From Bullish to Bearish Candlestick, Dow Theory to Oil Price Forecast, VJIM students learnt from the veterans of the Stock industry themselves

Date: 10th September 2016

Topic: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Speakers: Karvy Stock Broking Ltd.’s

  • Arvind Vinjamoori, Fundamental Research Analyst.
  • Viplav Dhandhukia, Technical Research Analyst.
  • Syed Hasan Jafar, Research Analyst.

Arvind Vinjamoori opened the session amidst an auditorium full of PGDM students at VJIM, Hyderabad with his powerful presentation on Capital goods & Banking sector companies, ones that are listed on NSE & BSE. His talk primarily expanded and explained about the different techniques used in the valuation of different asset classes and also firms like DCF. He made it all further easy by talking about the three steps’ process, which can make the life easy for a portfolio manager by manifolds.

Arvind also gave the students measures of evaluating different investments of a portfolio, which included Sharpe & Treynor ratios, Jensen’s performance measure, Value at Risk (VaR). VaR became more of an interesting concept with Arvind. He explained it simplistically showing the need of VaR as a measure of risk of the investments, which estimates the maximum loss that can be borne by a portfolio.

Viplav Dhandhukia who worked as an analyst at Transgraph Consulting Ltd. for 2 years prior to his joining Karvy continued the lecture. He gave price forecasting on oil & oil seeds before zooming to the corporate clients like ITC, Parle Group. He emphasized on the myth that many people has, that Fundamental analysis is for a long term perspective, whereas technical analysis is only for a short term perspective.

His explanation led the students to a new learning that technical analysis can also be used for a long-term perspective. He explained about the Dow Theory- its tenets and defects and also the different types of charts, to represent price changes that include Line & Bar charts.

The third speaker was Syed Hasan Jafar, who is actively involved in technical & derivative analysis and giving equity recommendations to the clients of Karvy. He explained us about the Japanese Candle sticks, the most widely used chart in the current world economy to represent the price changes. He illustrated the unique features of this chart in comparison to the Bar chart and the Line charts.

Syed also mentioned about the Bullish Candlestick (stock is closed Higher than its Open) and the Bearish Candlestick (stock is closed Lower than its Open). The most interesting part of the presentation with Syed was when he illustrated the different patterns of candlesticks like Head & Shoulders and Cup &Handle. He also explained about the different oscillators like MACD & RSI.

The lecture was ended with an assignment given to the students to calculate the different parameters like Sharpe & Treynor ratios and Jensen’s Alpha.

Understanding Purchase and Supply Chain from the industry leaders themselves!

Mr. Sanjay Bajaj, Mr. Ziauddin and Mrs. Suvarna delivered a riveting session on “Role of Purchasing in Competitive Advantage” on 27th August, 2016 on Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad’s campus. With Operation transforming the resources and data into desired goods, the need to learn more about Operations is becoming exponentially crucial with each day. The session with these important industry professionals touched upon all the essential dimensions of Operations and made VJIM PGDM students gain an extra edge in the field.

The talk started off with defining and describing the forces that go behind Purchase. There are three distinct aspects to be taken care of while Purchase-

a) purchase at the right time,

b) purchase the right quality,

c) purchase at the right price

Mr. Ziauddin presented a wonderful presentation on Supply Chain Management. Supply Chain Management in short, is a process from supplier to manufacture to wholesaler to retailer then finally to the consumer. It involves coordinating and integrating these flows both within and among the companies. Nothing substantial can ever be achieved without proper goal and objectives and the last speaker of the session Mrs. Suvarna, spoke about just that. Her talk revolved around- “Objectives of Supply Chain Management” and the three steps involved in purchasing i.e. strategic, statistical, and operational.

“Gone are the days when recruiters wanted people to listen and not question,” says the man behind AP and Telangana’s Royal Sundaram General Insurance in a latest workshop at VJIM

Dr. Vinit Dani, Associate Professor-Marketing, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad organized a guest lecture for the students of Sales and Distribution on “Motivation and Compensation for Field Force” by Mr. Sekhar. N who is Currently Heading AP and Telangana’s Royal Sundaram General Insurance.

He enlightened the students on how a simple day-to-day processes in any organization motivates or demotivates an employee. His talk further illustrated how a good incentive structure can retain an employee and also how updating and improvising it every once in a while is absolutely imperative. He also shed light on how transparency in any organization can bring about a good employee-employer relationship. A de-centralized system which distributes decision making powers to the bottom line actually increases efficiency and effectiveness of the work force.


“We want people who question rather than who listens”- He said while discussing about the employee needs. He also gave some real life examples on corporate and political scenario on self-motivated people. When asked on how you can be self-motivated he quoted “Let the world reject you, as long as you don’t reject yourself- the Game is ON.”

His final insights were on ethics and he concluded the session by quoting “Humanity comes first, then region, religion & caste”.

“You can manage things but how about knowing how to manage people?”

A session with Ms. Vijay Lakshmi, Head, L & D, Nspira Management Services and Mr. Phani Kumar, Manager HR, Kogentix on the importance of HR in any organization

“Things can be managed but a true manager is someone who knows how to manage people,” said Ms. Vijay Lakshmi, Head L & D, Nspira Management Services at a latest seminar at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad which was around the topic- “Role of HR in Organisational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)”.


Hosted for the PGDM students of the school by the HR Committee, this 20th August seminar also had Mr. Phani Kumar, Manager, HR, Kogentix interacting with the students and taking their questions.

Ms. Lakshmi explained how the role of an HR has come a long way in India and how it is evolving every single day. “It isn’t easy to handle the Human Resource of a company because managing people is the toughest job ever in the field of management, and the expectation of the organization on HR is high because now a days people not only want smart TV and mobile but also smart employees,” exclaimed Ms. Lakshmi.

The OCB interaction touched topics like-

  1. Organizational Citizenship Behavior
  2. Importance of HR in developing OCB
  3. Understanding the impact of effectiveness of OCB in organizations

IMG_0118Organizational Citizenship Behavior is something an individual plays independently within an organization and unless you are trained in it or attentive towards it, you will not contribute to the overall growth of the organization. To define it in simpler ways, OCB is a person’s voluntary commitment within an organization or company that is not part of his or her contractual tasks.

Mr. Kumar simplified it for the students further by explaining how one can achieve OCB by following the below listed factors:

  • Altruism – quality of unselfish concern of others
  • Courtesy – polite behavior
  • Sportsmanship – fairness in following rules
  • Conscientiousness – reasonable level of self-control
  • Civic sense how well a person represents an organization

“Anybody can perform well in work allotted to him/her, but a true employee is he who goes an extra mile to perform extraordinarily,” said Manager, HR, Kogentix in his speech. “He’s the successful employee and organization needs such people,” Mr Kumar added further.


A workshop on “Latest Trends of Recruitment” hosted at VJIM, Hyderabad

17th August, 2016, Hyderabad: “I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people and not on strategies” -Lawrence Bossidy, former COO of GE.

Dr. Shruti Naik, assistant professor HR and OB has organized a workshop on “Latest trends of Recruitment” for students with HR specialization at Vignana Jyothi Inst. Of Mgmnt., Hyderabad. Mr. Sudhakar KR conducted the workshop and provided great insights on the topic latest trends of recruitment. Mr.Sudhakar is a veteran HR professional with 20+ years of pedigree with history of working with some of the finest companies and organizations spanning across manufacturing, software products and services, strategy, consulting, etc. Mr. Sudhakar has a master’s in HRM and is a gold medalist, ISTD certified national trainer and a certified global business leader from U21 Harvard.

The workshop was started with the pre-planned exercises given to the students of HR. Students of VJIM were made into groups and were asked to present on most trending aspects of recruitment. Students presented on topics such as
Building a World Class Talent Pipeline, Employer Branding in a 24/7 Media World, Using Analytics to Make Better Staffing Decisions and Digital Recruiting Strategies: Current Trends and Beyond. Students showed a great involvement and interest in presenting the most emerging areas of talent acquisition in the workshop.

In this context students spoke in detail about recruiting digitally, marketing and digital trends in recruitment, fastest and latest tips for recruiting, social media strategy for employer brand, strategic approach towards employer branding, best practices of employer branding, using analytics to make better staffing decisions, staffing analytics and metrics for talent acquisition as part of their presentations.

The next session in the workshop started with the guest speaker’s presentation on Talent Market Landscaping – The How & Why. The session started with the speaker speaking about the reasons for unemployment in India. The session mainly focused on providing insights on attributes of a killer recruiter, providing a good candidate experience, role of candidate experience in employer branding and PEGA a business process management software. The speaker also spoke about the need for recruiters to have inherent intelligence for sourcing and identifying the right candidates. He also gave students the role of PEGA in business and its application in various industries. Students shared with the speaker that understanding role of technology in business, requirements and needs, current trends of recruitment, sourcing hidden talent and experience and expertise of recruiter in domain. The speaker made the session more interactive by sharing his real-time experiences in the industry and answering Q&As from the students.


VJIM, Hyderabad hosts a Book Fair to celebrate the National Library Day

A Book Fair was organized in the campus of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Managament on August 12, 2016 from 11 am to 5 pm. With an astounding collection of books on display, the fair was nothing short of a treat for the members of VJIM.

The Book Fair was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp and Prof. Ramarao delivered the welcome speech. He talked about the benefits of Reading and how it is a very healthy habit. “Gyano rakshati rakshitaha which means protect your knowledge is done only in the form of books,” mentioned Prof. Ramarao. He also put forward a fact from the recent research that people who read book for an average of three and a half hours have the chance of increasing their life spans by 20%. Prof. Ramarao suggested that it is important for an individual to choose his/ her books very wisely. He concluded by defining books as “bundle of knowledge and a librarian is collection as well as the collector of that knowledge.”

13914175_1263151933730095_6786325576908576108_o 13996083_1263146450397310_5706837252844305635_o

Another short talk was delivered by Assoc. Prof. Ramakrishna who highlighted the present scenario of readers, their modern habits of and how reading as a practice has reduced over the years due to human beings’ massive dependence on technology. He put forward his opinion saying that the books always have an upper hand and how proud a person feels when he has a collection of books with him. He concluded by saying that books are the greatest assets in one’s life.

The fair had a wide range of books, displaying all the subjects of management from authors all around the world. The fair garnered a lot of attention from students and faculty members. Overall it was a successful event organized by the Library staff of VJIM under the guidance of Mr. Raghu Mantha, Librarian.

13923775_1263149867063635_8156337357849585569_o 13996053_1263159707062651_7727321082310544175_o


Ajay Sharma, GM, Titan Company Ltd. and Abhishek Vaish, AM, Aditya Birla money talk about the “Essentials of Investing in Financial Markets” to VJIM students

July 23, 2016, Hyderabad: VJIM’s students had a lot in store for them when Ajay Sharma- General Manager, Titan Company Ltd. and Abhishek Vaish- Area Manager, Aditya Birla Money came down to campus to interact with the B-school’s students. The two hours’ talk was themed around the topic- “Essentials of Investing in Financial Markets”.

13731768_1248129908565631_2196941441959885987_oWith the vast experience in his kitty, Ajay Sharma emphasized on the transformation of the Indian Stock Market, from the mid 1980’s to the mid 90’s when the Economic reforms have been followed. This transformation was also due to the establishment of SEBI & NSE. He introduced the students with the common, yet important terms used in the Stock Market that include- Intraday, Long Buy, and Short Sale. He also explained about the calculation of SENSEX & NIFTY. The talk got even more interesting when he focused on the importance of fundamental analysis that any Investor or trader, must stress upon to get higher returns, with minimum loss. He even mentioned the 6 basic principles of Investments that include:

  • Power of Compounding
  • Diversity in selection

Ajay also shared his personal view on the way of selecting stocks to invest on. He ended his speech with some amazing quotes by Warren Buffet.

13724047_1248130048565617_3287424989109345796_o 13708429_1248129588565663_5560789878382046156_o

Abhishek Vaish introduced the idea of financial planning, its importance and a roadmap to meet life’s goals through the management of finances. He also mentioned the different classification of assets that include debt, equity & commodities. Abhishek explained about the things to be determined by an individual before deciding the investment that include-

  • Liquidity Preference
  • Risk appetite

By the end of the seminar, the student and the audience at large had their fundamentals revised and gathered more knowledge about the Financial Markets and the current scope of Investment in India.