How S. N. Avinash’s PGDM Renewed His Career

Avinash shares his success story, which he scripted despite the adversities

“Hardships are temporary, but they serve as a stepping stone to success.” This is the precept that young S. N. Avinash, a Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) student, lives by. For PGDM graduates, finding a job that is fulfilling, exciting and better paying than the previous one is typically a critical part of their post-graduation plans.

Avinash, a marketing PGDM student and now a territory sales manager at Crompton Greaves, completed his course this year and said the support and guidance of the institute’s placement group made all the difference in landing his ‘dream job.’

Avinash wanted to extend his career prospects through a new course and superior experience, and enrolling at VJIM drew him in a special way. “VJIM is warm and allows building sincere relationships with faculty and students. It ranks high and puts great stress on offering practical and hands-on experience, which I find is crucial,” says Avinash.

As a part of his curriculum, Avinash and his fellow-students met industry experts from across the country and beyond. Their insights allowed him to get clarity on the industry he wanted to choose and understand the requirements that will make him fit for the industry. “The experience gained from these experts was not just interesting, but valuable too. It was after meeting them that I got clarity about my future, understood the importance of practical approach versus bookish knowledge, and the process of targeting the desired industry,” Avinash says.

Just before his final placement, Avinash landed a role at Syska personal care category as an intern – where he was on a ‘steep learning curve’ and was constantly challenged in his work. He adds, “Learning how large organizations function while setting up my credibility and gaining the trust of my seniors have been important.”

Recalling his college days, Avinash says he will always be grateful to the faculty members for helping him get through the course and preparing him for the future of work. “If there’s one thing that VJIM has instilled among its students, it’s the leadership skill,” he says. Avinash also counts the faculty, co-students, visit to ITC for the big billion day, and internship at Syska among the highlights of his PGDM.

The holistic nature of this course has left a lasting impact on Avinash, shaping his new direction. The events, the peers, and the syndicate environment have also helped to shape his personality during the PGDM.

Avinash and his PGDM experience were much more than the classroom studies and aspirants should embrace all that is available.

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, hosts virtual orientation programme for the batch 2020-22

Hyderabad, August 25th 2020, Tuesday: Before COVID-19 changed the way we react, new students would gather on the Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) campus every year to get acquainted with fellow students and explore their new college. This academic session, VJIM’s orientation programme – Parichay – moved to an online format for the first time. The week-long programme introduced the students to the VJIM community, the rules and regulations, resources and facilities, and the calendar of academic events.

The day one of the orientation programme was commenced with a welcome address by the Director of VJIM Hyderabad- Dr. Durgaprsad, faculty members and staff alongside registration of the students.

The second day commenced with a talk by Prof. Sanjit Sengupta, who shed light on the importance of management education in today’s scenario. The session following this was conducted by Mr. Javed Jamal, who enabled students to introduce themselves, present their interests, and interact with each other. Post the ice-breaker session, students were introduced to the faculty members who helped them get an overview of the campus life virtually.

The third day of Parichay began on an interestingly different note, where Prof. Niharika spearheaded the session that was divided into three parts; mainly, insights on career vision schooling, newspaper analysis, and student forum. The session after this was held by Mr. J. Ravikanth Reddy – Founder and CEO, PQuest Human Resources – who spoke about the digital transformations taking place in business and the new trends shaping the corporate world. The spirit of the students soar even more with the session conducted by Mr. Ankur Dani – VJIM Alumni (Batch 2014) – who shared insights on the role of PGDM in career building. The day ended on a light note with endless interactions and fun activities like Guess Me Where, Dumb Charades and Jog Your Memories between seniors and the new batch.

The day four of the orientation programme begun with Dr. Abhimanyu Acharya’s session that focused on business etiquettes, importance of languages, and practices to be followed in the corporate world. What followed was a speech by Mr. Sajan Murali Puravangara who introduced the students to the concept of manifestation, self-swot analysis, and the need for possessing the passion and a dream.

Parichay, on its final day, concluded with an announcement of a report writing contest, Who Describes the Week Best, through which, the students were given a chance to share and express their views and experiences. And not just that, students were introduced to one of VJIM’s unique practices- the news analysis’ practice where Dr Dani delivered the first session to them. And the day came to a wrap with a beautiful session on “Importance of a Sound Mind & Healthy Body- The Path.”

According to Dr. Durgaprasad, Director, VJIM, Hyderabad, “Our orientation programme, Parichay, is designed to ensure students make a successful and smooth transition into a new journey of higher education in the world of management. The programme experience is organized to make students feel prepared and engaged in this new step. However, owing to the pandemic this year, we had to conduct the programme virtually, unlike other years, in order to keep the momentum going, without disturbing the schedule of the academic session for students. I’d like to welcome the new batch of 2020-22 once again, and the VJIM family is glad for having them. We look forward to hosting smooth, uninterrupted, and quality-focused sessions for the students in times to come – regardless of whether they are conducted online or on the campus. We are ready!”

Through the online orientation programme, VJIM extended a warm welcome to its new members whilst they embark on this voyage of learning, evolving and growing.

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, gears up to induct the class of 2020-22, virtually

Hyderabad, August 10th, 2020: As educational institutions are swiftly shifting to digital teaching and learning, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, today announced the commencement of virtual classes for the batch 2020-22 enrolled in the institute’s PGDM program. For the same, VJIM has geared up to conduct a week-long induction program, Parichay, through which, the students will be given an opportunity to engage in an interactive session, have an ice-breaking activity, and learn the concepts as well as the importance of innovation, creativity, mental & physical health, and the purpose and vision of the institute.

The main induction program is scheduled for 14th August 2020, Friday, with a host of activities planned for the day, mainly, introduction to faculty members, a workshop on grooming and communication, and a special session on etiquette and self-management. Coupled with this, VJIM will host a bunch of other lectures and seminars to orient students towards their two-year PGDM journey. By the end of the induction program, the institute plans on conducting an informal, brief session for students to share their experiences and expectations from VJIM after having spent a few days on the campus. Through these activities and the whole of the program itself, VJIM aims to help students adjust themselves to a new environment and adapt to the new culture.

Admissions, assessments, examinations, and learning don’t seem to have stopped at the institute despite the COVID-19 crisis. VJIM has been using technology platforms such as Google Classroom, Zoom, and Skype to deliver classes for the on-going batches. Talking about the program, Dr. Durga Prasad , Director, VJIM, said, “This year, the pandemic has changed a lot of things. But we didn’t want the students to face the consequences of it or have their academic session hampered. Thus, the decision to conduct the induction program was taken. We look forward to welcoming the students. I’m certain, this induction program will ensure that students are introduced to the facilities at the institute and help them understand the systems followed here.”

Besides academia, VJIM is also known for its class-apart infrastructure and rich heritage and students will be made known to this aspect of the institution.

About VJIM

An Autonomous institute approved by AICTE, India. The lush green sprawling campus and the architectural splendor of VJIM, situated in a serene atmosphere in the outskirts of Hyderabad, is a perfect setup to match the synthesizing of conventional & modern learning environments.

Amidst COVID-19 uncertainties, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, changes the face of education with modern practices

COVID-19 has forced universities, colleges, and schools across India, and the world as well, to make a shift from physical classrooms to online classes. Whilst this transition is happening smoothly for most institutes, some are still adapting to the new normal. But in the case of the Hyderabad-based Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), as soon as the news of COVID-19 crisis broke out in India, the institute was quick to announce the suspension of classes and shift to the online mode in order to remain unaffected by the nationwide lockdown.

The faculty members that spent hours and days making research-based presentations for classroom lectures now had a different task of conducting sessions online, sharing study materials, and importantly, audio files over the web with the students. In fact, the transition to digital took place in two ways – one, through live online classes conducted on platforms like Zoom or in the form of webinars and second, by the use of recorded classes, which remain accessible for a longer duration for future reference. Furthermore, to ensure that the students are well-equipped with resources needed to avail education, the learning resource center at VJIM has ensured giving free access to e-books, e-magazines, management software, and many other things, in times of need.

What seemed challenging for other institutes was seamlessly attained by VJIM – be it hosting webinars, online tests, or having placement interviews conducted virtually. Amongst other B-schools in Hyderabad, VJIM proved to be the first one to have sourced e-internship and placement opportunities for a majority of the batch, so as to make sure that the students had jobs in hand whilst graduating at the end of the semester. Moreover, the institute’s objective to have the curriculum running smooth and effective without delays got fulfilled in the form of online proctored exams wherein, the students were given the chance to appear for tests remotely with the help of AI-backed monitoring tools. And now, very many tests later, it seems like virtual assessment has become a part of the pedagogy for both the faculty members as well as students. The institute considers this feat as just one of the many innovative ways technology and advanced processes can be leveraged for the right use. 

Lastly, considering the present market scenario, to add value to the time bestowed and help students benefit in some or the other way, VJIM, along with the professor of Saint Louis University, Dr. Sridhar Condoor, has undertaken the task of establishing a python course this year, that aims to cover subject areas of entrepreneurship and the tricks of the trade when it comes to launching new ventures. Through this course, VJIM is hopeful that the students are able to see a ray of hope amidst all the adversities and have a broader perspective on the world of startup. Though the academic year seems to have been upended due to the global crisis – the institute and its members are focusing on accomplishing what’s possible!

How would your classroom be post the lockdown?

VJIM, Hyderabad is all set for the new age classroom

2020 has been an eventful year! It’s now evident that the impact COVID-19 pandemic has made on the world has forced colleges, schools, and universities to change their approach and adapt to technologically-backed, hygienically secured, and moderately strategized pedagogical measures. As this crisis started to play out, experts from the fraternity began weighing in on potential outcomes. While the precise dates of the reopening of these educational institutions are now being discussed and are about to be finalised, authorities are charting out the ways and means in which they could gradually embrace the phase after lockdown, presently referred to as the “new normal world.”

VJIM during the lockdown

While student safety remained the primary concern at VJIM, Hyderabad the B-School also realized the importance of not tampering with students’ learning experience.  Classroom delivery moved online and students had the opportunity to refer to the recorded lectures from the comforts of their homes. Pending classes were done in e-mode, and having moved closer to the placement period, the institute has also successfully enabled and empowered its students to appear for virtual interviews.

Faculty members of the B-School, who remain its steadfast pillars of strength and inspiration, have gone the extra mile to ensure that guidance is available to students whenever they reach out. They stayed flexible through these changing times and switched to online teaching as the new norm. VJIM Faculty members, who have received training for online delivery of lectures from experts around the world, are equipped to handle both expected and unexpected challenges that might be encountered in future.

Education will go on despite all adversities or challenges

Learning never stops, and a safe and conducive environment is necessary to ensure it continues. If there was any apprehension about what the classrooms in the post lockdown reality would look like, they have been assuaged by the wide ranging measures taken by VJIM, Hyderabad. It is safe to say- the B-school is prepped to host classes as soon as official approval is released by the central authorities.

The VJIM campus is equipped with enough classrooms to function with social distancing measures in place. Classes are being scheduled to ensure that they facilitate equal learning opportunities for all students keeping the norms of social distancing in mind.

The plan is to have a reduced number of not more than 50% of its students on campus at any point in time.  This is ensured by dividing classes into eight sections, instead of four, and using a schedule that incorporates an oscillation into the timetable so that classes will be conducted alternating between offline and online modes.

The Roadmap ahead

In the days to come post the lifting of the lockdown, the institute is all set with some exceptional measures for safety and secuirty of its students:

– shifting to partial classroom sessions which would be conducted three times a week, coupled with online teaching sessions on the remaining days. In fact, even though the size of the batch remains a concern for the institute, the authorities are certain about reducing the same to as little as 50 percent in order to lessen the movement of students on campus.

– besides, considering the potential health hazards that may prevail in the post-pandemic world, VJIM has already begun heavily investing in sanitization tools that will help the students and professors alike, and not to forget, digital scanners for safety.

– residential complexes of students and faculty are being sanitized thoroughly on a daily basis

– mess and cafeteria employees shall be under special instructions and training to ensure that everything is sanitized, served healthy and fresh, and all precautionary measures are being followed to fight the pandemic collectively

By working on new solutions, techniques, and tactics, VJIM has to a great extent, braced itself to welcome the new world on-campus post-pandemic!

For the new PGDM Class of 2020- 2020

With the admission process for the Batch of 2020 – 22 moving online, the new additions to the VJIM family are believed to have been already acclimatized to the changing scenario in a way. Their Orientation Program is being planned to be moved online from 10th August, 2020 and each applicant shall be informed with prior notice.

Foundation courses will also be held in online mode from 24th August, 2020 and no compromises shall be made in their learning experience. The B- School will then welcome them on campus with the best safety protocols in place.

The induction program for Class of 2021 is to be held between 10th of August 2020 and 22nd of August 2020 and is packed with activities including corporate talks, alumni talks, and Masterclasses with experts through online platforms.

The dates mentioned are subject to change based on the government response to these challenging times.

A closer look at how Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, is reimagining management education

As a vital part of the foundation of India’s education system, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, considers it their responsibility to make professional education more relevant, accessible, and affordable. With growing demand and scope for management, as a course and career option, the road to growth and betterment for the institute lies through innovation and change. And as the days are passing, the world that we live in is transforming constantly, for better, if not worse. So, here are some ideas that signal a new phase for VJIM that may come as a surprise to many and may as well make educators reiterate that management education is not just a value addition to those who pursue it but something that cannot and shouldn’t be replaced with other areas of expertise – for management is an ongoing and a continuous process!

1. Utilizing database for gaining concept clarity

A good and updated database forms the backbone of any organization – be it a corporate or an educational institution. And when there’s a talk about the latest trends, shifts, and setbacks in the market, nothing comes more handy than a real-time data to understand, analyze, learn, and execute the needful activities. For VJIM, gaining access to the Capitaline Euromonitor database seems important in the near future which is likely to help them amass and strengthen their capabilities to sail through differently-demanding situations.

2. Altering working practices

In the times to come, among many other upgradations, adjustments, and changes, VJIM envisions the strong need for laying focus on altering conventional working practices with modern techniques in order to deliver advanced education and class-apart practical knowledge. In terms of management teaching, the institute believes and is hopeful of bringing forth more and more real-life examples and experiences of the students as well as faculty members by combining it with conceptual video presentations and real-time solutions.

3. Establishment of business news analysis

The importance of introducing management professionals to the latest business news can never be emphasized more. For VJIM, this is a critical area for its students since it’s a knowledge box that only helps in staying updated, evaluating situations, and learning the tricks of coping up with business ideas and strategies.

4. Presentations with a purpose

As a practice followed for years, VJIM aims to continue hosting presentations in a structured manner, with and for a purpose, that’s certain to improve students’ confidence, communication skills, overall know-how, team bonding, and industry-readiness, which, in future, is likely to ease the process of adapting to the corporate world.

5. Backing students’ forum

The students form the backbone of an educational institution and nothing seems more critical now than forming an exclusive students forum that will not only encourage them to come up with innovative ideas but will also strengthen their confidence to ideate, create, and present. At VJIM, this has been an on-going activity and the institute only hopes to enhance it further to garner interest and pave way for different means of sourcing knowledge. 

How Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, helped Sri Ram Reventh Kumar sharpen his professional skills

Sri Ram Reventh Kumar is living his long-term career goal and working as a corporate sales professional with, India. And this has been possible because of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, in his opinion. As someone who’s responsible for managing clients directly, engaging with them, and offering solutions from time to time, the need for honing certain skills like communication, decision-making, and technical was not just a necessity but something without which he wouldn’t have been able to lay a foundation of his career.

This journey from knowing little to possibly a lot more has been made possible by VJIM, in Kumar’s view. He shares that the feeling of being at the VJIM campus has, in itself, been a huge driver for him to acknowledge the educational privilege he has received. Since having begun his journey to pursuing PGDM in Hyderabad to now securing a job at one of the country’s largest organizations, Kumar has taken a step forward each day and tried new things, for which, he thanks his peers and faculty members who pushed him.

“The due credit for whatever I have attained so far goes to VJIM since the whole institute challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, face experiences, and learn new things. The pattern of the course has been designed in a way that each student gets the exposure to the right resources needed to succeed, progress, and grow. I firmly feel, the presentations, assignments, events, seminars, and guest lectures have all contributed to our transformed professional outlook. VJIM is not just giving great education but also preparing and refining leaders of tomorrow,” adds Kumar.

Kumar, who previously worked in the aviation industry, had no deep know-how of the marketing world. However, his internship at T-Hub, Hyderabad, as a branding and marketing professional, coupled with classroom guidance, helped him set his foot in this industry well enough. Kumar adds that there’s never a dull moment at work since he’s surrounded by subordinates, managers, and leaders who are not only ambitious and driven but very helpful and cordial.

When speaking on what advice he would give to the aspiring students, Kumar said, “Attend as many classes as possible. Take part in all the socio-cultural events taking place within and outside of the institute. That will give you exposure and make you bold as well as adaptable. And, the best thing to do is seek guidance and mentorship from the professors and visiting faculty members – they’re the finest in their areas of work.” Lastly, Kumar emphasizes that the experiences from the class, learnings from the pioneers, and moments spent at the campus & in the institute are like no other, and for that, one must enroll in a professional course like PGDM at an institute like VJIM.    

Roshni Desu’s professional journey from Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, to Monster India

“Be it in the classroom, library, lab, or in an organization, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, has truly made me work towards success, which I am completely grateful for.”

This is the adage that Roshni Desu, a PGDM student who has successfully completed her course from the VJIM, lives by. Having secured a placement at an organization like Monster India, she plans on spending the rest of her work life in a similar visionary environment that the current workplace offers. In her opinion, VJIM, its faculty members, and external professors have all together prepared her and many other students in ways they thought were impossible. She credits her accomplishment at VJIM and outside of it to her institute’s community, in particular, because she believes they have inspired her to go the extra mile and explore new experiences that were otherwise out of her comfort zone.

As someone who specialized in HR & Marketing, Desu says her interest in the said fields goes way back to the phase when she decided to pursue PGDM in Hyderabad. She believes, her transition and progress, both personally as well as professionally, has a lot to do with her internship experience at Abad Fisheries. The learnings, guidance, and a sense of responsibility were all developed there, at her place of work, and also by being in sales of the retail industry.

To this, she adds, “I can honestly say that prior to joining this VJIM, I doubted most of the opportunities that came my way. However, the institute has played a key role in changing my approach to things. It was because of my summer internship experience that I could clear the challenging interview procedure at Monster. It’s safe to say that my time spent in the classroom has advanced my problem-solving, communication, planning, teamwork, and organizing skills.”

Now a college graduate bracing for her work life and reflecting on her personal life, Desu says she owes a lot to her father since he’s had a major impact on her since childhood, and so, for having attained whatever she has, so far, she feels he has helped her become everything she is today.

Desu is among many other students who have earned success after graduating from VJIM. Through these kinds of stories and journeys of students, it seems certain that mentorship and guidance can do wonders in less time.

A look at how S. Aswini Samatha Sai of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, furthered her skills to build a better career

S. Aswini Samatha Sai’s journey at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, and after that, is an example of how quality education, right mentorship, and a dream-like placement offers more opportunity and growth than anticipated. Sai had decided much in advance that VJIM was meant for her once she’d seen the course modules, faculty success stories, list of companies visiting the campus, and the facilities offered by other PGDM colleges.

Over the days, her conviction to pursue PGDM in Hyderabad with majors in Marketing and Business Analytics at VJIM became stronger, and in no time, she became a part of the tightly-knit and friendly department, as she likes to call it. Happy in her work of nearly six months, Sai says, she did not expect she would bag a job at an organization like as a sales executive. She credits the success of her placement to VJIM and its faculty members for supporting and fostering her growing dream.

Adding to this, she said, “The extra-curricular activities, helpful lecturers, seminars, in-class presentations, and summer internship experience have together as well as individually been challenging, eye-opening, and yet, sources of improvement that helped me grab an opportunity at The institute has played a key role in my career path and also in helping me attain & advance high-level skills like communication, creative ability, humanity, and decision making.”

Having undergone multiple rounds of interview for the final placement, Sai shares it felt great when her confidence and knowledge about marketing was judged, and that, she was praised for the same by the employers. At present, her work profile that mainly includes interacting and managing clients, and also building a relationship with them, has broadened her mind, skills, and career path, which she finds perfect for herself.  To anyone thinking of going to VJIM, she says do it. she says VJIM offers degrees, but along with it, they also offer a huge range of extra-curricular activities, support, and extraordinary placements that are like no other.

Prithvilal Pitty’s journey as a student at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, to bagging a dream job through placements

As someone with no prior experience, choosing the right institute for PGDM program was very crucial for Prithvilal Pitty of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management. After thorough research of the top PGDM colleges, Pitty opted for VJIM because of their high rankings and reputation across the university tables, which, in his opinion, have only increased since his time there.

With marketing as his specialization during the course, Pitty was able to bag a job at as a sales executive. Hoping to be exposed to multiple job roles and business functions, Pitty knew he had to major in a subject that would make his degree and time investment attractive to employers. Now, his role as a sales executive is helping him explore the areas of product sales and client engagement & management.

Prithvilal Pitty,
PGDM, Class of 2020

After 2 years of receiving a quality education and rightful industry exposure, Pitty firmly claims that a PGDM course, if done from the right PDGM college like VJIM, makes a lot of difference in the career as well as the life of an individual, and improves the overall future. At VJIM, Pitty shares he was inspired by the way the course curriculum was imparted and by the class-apart lecturers. When speaking of his favourite things at VJIM, he says the opportunities and people were like no other. He also added to this, “I have met some of the best people in my institute through the course, workshops, seminars, and guest lectures. The faculty members and staff have all got one common goal – to see the students succeed. To help aspirants attain their dream, the institute takes all the efforts possible – be it guidance, mentorship, events, or conferences. Not to forget, the community spirit on the campus is incomparable and it makes each of us feel like we were a part of the VJIM family.”

In terms of work, Pitty’s internship experience and activities at the institute have taught him to foster decision-making skills, effective communication, and technical knowledge. He believes, it was his persistence that enabled him to keep making strides in his personal and professional growth.

Bantu Akhil Chandra of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, Unveils the Journey to Landing his Dream Job

The placement experience is unparalleled – not just because of the exposure students get, but because there’s a new job waiting for the right candidate, shares Bantu Akhil Chandra of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad.

For Chandra, the two years of PGDM at VJIM passed in the blink of an eye. As someone with great enthusiasm and positive outlook to learning and adapting new skills, Chandra believes the mix of workshops, assignments, presentations, events, and importantly, summer internship, has helped not just him but every other student in developing knowledge and competence that has now come to use as they all step into the corporate world. Having gained his summer internship experience as a brand promoter at Marico, the young lad of VJIM asserts that the support and guidance from his professors, placement cell, and subordinates at the company helped him sail smoothly through those two months.

3d84d5c8-dad0-481d-9c6b-343adda9dc8a“Considering I’m a fresher, getting placed as an intern at an organization like Marico was a great deal. I knew I had a responsibility on my shoulder to perform well, and so, I could surpass my own abilities to do justice to the role offered. What worked well in my favor is the know-how of implementing what I knew, what I’d learned, and how to apply,” said Chandra.

Now, as an employee at ITC Logistics as a Trainer, Chandra feels great to have been placed in one of the best companies that the Institute can offer. Besides, being the only one to have secured a position in the said organization, he shares feeling extremely proud of his own achievement and hard work put in during the time of the course, and prior to the interview. When speaking on his profile, Chandra said, “As a Logistics Trainer, I’m expected to be present in the warehouse regularly for about 10 to 12 hours, observing and monitoring the process. I’m needed to keep a close eye on tracking during work hours. For now, since joining, I’m being trained, guided, and mentored by many, which has helped me advance a few skills in a short span. Needless to say, whatever I am, however, I perform, it’s got a lot to do with VJIM and the faculty members.”

Chandra now hopes to attain, develop, and polish his knowledge pertaining to his function and create invaluable professional as well as social networks, for good!