Understanding the need for management institutes to foster the skills of leadership And innovation

Amongst the various reasons that have made management education so popular is the fact that it ensures the development of an individual. This is because these courses do not just impart the necessary technical and conceptual skills that can help the trainees become successful managers. Rather the programs are designed to enhance the various life-skills that can take the students on a path of exceptional personal and professional growth. However, there are two key skills that the even the best PG diploma courses need to imbibe in an extremely deep manner. These two skills are innovation and leadership, which can play a critical role in helping the management professionals to reach the heights of success.

Innovation And Leadership – What Business Organizations Expect


Business models today are undergoing a constant change and most organizations expect the management professionals to have an innovative approach towards problem solving. The companies expect these professionals to possess a flair for coming up with new ideas and executing them in the most efficient manner for assured business growth. At the same time the business organizations expect the management professionals to have developed an attitude of efficient leadership suited for mod-management roles, during the pursuance of the management program itself. Thus, the inability of the management graduates to fulfil these key expectations puts the very goodwill and competence of their certifying institutions under a dark cloud.

What Management Institutions Need To Do

The above facts make it quite clear that fostering innovative and leadership skills is no longer a choice but has become a necessity for management institutions today. However, the big question is how the institutes can go about ensuring the same. The best way to resolve this problem is for the institutes offering PG courses in India to first start assessing the challenges they face in fostering these skills. Only after gaining a proper understanding of these challenges, can the institutes work towards developing the most effective strategies to overcome them.

The other major task that the institutes need to work towards fulfilling is that of increasing their focus on integrating other related skills into the management course curriculum. This can be ensured in the following ways.

Teaching Using Real Life Scenarios


The faculty at these institutes should adapt a teaching methodology that helps in improving the skills necessary for promoting innovation and leadership amongst the students. They should also provide multiple real life scenarios, where the students can use their leadership and innovative skills for problem solving.  These sessions should be challenging enough to force the students to think out of the box and give them an opportunity to explore their leadership capabilities.

Seeking Guidance From Known Business Leaders

Another way of effectively imbibing the skills of leadership and innovation amongst students is by seeking the guidance of popular business leaders. Most students are naturally inspired by the management leaders in their respective fields. As such they are more likely to develop the habit of innovative thinking and leadership skills, if they learn about its significance from the favorite business leaders. The more interactive these sessions with business leaders are, the better benefits they can offer to the students.


Meet T. S. Praneeta: A former Engineer building higher aspirations by pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Management

When current Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) student Praneeta earned her B.Tech IT (Information Technology) degree, she felt she wasn’t quite prepared to put a pause on her college career for good.

Praneeta is now a final-year Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) student with majors in Marketing at VJIM deepening her knowledge of the industry, gaining relevant experience with expert mentors, and filling the void between her experience as a solution designer to becoming sales personnel at Schindler India.

Since it was my choice to pursue PGDM after engineering and working at Tech Mahindra, I wanted to be able to do complete justice to the time invested in this course. VJIM’s faculty members have encouraged and helped me get over my fears, move out of my comfort zone, and stretch beyond the obvious for my personal career growth,” said Praneeta.

This past placement period, Praneeta, just as 30 other students, made her attempt at the Schindler’s interview process: one, a group discussion round, the other, a personal interview with Schindler’s branch manager and the head of HR. She also outshined the final video-conference interview round and bagged a position as a NI sales representative at Schindler India.

PraneetaPraneeta, a former B.Tech student and a solution designer at Tech Mahindra, wasn’t satisfied with her career graph, and that’s how she went on to study marketing at VJIM, and her discipline in a relatively new industry blossomed. At VJIM, she continued to explore what fascinated her about her specialization. In no time she shifted her gears when she enrolled for the course with an eagerness to learn more. It was at VJIM where she could absorb knowledge, nurture her interests, and enhance her ability to synthesize information from a range of sources.

She adds, “Things were just moving in the right direction for me, and I really got into it. I recall conversations with my professors and fellow-mates on critical subjects and receiving unrivalled suggestions and pieces of guidance in exchange. To precisely mention, Prof. Yugandhar has played a pivotal role in guiding me to become who I am today.”

Upon clearing her Master’s, Praneeta knows she will be able to apply her skills and knowledge to the chosen career choice. She has gained insight into the world of marketing & sales not only through the course material but also from the knowledge the faculty members shared in conversations about certain subjects. “My journey is not a result of my greater academic aptitude or intellect, but rather an education program intended to bring dreams to life,” adds Praneeta.


PGDM Courses – The key to understand Management and Work Mechanism

When it comes to running a business operation in an efficient manner, a robust management is crucial. Indeed, efficient management is the backbone of every successful business and is responsible for attaining healthy profits and excellent outcomes in terms of production, distribution and beyond. In this context, it is important to understand that a strong management comprises of qualified professionals, who possess an in-depth understanding of the management mechanisms. It is the awareness of this very fact that brings business organizations to hire graduates with Post Graduate Diploma courses.

Understanding the preference for PGDM graduates


One must not be surprised by the preference shown by business organizations towards employing PGDM graduates on key management positions. Though, many have an opinion that such roles should be handled only by MBA with appropriate experience in relevant fields. However, such people are unaware of the fact that the PGDM graduates are a better choice as they are trained for efficient performance on various levels in the modern work environment. PGDM courses equip the graduates with all the necessary skills and training in different modules of management.

Why PGDM graduates are a better choice

There is no denying the fact that the demand for trained management graduates is on the rise over the past couple of decades. Contrary to the popular belief, enrolling for MBA programs is not always the best choice for candidates aspiring to take up key management roles, the PGDM programs too have gained an equal significance in terms of providing the management trainees with the highly rewarding career opportunities. Following reason can justify the same

  • PGDM courses are more focused on practical workplace issues

One of the key differences between PGDM and MBA programs is that MBA programs are more focused on teaching theoretical aspects of management to the aspirants while PGDM is practical oriented. This means that the candidates pursuing PGDM programs are better equipped to handle actual workplace challenges, thanks to their hands-on training. Unlike the MBA professionals, PGDM can better counter the workplace problems.

  • PGDM candidates tend to have a realistic approach

PGDM graduates have a realistic approach towards problem solving. Many professionals believe this to be a result of their practical based training. Their training helps them to gain an in-depth understanding of the diverse mechanics of management. This enables them to develop a realistic approach for problem solving and finding a solution that is both efficient and effective. Moreover, their problem solving approach is focused on ensuring maximum benefits for the organization without loss of its goodwill and credibility.

  • Organizations can choose candidates with diverse PGDM specializations

The number of specializations being offered by the top PGDM colleges in Hyderabad is quite extensive. This makes it easier for business organization to find graduates specializing in the specific field that they need. The best part of PGDM is that even with independent specializations, the PGDM candidates are skilled enough to handle diverse roles and responsibilities. This can prove extremely beneficial for small and medium sized organizations with limited resources to hire employees with specific specializations. In addition, bigger organizations can use such professionals to draw a bigger canvas with their potential skills.

3 months of wait between interviews to the news of final selection- what did it teach Pavitra of PGDM, Class 2019, VJIM?

Pavitra is a VJIM student specializing in Human Resources with minors in Analytics. Pavitra’s experience at VJIM has transformed her from being an introvert to an ambivert. “Very few words,” Pavitra said. “Learn and unlearn. We were taught to do the same at VJIM, so when I’d started with the course, I had adopted a sense of what ‘standing-apart’ amidst a batch of 60 looks like to me. I just had to internalize what it meant for the rest.”

Pavitra’s key project at VJIM during her summer internship program was her final and the most important course requirement – designing a hiring strategy for UBER under UBER’S mentorship. VJIM calls this sort of learning “self-regulation.” At its core, the idea is to prepare a student to become a self-reliant learner to reach his/her goals. And this approach is a part of VJIM’s Mentormine program.

Screenshot from 2019-03-29 12.35.20Today, the young student possesses clear life goals and self-confidence and dreams beyond the shore. But to get this far, the road was rugged. “When you are rigorously preparing for an interview at your dream company and you don’t get to hear from them for more than three months, it is earth-shattering. One of the top recruiters – Green Parks Hotels & Resorts – had visited our campus for the first time – or for that matter any campus. Their screening process involved an aptitude test, group discussions, a psychometric test, and a final round of personal interview. After a long wait of clearing the former rounds, I was informed that I’d cleared the interview and bagged a job there. However, the gap of three months helped me in a certain way – it motivated me to undergo a couple of mock interview tests, skill development, and personality development training to better for the future opportunities,” says Pavitra.

Pavitra talks about another important skill that every student must adopt – Proactiveness! Her Proactiveness and her keenness helped her with opportunities such as Rapporteuring and leading several in-house conferences hosted by VJIM. She owes complete credit of this to her mentor – Prof. Kamini, and the entire faculty of VJIM.

Screenshot from 2019-03-29 12.48.01Pavitra is just one student, but her journey is a powerful reminder that passion and willingness to constantly learn and unlearn new things are important for success in college as well as later in life. “For anyone to succeed – or achieve what they want – whether at college or at work, you need to know how to adapt. That includes learning how to learn and believe that you can do it. My hope is that these skills, as taught to us by VJIM, will serve as a pathway for me to demonstrate my readiness at work,” adds Pavitra.


Three Key Benefits of Pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Management

It is a well established fact that a post graduate degree in management can open up countless avenues for lucrative career options. This is what makes post graduate management programs so popular amongst individuals aspiring to work at various management positions. In this context, the number of management aspirants opting for a post graduate diploma in management as compared to other specializations, is increasing by a significant margin. This is because these courses expose the aspiring students to a wide gamut of core management concepts and perspectives, which can help them to evolve into successful business leaders in different niches. Discussed are the three key benefits that students can be assured of gaining by opting to pursue a PG Diploma in Management from a renowned institute.

Development Of Essential Life Skills


Even though the primary objective of PGDM courses is to train the students about the different aspects of efficient management, they go much beyond this. The students enrolling for these courses are provided a basic training in several essential life skills, which can prove helpful for them not only for successful completion of the course but in their professional life as well. Developing skills like time management, excellent and effective communication, analytical thinking and even leadership qualities form an integral part of a good PGDM program. The students are provided with several opportunities to not only explore their competence in these skills but also to enhance them through proper guidance and exposure to appropriate situations. The persistent manner in which these skills are imbibed into the students makes them a part of their personality and provides them lifelong benefits.

Practical Based Teaching For Better Learning

students-listening-in-a-lecture-hall-in-university-vector-16435166Most PGDM courses are rendered in a manner that focuses more on the practical aspects of learning than theoretical ones. This makes it easier for the students to understand and retain even the most difficult and complicated concepts. In addition, this method of teaching ensures an interesting and fun filled learning environment, where the students feel naturally motivated and willing hence show a greater willingness to learn. However, the biggest advantage offered by the practical based teaching methodology is that it makes the students market ready. This essentially means that the PGDM graduates are often ready to take up management roles if a more confident and efficient manner, without needing too much time for familiarization with the work culture and business challenges within their respective organizations.

Opens A Whole New World Of Career Options

llesia151000087As mentioned before, pursuing post graduate diploma courses in management helps the students to gain knowledge about a wide range of concepts applicable in the field. This helps in increasing their competence to take up a variety of roles based on the interests, career objectives and other inherent skills. In fact it is not uncommon for business organizations to give preference to such candidates over the ones with specific specializations. This is because these management professionals are more capable of solving a wide gamut of management issues across different divisions and thus eliminating the need for organizations to hire individual specialists for each division. The courses prove especially beneficial for students aspiring to start their own ventures.

A Story of a Millennial who’s Determined to Succeed and Believes in Designing his Own Journey

At just 23, with a wealth of curiosity and determination to work hard, Shaik Rahil Ahmed decided to pursue a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad.


With no previous professional experience, he knew his journey was going to be different than the rest of his peers. On the other hand, he realized that he had a lot to learn from students with rich professional experience, and believed that his curiosity to grasp knowledge and sincerity towards the course would offer a different perspective to his classmates.

Being a strong believer of fate and the power of perseverance, it was in his early days that he realized that his chosen career was tremendously competitive, but he would never compare his progress to his peers. “I genuinely believe that none of us are born talented. We all need to strive to achieve something. Prior to VJIM, my soft skills weren’t as refined as they are today, neither my rapport with everyone, nor my team management skills were exceptionally good. However, VJIM trained and transformed us to become thorough professionals. Today, I can present myself confidently, I can handle a team, and these skills got developed because of VJIM and the cultural event – Chrysalis, that gave each one of us so much exposure,” comments Rahil.

In his final year at the Institute, his short-term goals were to clear an interview, gain experience from it, and prove how he stood out than the rest. Of course, the journey of finding employment in Deloitte straight after PGDM with no prior experience was challenging, but by no means impossible. To this, he adds, “The biggest hurdle was my CGPA score since it was just above the cut-off range; I had to prove how and why I was the right fit. Following this was a comprehensive aptitude test which was attempted by 16 students and cracked by only 5 of us. I was one among those and that’s how I successfully managed to convince them of what my real potential was.”

Keeping aside the short-term goals, his long-term goals reflect upon his ambitious personality. Although it may seem like a cakewalk, with immense dedication and willingness, he aims to put himself out there to understand the applications of knowledge management, data quality, create visualizations, and conduct statistical tests – and flourish as an expert a few years down the line.

There are two individuals who have constantly encouraged me and contributed immensely through these years. One, Prof. Sishir who has been a source of inspiration, and two, a bunch of genuine friends I made on the way. Besides, I am forever indebted to VJIM and especially the placement faculties for helping me seize my dream job,” adds Shaik Rahil Ahmed.

Effective ways to manage stress while pursuing a Post Graduate Program

Most people believe that pursuing a post graduate program is all about enjoying a great campus life and attending various college fests and events. However, even though all these things form an integral part of life for students pursuing a post graduate course, these are only a small part of the education process. In fact the biggest challenge that faced by PG students is that of managing stress, which forms an even greater part of their life. In fact all the aforementioned activities are designed to provide the candidates with some much needed relief from the excessive stress of their campus life. Discussed below are some ways which can help the students to manage the stress in an effective manner.

Master Time Management Skills 

One of greatest causes of stress in candidates pursuing PG diploma is their inability to keep up with the excessive coursework. The candidates often find themselves struggling to complete the different tasks assigned to them within the set deadline. However, the reason for this has more to do with the poor time management skills of the candidates rather than the allotment of excessive work. The candidates therefore need to work on their time management skills to ensure that they are able to keep up with the fast pace of learning. It also enables them to enjoy their campus life in a better manner.

Set Realistic Learning Objectives

The candidates pursing a PG course should set realistic learning objectives to help minimize their stress levels. For this they need to create and follow a proper study schedule which helps them stay regular while also leaving them with ample time to take part in other activities of their interest. The candidates need to be sure that they do not burden themselves with too much studying at a time as it will not only reduce their understanding and retention but also lead them to lose interest in their studies within a short time.

Take Time Out To Relax And Enjoy

The candidates pursuing a post graduate course should make it a point t take regular break from their study schedule. They can do so by either allotting themselves some free time each day or having a study free day at least once every fortnight. These breaks help in making the students feel relaxed and refreshed and take up their next study schedule with greater enthusiasm.

Be Focused And Attentive

One of the best ways devised by students studying in PGDM colleges to reduce their stress levels is to maintain their focus and attention. These students have found that being attentive during their lectures helps makes the entire learning process easier for them. In addition, being attentive also helps the students to stay focused, which proves beneficial to the students in the long run and helps them attain a better career perspective.