How S. N. Avinash’s PGDM Renewed His Career

Avinash shares his success story, which he scripted despite the adversities

“Hardships are temporary, but they serve as a stepping stone to success.” This is the precept that young S. N. Avinash, a Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) student, lives by. For PGDM graduates, finding a job that is fulfilling, exciting and better paying than the previous one is typically a critical part of their post-graduation plans.

Avinash, a marketing PGDM student and now a territory sales manager at Crompton Greaves, completed his course this year and said the support and guidance of the institute’s placement group made all the difference in landing his ‘dream job.’

Avinash wanted to extend his career prospects through a new course and superior experience, and enrolling at VJIM drew him in a special way. “VJIM is warm and allows building sincere relationships with faculty and students. It ranks high and puts great stress on offering practical and hands-on experience, which I find is crucial,” says Avinash.

As a part of his curriculum, Avinash and his fellow-students met industry experts from across the country and beyond. Their insights allowed him to get clarity on the industry he wanted to choose and understand the requirements that will make him fit for the industry. “The experience gained from these experts was not just interesting, but valuable too. It was after meeting them that I got clarity about my future, understood the importance of practical approach versus bookish knowledge, and the process of targeting the desired industry,” Avinash says.

Just before his final placement, Avinash landed a role at Syska personal care category as an intern – where he was on a ‘steep learning curve’ and was constantly challenged in his work. He adds, “Learning how large organizations function while setting up my credibility and gaining the trust of my seniors have been important.”

Recalling his college days, Avinash says he will always be grateful to the faculty members for helping him get through the course and preparing him for the future of work. “If there’s one thing that VJIM has instilled among its students, it’s the leadership skill,” he says. Avinash also counts the faculty, co-students, visit to ITC for the big billion day, and internship at Syska among the highlights of his PGDM.

The holistic nature of this course has left a lasting impact on Avinash, shaping his new direction. The events, the peers, and the syndicate environment have also helped to shape his personality during the PGDM.

Avinash and his PGDM experience were much more than the classroom studies and aspirants should embrace all that is available.


Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management student shares secrets to educational success

Sirisha talks graduate school journey, placements, and the importance of networking

Sirisha Chirravuri’s story is a great example for everyone out there who’s preparing to get a master’s degree. It’s through her perspective that we can learn how marketing and sales helped her succeed and accelerate her career growth.

Engaging in internal training as a part of the Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) PGDM program made a lasting impact on Sirisha, but it was her summer internship program that helped her gain clarity on her future career path.

Under the mentorship of professor Jayashree, she recognized the true power of self-confidence, smart management, and strong vision. Throughout the journey, Sirisha most enjoyed exploring and unfolding an idea or complexity that came along with the process. “VJIM’s PGDM program has taught me the importance of questioning every little thing from all the perspectives. With every query resolved, I would generate more questions,” she says.

Classroom-2Sirisha’s summer internship with Shriram Life Insurance Company prepared her for final placement as a marketer for GGK Technologies. In her role as an intern, she performed activities related to digital marketing, developed marketing emails, and curated content for internal purpose. Outside of VJIM, she found that the mentorship offered by Professor Sishir Polasani was extremely helpful in her personal development, as she understood a lot about the right career choice to make, her interests, and strengths. She believes that it is because of VJIM and its faculty members that she decided to pursue a career in marketing more intently.

She talks about how having an experience and understanding of a particular field helped her secure a job at GGK Technologies. “My internship and prior experience of Amazon has given me a unique edge for starting a career in market research and digital marketing. What has contributed immensely is the understanding of industry jargons and key market trends during the internship as well as the job search process,” says Sirisha.

In the end, she concludes by saying, “Pursuing higher education elevates one’s perspective and attitude. Today, I want to inspire people in some or the other way to pursue higher studies even if the cards are stacked against them.”

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How internship with an e-commerce startup helped Paruchuri Lokesh Sai bag placement with industry giant Flipkart

“For the crucial placement interview it comes down to how well you communicate your ideas and how confident you stay. You need to steer the interview in the areas of your strengths,” Paruchuri Lokesh Sai speaks like a seasoned pro. The student of Batch 2017 – 19 at VJIM Hyderabad did just that as he led his interviewers to his strong showing during his SIP. The result was placement with Flipkart India Private Limited as Senior Executive – Operations.

Transformation into industry ready professional

Paruchuri enrolled with the B School with the intention of enhancing Presentation and Communication skills while getting industry insights for a corporate career. He was lucky o intern with Jeevamrut Foods Private Limited, an e-commerce startup like his employers. “As my internship and job role aligned, it made my task to convince Flipkart to hire me a lot easier. I always wanted to work in Operations, so the internship was quite useful,” Lokesh adds.

Being a team leader


He highlights the importance of understanding one’s career interests before picking the company to intern with. During the placement interview Paruchuri also made sure that his employers knew about his practical learning from the internship. “Now I will manage a team of off rolls in a department at the company’s biggest Fulfillment Center. From my interview they were convinced that I could manage a team from the experience I have had,” Lokesh claims.

The secret of placement success

Paruchuri got picked by the top brand from a pool placement drive that had over 120 candidates. AMCAT exam was followed by the interview with the HR team where he managed to impress and bag the plum placement. “Employers look for candidates who can fit in with their work culture. I spoke about my internship, overall learning, growth at VJIM, and generally stuck to my strengths to win them over,” Lokesh concludes with helpful advice.

VJIM Hyderabad gears up for foundation course program for the new batch with activity based learning

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad is all set to welcome its Class of 2019 – 21 with an action packed Pre-term and Orientation program from 24th June to 2nd August . A month long program will see the presence of leading names from several fields and faculty members offer insights to freshers into their respective areas of expertise. Padma Shri award winner Mr. Chintakindi Mallesham’s session on the last day will take the proceedings to a high.

The month long learning and engaging activities begins with the Ice-Breaker session with Mr. Javed Jamal. It will be the perfect opportunity for freshers to get to know their batchmates, who will face similar challenges and work together over the next two years. Throughout the program there will be sessions with faculty members including Newspaper Analysis Briefing that gets freshers acquainted with innovative pedagogies of the B School.

Stimulating fun activities like Treasure Hunt will help them understand the importance of team spirit. From Diversity Theatre Briefing to grooming and etiquette session, there are number of activities that help them imbibe crucial skills required to be future managers. Mr. Raghu Sundaraneedi, renowned Executive Coach will conduct a workshop on ‘Art of Communication’, another vital attribute for managers of tomorrow.

Freshers of class of 2019 – 21 will also have inspiration in strong doses at the beginning of the program from alumni, who have gone on to carve a niche for themselves in their careers. There will be TED Talks screening and Mentor Group meetups, which are bound to have a motivating impact on the students. Mentor Group activity – Personal Branding is one of the anticipated activities during the program.

VJIM Hyderabad strives for overall growth of its students through several club activities. Freshers will be introduced to the Clubs and Committees during the orientation program. The last day will have a session by Padma Shri award winner Mr. Chintakindi Mallesham, a self-taught inventor and the man who revolutionized Pochampalli silk saris. That is one of the many sessions of the program that have a lot to offer to the freshers.

Talk Right And Communicate Right – The Core of Soft Skill Training for PGDM Students

Soft skills are important in every profession, but their significance in the world of management is perhaps the highest. This is because the manner in which management professionals present themselves and communicate with the outer world can deeply influence their own success and the success of their organization. This is perhaps why we lay so much stress on training our students in the key soft skills of talking right and communicating right. In fact, we consider it extremely essential for the students to master these skills for paving the way for a successful career.

What Makes These Skills So Important

The ability to talk and communicate in the most appropriate manner matters a lot in the corporate culture. This is because it reflects the interpersonal abilities and attributes of an individual’s personality. Mastering these skills makes it easier for management professionals to gain a clear understanding of the best way to react and respond in a given business situation. The higher the students aspire to move on the management ladder, the more important it becomes for them to gain a proper hold of these skills. Moreover, talking right and communicating right form the basis for developing other soft skills, such as optimism, responsibility, sense of humor, good manners, sociability, and empathy to name a few.

Why These Skills  Matter More For Management Professionals


The reason that makes business organizations invest in hiring management trainees is their belief that these aspiring professionals are best suited to take the venture to new heights of success. However, doing business is all about interacting with people, which is why the students opting for a PGDM in Hyderabad need to master the skills of taking and communicating in the right manner. The three most common business scenarios where these skills come in quite handy are discussed as follows.

For Business Generation


Management professionals are often tasked with the responsibility of generating greater business for their organization. This requires them to have excellent interpersonal skills and a great command over their communication. Having the right business etiquette and good communication skills can help management professionals to win over new clients in an almost effortless manner.

Efficiently Manage People From Diverse Cultures

The management professionals are required to deal with people from diverse cultures backgrounds as a part of their job. Without proper soft skill training, this can prove to be extremely challenging. We pay special attention to imbibing these key soft skills in our students.  This prepares them to adjust and deal with the people from different cultures, environments, and languages in the most efficient manner.

For Personal Career Growth


The ability to talk and communicate in an effective manner can play a vital role in enhancing the career growth of management students. In fact, these skills are essential to help the candidates to evolve as successful leaders making it easier for them to manage the workforce. It will also help them to establish a strong relationship with individual team members and motivate them to contribute towards business growth and success in an optimal way.

Experience beyond the classroom: Reflections from an PGDM graduate

“Besides learning, I joined Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) to not only rediscover myself during the process but to give a direction to my career,” says Karna Tejesh.

Meet Karna, a VJIM graduate who managed to bag his dream job at Flipkart India, despite the adverse challenges. Today, he is leading a team of off-role employees at the organization and inspiring thousands of PGDM aspirants to pursue their interests.

“For me, PGDM was not about passing exams, but to take home some experience and learning from it. The placement period acted as a realization that the objective was not to get through an interview, but a dream job. Luckily, I was able to identify the path that would lead to it,” adds Karna. Self-reliant learners like Karna are active towards learning because they are aware of their limitations and strengths, and directed by their own strategies and goals.

A new chapter

Karna was introduced to the idea of doing an PGDM years back, and he had no vision of how his life was going to change for the good. Prior to getting employed with Flipkart, he did his internship with Gestamp Automotive where he analyzed and examined the logistics and raw material for improved efficiency.

After being hired by Flipkart, he embarked on the PGDM journey to attain the goal he desired, feeling optimistic that he finally had a platform for all the energy and ideas stored in him. This was finally a moment to seize opportunities, while also adapting to the corporate culture. To this, he adds, “Through these two years, Prof. Niharika and Dr. Poonam Jindal played a crucial role in pushing me through all the high’s and low’s. To get a mentor as these two along with Mr. Sishir Polasani is a sheer blessing and good luck. Now, looking back, it’s evident how much I have evolved as a person because of their guidance and constant support.”

Karna tejashIn his role at Flipkart, Karna has found an amazing fit. He works with a team of off-role employees, manages day to day operations, manpower, and resource planning and management. “Because of the PGDM program, I’m able to witness a substantial development in my core business concepts, leadership skills, cultural awareness, and emotional intelligence. Reflecting back on my time with VJIM has already given me nostalgia, as it was one of the most memorable years of my life,” says Karna.

As a bit of advice to aspirants, he adds that one should always be honest and dedicated to their profession. He suggests, “Logic and presence of mind will take you places. If not, there are many more tunnels to cross.”


Effective tips for PGDM students to keep their studies on track

There is no denying the fact that pursuing a PGDM program can help enhance the career opportunities of aspiring candidates in a significant manner. However, in order to ensure this, the PGDM students need to stay focused and keep their studies on track for the entire duration of the course. This can be somewhat challenging as many students find the prospect of directing their own learning quite daunting. The fact that a majority of PG courses in India do not follow the structured learning approach of undergraduate studies prominent within the country tend to complicate things even further. Discussed below are some effective tips that can help students pursuing post graduate courses to stay on top of their studies.

Plan A Reasonable Study Schedule


It is important for the students to follow a proper study schedule from day one of their starting the course. However, many times the students become overzealous and create a study plan which might appear great on paper but is impractical and exhausting. This not only leads the students to suffer from study burnout quite early on in the course, but also causes them much stress. Hence it is important for the students to plan their study schedule in a realistic manner and after considering all the aspects that might impact the same in any manner.


Be Sure To Revise Topics Regularly


Continuous and regular revision of topics ensures that the students do not have to face too much stress and pressure at the time of exams. Regular revision of topics also helps the students gain a better understanding of concepts that they might not have been able to understand initially. Moreover, it provides them to clearly establish their strengths and weaknesses.


This is extremely important as they can then focus on improving in areas that they might not be too confident about without leaving the task till the very end.

Start Working On Projects And Assignments At The Earliest

Leaving their projects and assignments for completion in the last couple of weeks is a common trend amongst students pursuing PG Diploma in Business Management or even other PG courses. This can cause them to lag behind in their studies due to the addition pressure they subject themselves to during the final weeks before exams. Hence, it is highly advisable for the students to start working on the projects and assignments as soon as these are assigned. This approach can actually prove beneficial as the research they need to do, can help clear their understanding of difficult concepts.


Take Time To Relax

relax-vector-thumbStudying all the time can cause the students to become exhausted on physical, mental as well as emotional levels. This can affect their overall well being and concentration as well as academic performance. That is why it is important for the students to take frequent breaks to feel relaxed and re-energized.