How S. N. Avinash’s PGDM Renewed His Career

Avinash shares his success story, which he scripted despite the adversities

“Hardships are temporary, but they serve as a stepping stone to success.” This is the precept that young S. N. Avinash, a Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) student, lives by. For PGDM graduates, finding a job that is fulfilling, exciting and better paying than the previous one is typically a critical part of their post-graduation plans.

Avinash, a marketing PGDM student and now a territory sales manager at Crompton Greaves, completed his course this year and said the support and guidance of the institute’s placement group made all the difference in landing his ‘dream job.’

Avinash wanted to extend his career prospects through a new course and superior experience, and enrolling at VJIM drew him in a special way. “VJIM is warm and allows building sincere relationships with faculty and students. It ranks high and puts great stress on offering practical and hands-on experience, which I find is crucial,” says Avinash.

As a part of his curriculum, Avinash and his fellow-students met industry experts from across the country and beyond. Their insights allowed him to get clarity on the industry he wanted to choose and understand the requirements that will make him fit for the industry. “The experience gained from these experts was not just interesting, but valuable too. It was after meeting them that I got clarity about my future, understood the importance of practical approach versus bookish knowledge, and the process of targeting the desired industry,” Avinash says.

Just before his final placement, Avinash landed a role at Syska personal care category as an intern – where he was on a ‘steep learning curve’ and was constantly challenged in his work. He adds, “Learning how large organizations function while setting up my credibility and gaining the trust of my seniors have been important.”

Recalling his college days, Avinash says he will always be grateful to the faculty members for helping him get through the course and preparing him for the future of work. “If there’s one thing that VJIM has instilled among its students, it’s the leadership skill,” he says. Avinash also counts the faculty, co-students, visit to ITC for the big billion day, and internship at Syska among the highlights of his PGDM.

The holistic nature of this course has left a lasting impact on Avinash, shaping his new direction. The events, the peers, and the syndicate environment have also helped to shape his personality during the PGDM.

Avinash and his PGDM experience were much more than the classroom studies and aspirants should embrace all that is available.


Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management’s Purvi Suryavanshi unearths new opportunities at GreenPark Hotels and Resorts

Hyderabad-based Purvi Suryavanshi sweated her way through an undergraduate course before deciding she needed to broaden her career options. While her career in Human Resources was going well in a cushy job, she felt a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) would open fresh opportunities and bring more exciting work challenges to her door-step. And that’s when she started looking for good B-schools.

After extensive research, she narrowed down to VJIM, Hyderabad and having spent a year in its PGDM classroom, Purvi is now all set for Summer Internship journey in the world of HR- just as she wished. However, how did her SIP  with GreenPatk Hotels come through?

Purvi“The recruitment team!”, she replies. They put Purvi in touch with alumni who is already heading an important office at the Hospitality chain, which led to her interview with members of GreenPark Hotels and Resorts. “The faculty at VJIM has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation, which helped me sail through my summer internship programme and build my confidence in attaining the right role,” mentions Purvi.


As is the process at the B-school, after completing the first two semesters of PGDM, Purvi landed with the internship in the HR domain that draws on her specialization as well. Along with support from the VJIM faculty and mentors at the internship, Purvi could deliver a cord of assignments successfully in the areas of rewards & recognition, employee training, and organization change & development.

“The classroom training provided at VJIM has enabled me to hit the ground running,” says the girl in pursuit of big dreams. “The subjects that we have been taught and the way we have been taught – from finance to marketing and strategy – gave me a foundation for my internship that I’ll also take with me for my full-time job into the future.”

However the SIP had been a very lifting experience for Purvi. In her summer internship role in the Human Resources team, Purvi was on a “steep learning curve” and was continually challenged during the two months. To this she adds, “Learning and understanding how a large organization works while establishing my credibility and gaining the faith of my managers have been extremely vital.”

Purvi believes every aspect of her experience at GreenPark has helped her prepare for her mission in Human Resources. That said, she has come away impressed by her experience and hopes that other VJIM students join the same organization in the near future.

Lakshmi Mounika’s journey through VJIM, Hyderabad: Lessons & experiences from along the way

Knowing what media houses want and how to steer the interview process was the support that helped drive the journey of Lakshmi Mounika, who is pursuing her Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad.

Before landing her position at The Hindu, Mounika wasn’t always sure where an internship in sales & distribution department would take her. A shy and quiet student prior to college, Mounika’s primary goal when beginning classes at VJIM was to find a way to come out of her shell. Through classroom programs and group projects, Mounika was able to make important connections that would provide her the emotional and social support she would need throughout her time at the B-school.

The career management team at VJIM played a vital role in ensuring she was aware of what organizations would expect from her application and how to best prepare for it. In her role at The Hindu, Mounika was involved with the sales & distribution department to promote subscription of their products, generate leads, and attend orders from the clients. The role involved using people management and communication skills, and her classroom knowledge from VJIM helped her leverage the opportunity to the best possible extent.

lakshami maunika“Marketing has a lot of realms that you can choose,” says Mounika. “It’s a lot more than just the 4 P’s of marketing. It can be best used in marketing the company you work for or how you bring yourself to work. What I’ve learned during my SIP overall that has helped shape me as a person and improved my professionalism is being open to learning and embracing mistakes,” she adds.


Mounika says landing this opportunity with The Hindu is the result of taking a leap of faith, utilizing the support of the VJIM, Hyderabad community, and trusting her instincts throughout the process. She also learned where her career interests lie. “I realized that I have a huge interest in sales – but I had no idea before I started my SIP,” adds Mounika. She credits VJIM and the faculty for giving her the confidence to outdo at the highest level.

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management’s Mounika Unearths New Opportunities at Virtusa

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management’s (VJIM) PGDM student, Mounika Immadi, sweated her way through the interview process before getting placed at Virtusa as an intern with the talent and development team.

While her career till graduation went well, she felt a PGDM course would open fresh opportunities and started applying for the right B-school. “VJIM has a great reputation and appealed to me instantly. It is globally recognized, has world-class faculty, a notable alumni network and, of course, a strong industry connection,” said Immadi.

Immadi was nervous about stepping into a new industry, but VJIM’s recruitment team helped her think strategically in a different way. As a part of her summer internship programme, Immadi landed at Virtusa in Hyderabad in a training and development role that draws on her specialization experience. Immadi said three things stand out about her internship experience – the public speaking skills that she has now developed, employee training and management, and the life-long friends she keeps in touch with.

“The internship experience enabled me to hit the ground running,” said Immadi. “The training I received gave me a foundation to work and a pathway for future that I’ll walk on in my human resources work into the future.”

maunika immadiIt was during her internship that she connected with some of the industry players, Mr. Anvar Kumar Vellai, Virtusa’s Global Training & Development Head, being one of them. “The classroom education has been gold, but I also value the on-the-job training extended by the team. As much as I learned from professors at VJIM, I equally learned from the sheer diversity of my cohorts too. Plus, the weekly team meets and training sessions have been very helpful,” said Immadi.


Beyond this, Immadi received her highest praise for proposing an evaluation method for training programmes and ways to minimize the usage of service tickets. Immadi plans to bag her final placement at the same organization, but is happy that her internship performance and experience have already driven her from rock bottom to the other side of the world.

Her only regret is leaving the Virtusa team and some great friends she made back there.

How Deekshitha’s Summer Internship Experience Renewed her Perspective & Career

Understanding what companies want and navigating the interview process was the element that helped propel the summer internship programme of K. Deekshitha Reddy, who made the perfect landing with Epson India.

The invaluable insights offered by Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management’s (VJIM) faculty played an important role of Reddy’s move into the sales and marketing sphere.

“VJIM’s faculty members are excellent in ensuring we are aware of what companies would expect from applicants and how to best prepare for it,” said Reddy.

Reddy wanted to expand her career prospects through new roles and experiences, and getting placed at Epson India appealed to her in a special way. “My internship as a sales and marketing representative enabled me to build deep relationships with employees and customers, and develop immense technical know-how. Epson put great emphasis on on-site and practical experience, which I found was important,” added Reddy.

DikshitaBack at her busy Epson office, Reddy says she will always be grateful to her cohort, who came from across the country and are now good friends who she speaks with regularly. In her role at Epson, Reddy was involved with the sales and marketing department for generating leads, providing product demos, and end-to-end marketing activities. The role also involved using communication, analytical, and people management skills, and Reddy has been able to leverage her knowledge from the classroom.

Reddy said her PGDM experience has been much more than the theoretical subjects and aspiring students should embrace all that is on offer, especially the summer internship programme, workshops, annual events, and career development sessions. “All of these elements have helped me prosper and have contributed to my skills in the new role as an intern,” said Reddy.

Reddy credits VJIM and its faculty for giving her the confidence to perform at the highest level. During her summer internship, Reddy was also recognized for contributing towards conducting promotional activities and designing advertising strategies for creating customer awareness. “Epson, to a great extent, has helped me fulfil my short-term goal, and I’m happy with the path I’m on,” added Reddy.

The holistic nature of VJIM’s PGDM has left a lasting impression on Reddy, charting her new direction.

D Padmini Reddy Shares Key Attributes Needed For Career Development Journey

Determination, curiosity, and resilience are some of the key traits that have helped D Padmini Reddy of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) set a foundation for a successful career in Taxation and Consulting.

“Be adaptable and resilient,” Reddy advised. She also added, “Learn from every experience and you’ll be surprised how well things will work out in the end.”

With a foot in finance and tax, Reddy embarked on her professional journey with VJIM to pursue the PGDM programme. Following her classroom experience at VJIM, Reddy wanted to develop some knowledge about tax regulations and laws. As a part of VJIM’s summer internship programme, Reddy was hired as Tax Management Consultant at Deloitte USI in Hyderabad. Working at the forefront of a large organisation and being exposed to the world of taxation enhanced her interest in acquiring an experience in the private sector.

At 22, with no prior professional experience, Reddy knew she was fortunate for getting placed as an intern at Deloitte. On the other hand, she understood she would learn much more from her fellow interns with prior experiences and from different backgrounds, and she believed that her unique profile would offer a different outlook to her PGDM class.

padmini 2“The business management programme at VJIM is designed to teach us to think outside of the box and step out of our comfort zones,” said Reddy. Throughout the 8-week internship programme, due to a robust classroom and on-the-job training, Reddy learned how to respond to unexpected situations by categorizing problems in a systematic manner and finding innovative solutions to overcome the key issues. With a lot of guidance and practice, Reddy was able to improve her skills needed for dealing with SAP, ORACLE, and other tax softwares.

“The learning process is an unending one for me, I am grateful that VJIM made me who I am today,” added Reddy.

With over 100 students competing for the same job, Reddy successfully bagged a position at Deloitte after clearing intense HR and technical rounds. She credits VJIM for preparing her to develop the needed skills and confidence to take on challenging roles. Presently, Reddy has completed her first summer internship programme (SIP) at Deloitte, serving in Enterprise Tax Integration (ETI-SAP) support team. Besides this, Reddy is actively involved on campus to conduct research and execute projects.

“Despite the challenges involved in pursuing a PGDM course – such as time management and balancing personal life – I would highly encourage aspirants to join this programme. Not only does VJIM teach you soft skills which you need in the professional world, it is also extremely important for developing a business mindset,” adds Reddy.

Five Hot Career Profiles After MBA in Finance

– a conversation with VJIM’s Asst. professor in Finance Dr. Vishal Kutchu

Finance has traditionally been considered one of the most lucrative domains of management and here’s a tete-a-tete with Dr. Kutchu who brings with him a decade and a half long experience and is currently working as an Asst. Professor of Finance and Accounting at VJIM, Hyderabad.

Dr. Kutchu believes that Finance as a domain has grown further in recent years- and in fact, in leaps and bounds. Today, we understand that the world of Finance is not just about number crunching. Professionals in the field take on crucial decision-making roles in their organizations. He has insights on what careers in Finance can offer future managers. He shares his Five Hottest Career Profiles for future professionals with MBA in Finance.

Investment Banking

Think the high rises of Canary Wharf in London, or New York and Hong Kong. They host offices of some of the top investment bankers in the world. As an investment banker, you have to play the vital role in helping your company get funds needed for the business. From managing assets to tracking the market to advise on the launch of IPOs etc.; you have to deliver on a number of important responsibilities. But the rewards are substantial. Meteoric career growth, opportunity to travel the world and lucrative increments are par for the course.

Finance Consulting

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst and Young, Deloitte, KPMG are just some of the leading consulting firms that hire professionals with MBA in Finance. Consulting is a pivotal role in an organization as it helps improve its business performance. As a financial consultant, you will identify the problem, address it and suggest solutions that can be the cause of major turnaround in any company. It’s a rewarding career option that offers immense satisfaction.

Private Banking

With traditional powerhouses and new players entering the market, this is a Finance sector that has shown burgeoning growth. It is a combination of banking, investment and other financial services offered to individual clients. Relationship Manager is a profile that has gained popularity only in the recent past. Professionals in the field advice clients on a vast array of choices in front of them and build strong relationships with their organizations.

Merchant Banking

The simplest way to describe it is that it is a combination of banking and consultancy. It involves offering financial advice and services to not only major corporations but high net worth individuals as well. It is a challenging career profile as you have to guide clients on a number of topics from mergers and acquisitions to investing in projects etc. Entry into the field can open doors for noteworthy careers worldwide.

Asset Management

ICICI Securities, HDFC Securities have been some of the top recruiters in B Schools all over the country. They look for dedicated industry-ready candidates who can handle the important task of professional management of securities and assets to meet the investment goals of the investors. Your clients can be private investors or large-scale institutions; either way, the dynamic career profile has a lot to offer in terms of career satisfaction and growth.

Besides these red-hot career profiles, MBA in Finance opens up several other exciting avenues that lead to successful long-term careers.

About Dr. Vishal Kutchu

Dr. Kutchu started his career as a professor in the year 2003 from Osmania University and thereafter, taught at various organizations prior to shifting to VJIM, Hyderabad in 2018. His 16+ years of experience in teaching Accounting, Finance, Economics, IT and General Management to MBA students give him the extra edge to deliver relatable classroom sessions. He brings a unique energy to his classrooms by using innovative teaching pedagogies that help in making non-Finance students take extra interest in the subject and Finance enthusiasts to find newer meanings and possibilities in it.

All You Need to Know Before Pursuing PGDM in Hyderabad

The city of Hyderabad, known for being a flourishing academic hub has also seen an increase in the number of top-ranked B-schools. Certainly, the industry requires trained management graduates who would be able to climb up the ladder of success while aligning their career goals with the long-term goals of the organization they are associated with. Here are few things that B-schools ensure each and every student excels in:

ConfidenceEnhances Confidence Level: PDGM will helps you build your confidence level as you face challenges every now and then in the classroom and sometimes beyond it. Depending on the specialization that you have opted, there are tasks which give you practical training lined up by professors to help you understand concepts. This makes you confident about your solutions and problem-solving skills.


LeadershipLeadership and Managerial skills: The other benefits of doing PGDM course is that it helps you with your leadership and managerial skills. There would be tasks assigned to you by your professors in which you will have to take a lead on your subordinates. Delegation of tasks, maintenance of quality and standards will teach you how to lead projects.


Practical learning

Practical Learning: The practical learning aspect is not covered under graduation and as such you would remain clueless when you enrol for placements after graduation so if you plan to opt for PGDM after it you would get to learn a lot about culture and environment of a company and working in a team. Practical tasks would be given to you to be accomplished, as already discussed, which you help you gain complete exposure about the process.

promotionsBetter Jobs and Promotions: One of the main benefits of doing PGDM course is that it helps with getting a good hike and promotion opportunities. Colleges through their placement cell helps you in getting placed with good firms so that you can get a fresh start to your career. They prepare you for GD and personal interview rounds so that you are able to qualify for top firms.


VJIM emphasizes on the essential connection between theoretical learning and professional experience. Theory and experience linkage is reflected in the core curriculum, ensuring that VJIM students always remain one step ahead in the increasingly competitive global environment. Providing exceptional learning opportunities, which is essential for the development of critical and independent thinkers, VJIM offers PGDM In Hyderabad where the curriculum focuses on developing managerial, leadership skills and a sense of social responsibility.

The main thrust of the curriculum is designed to make the students industry-ready by inculcating in them an ability to learn from real life situations. The PGDM course curriculum is designed to foster strong conceptual orientation on the basics of various management disciplines; a positive attitude with sound business ethics to make the students excel both personally and professionally.