A latest feather in the cap with CRISIL grading “A” and “A**”.

Year 2017 has been extraordinarily special for Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad. Having completed 25 years of delivering quality management education in India, the B-school of Hyderabad has been climbing from strength to strength. By beating other pvt. B-schools in various rankings and surveys, introducing some of the latest academic practices, building around the faculty pool and infrastructure, VJIM has been leaving no stone unturned to ensure students reap from an intellectual ecosystem. The new feather to its cap is the latest CRISIL Business School rating.

PGDM of VJIM, Hyderabad has been awarded National- A grading and TS- A** State grading. This latest achievement shows the school’s unflinching determination to adopt to changes and bring India depth and global breadth to education.

The CRISIL rating is a signature to the fact that VJIM, Hyderabad is ensuring its quality while keeping in pace with industry demands from fresh graduates. CRSIL’s grading process involves detailed information from the business school, a campus visit and feedback from recruiters and alumni. A detailed report is then presented to the grading committee which assigns the grading. The entire process takes about a month from the time of receipt of information from the business school. CRISIL’s criteria for grading business schools have been developed after carrying out extensive research. The organization uses quantitative and qualitative assessment parameters, to ensure that their evaluation framework is both robust and comprehensive.

Class 2018 PGDM students experienced industry internships and moved forward to bag commendable placements. From companies such as Deloitte to TBRC to TIME Education and GGK Tech, VJIM witnessed plenty of recruiter’s cherry-picking graduates from the latest graduating class of the business school. While students learnt from intense industry visits, interfaces, lectures, conclaves, seminars and workshops, the curriculum followed by the B-school also saw them creating start-up models or working around business ideas.

Students represented the school in various academic forums and competitions, bringing home trophies and accolades. Faculty submitted papers and presented cases in various national and international journals and conferences. With innovative electives and core courses to choose from, the journey traversed by the B-school in academic year 2017-2018 has been a fulfilling one.


Opening gates to MBA/PGDM with successful GD and PI

Picture1To be the best, you need to be at the best! Several lakh students appear for various MBA/PGDM entrance tests all over the country, and a few thousand qualify for the Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) rounds. Students who can’t get past this human interaction phase, are often unable to understand what went wrong! Easy though it sounds, all aspirants need to prepare for both, GD and PI.

Group Discussion

A group discussion is a method of assessing an aspirant’s personality. Although, few institutes are replacing GD with WAT (Written Ability Test), GDs are still not obsolete. Most of the B-schools still bank heavily on GD for its selection process and rightly so. It is considered to be a reliable tool to assess the worthiness of an aspirant for an MBA/PGDM course. A GD helps the evaluator to check the following in an aspirant

  1. Behavior of the aspirant
  2. Participation in the group
  3. Contribution in the group
  4. An aspirant’s ability to listen
  5. How much importance does he/she give to the group’s objectives
  6. Ability to work with criticism
  7. Awareness and articulation

How is a GD conducted?

For a GD, 8 to 12 aspirants are placed in a group for a limited period of time to discuss a topic. The students are made to sit in a circle to enable them to see each other and express themselves freely. GD topics are usually open and can be interpreted in many ways. Usually, the topic will have two distinct viewpoints.  Topics could be of various types:

  • For e.g., Privatization of higher education in the country, MBA in India sets high expectations
  • E.g., Religion politics in India, Guarding our borders
  • E.g., Birds of the same feather flock together, Natural numbers
  • Current issues. E.g., Social Media is an effective marketing tool, Modi Governance is Good Governance
  • Case study. E.g., The participants are given a situation and its problems and then they are asked to provide solutions.
  • E.g., Women can be safe only if they take their own responsibility, Love marriage or arranged marriage?

Picture2The participants are expected to bring out the most relevant points during the GD. Following are some tips that may help a student succeed in a GD:

  1. If you don’t know the topic: Be quiet for a while, listen to the other candidates, pick up information, form an opinion and then put it forth. Draw on your experiences from similar situations.
  2. You may not be as assertive as the rest of the group: It is not necessary to shout to be heard in a GD. You may enter the discussion by first agreeing with the bully and then presenting your opinion. It is important to remember that you don’t have to speak for too long, what matters in the content.

Picture3Personal Interview

A personal interview (PI) is the last step of the session and the most crucial one at that. For leading B-schools, a PI is almost imperative and is quite a sacrosanct process. A PI is aimed at evaluating:

  1. Communication skills of the candidate
  2. His/her knowledge of the subject

– It is important that the responses be coherent and systematic. There is no point in bluffing in a PI, the interviewer is an experienced professional and will see through quickly. Your knowledge is the only help here as well as the following behavior:

– Try be positive, always. You may choose to disagree with something during a PI but make sure you have a solution to the problem and don’t sound like a problem maker.

– Be confident

– Listen carefully and patiently

The success of PI session banks on your Attitude and Knowledge. There is no other way to tackle it.


This article is powered by VJIM Hyderabad for management aspirants who are looking forward to make it to reputed B-schools of the country. To know more about VJIM, Hyderabad, you may visit: www.vjim.edu.in. Admissions open for PGDM, Class 2015-2017.

15 signs that you are an MBA student

With all those oh-so-true signs and symptoms’ posts getting viraled on social media, I felt this irresistible urge to think as to what are the few typical signs which almost the entire MBA fraternity suffers from. Naturally my thought led me to get into the task of doing my bit of research, reading some behavioral psychology (if you know what that means), talking to some random MBA students, sneaking into the lifestyle of few of my friends, disturbing a couple of class toppers with my volley of stupid questions, bothering few parents (including mine), mentally bunking a class or two, tearing a couple of pages from notebook and finally locating the top fifteen signs that have been an epidemic among MBA students.

You might differ or you might agree to all of them:

  1. As soon as your eyes open in the morning, you think of- “when will I get time to sleep again?”
  2. Brushing or taking breakfast always come secondary. Newspaper it is.
  3. Presentation is like- “What, that’s it?”
  4. You forget that once upon a time, you were afraid of public speaking. Now all you do is, speak, speak and speak in public. Wanted or unwanted. You just cannot help sharing what you feel. Unfortunately, suddenly you find yourself feeling a lot as well.
  5. Having to stay away from home, you and food start to be in a serious sort of relationship. Like really serious!
  6. Having a tight mailbox is the most natural thing in the world. And oh look who mails you every hour of every day- of course your course co-coordinator and club representatives.
  7. Your family members don’t really understand which language you are speaking these days. Like really, what kind of human beings keep on interspersing sentences with words like – Intervention roll-off or dividend?
  8. Once you felt, business attire is equivalent to being a professional and how you wanted to wear them one day! Now, you run away from it at the slightest opportunity you get.
  9. Oh you love shopping and what exactly you shop the most? A4 sheets eh!
  10. Even in your dreams you find yourself solving case studies. Multi-tasking has never been easier than this before.
  11. You are hardly on time. You are always running against time or behind time.
  12. No one understands the value of “last minute” more than you do.
  13. What’s Day Zero? Ask anyone but an MBA graduate and they would say it is an American film on global terrorism.
  14. Text books? Nay. Wikipedia? Oh Yeah!
  15. Watching films and seasons suddenly become your new found hobby if you are living in the college hostel.

Sandipa Padhi

PGDM 2015, VJIM HYderabad