Students who want to make a career in the field should have objectivity, humility, wide knowledge and patience to grow big and be successful,” he offered his piece of advice.

Mr. JK Jain took the discussion further and explained the scale of derivatives market in India. He also spelt out the opportunities for students in the industry. “Every citizen in the country requires right financial planning to lead a healthy financial life,” he said. He then shed light on types of derivatives and other financial instruments people can invest in to good effect.

Mr. Gopal Krishnan was speaking from experience when he said that Indians look at gold and property investments as a safe bet compared to equities. “But research has shown that equal risk involved in any financial investments.  There will be bubbles breaking after the period of boom in any sector,” he explained.

He also reminded the participants that index of equity investments has been growing for some time now. However he asserted that one should have the patience and presence of mind to decide the right time. Thus concluded the engaging seminar where students walked away with tips that can help them plan their financial lives in the long run.