How Faculty Members At VJIM, Hyderabad Take Students Through Their Chrysalis

From the day aspirants walk onto the B School campus they are in a state of transition. VJIM, Hyderabad believes in making the process holistic yet transparent. A well structured system of the B School looks over the progress of the students till the day they graduate. Ms. V. Jayashree, Program Director of the institute is at the helm of the matters. Talking of her role she says, “Every academic and non academic activity of a student is managed by the program office. It is designed to bring about overall growth in the students.”

Experienced faculty members are the backbone of the well oiled system. Their mentoring offers students the support and instills confidence in their abilities. VJIM, Hyderabad is known for its strong faculty pool, which it keeps strengthening on a regular basis. Dr. Ch. S. Durga Prasad, Director of the institute says, “The class of 2018 – 20 will definitely see quality improvement in teaching-learning process. Not only will we recruit senior professors but focus on outcome based education system, self study groups to help students.”

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According to Ms. Jayashree the USP of the faculty strength at the B School lies in the fact that all courses are delivered by experts, who can impart practical knowledge to students. For sector specific courses, the B School invites guest speakers who can offer students insight into the field, talk to them about career opportunities in the area and more. “For our core course on Project Management we had facilitators from the PMI, Hyderabad chapter. With experts on board we can deliver the best learning experience,” she says.

On the non academic front, students are encouraged to not only participate in sporting, cultural events and conferences but be active in their organization as well. Chrysalis, the two day management fest epitomizes that spirit and brings out the best in students. Ms. Jayashree says, “It is an event that is solely managed and organized by students. They really look forward to it because it’s another step in their transition where they come on to the big stage.” And from then on, sky is the limit for their ambitions and dreams.


VJIM Flash Mob: a precursor to the mega management fest of Hyderabad- Chrysalis

Every fad has its golden window, the period between Wow and Enough already. So it is with flash mobs, those hit-and-run performances that keep springing up in food courts, produce aisles, public parks, transit stations — any place, basically, with a sizable and unsuspecting audience.

They’re delightful, for now.

One minute you’re standing in line at the gateway of Manjeera Mall and the next minute you’re clapping with glee as VJIM students dressed up in casuals pretending to be the typical shopper with hidden, amusing intentions. And if the intention is something like promoting an event like “chrysalis”, of course the more is said, the less it is.

Theme of the flash mob: “Make in India”.

Thousands of videos, many recorded via cell phones held by astonished bystanders, were posted on the internet. Audience were slack-jawed. We can say that flash mob might be the new free concert, available to entertain again and again.

The drill goes like this: Show up at a designated time that was at 6 pm, blend into the scene inconspicuously, stage an outburst of some sort and fade back into the crowd.

The concept already has been co-opted for commercial purposes to create a hype among the people. The flash mobbing begin with rigorous practice for day and night back to back with five popular songs. The day, of final performance arrived with all the students being dressed up in casuals to perform live in front of the huge audience out there. This flash mob was implemented”To remind and spread the awareness among the people living in India about major new national program. Designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, and protect intellectual property and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure. There’s never been a better time to make in India which are so vitally important,” as one participant explained. Oh, lighten up.

It’s going to take some imagination to keep this trend from going south fast. We think a flash mob could liven things up at the driver’s license bureau. Never mind about an elaborate song-and-dance routine.

By definition, a flash mob should not have been rehearsed. That is the opposite of the spontaneity that is its origin. But these dance performances — and there are dozens on YouTube — are such shining gifts to the unsuspecting audience, and the pleasure they inspire, seen in the faces of the young and old, is their gift to those of us who weren’t lucky enough to be there. Hence, the performance came to an end and the students of VJIM were appreciated truly with thundering rounds of applaud for such a wonderful flash mobbing that had been going on from the past few years. The Director, faculty members and all the students were very supportive throughout and congratulated the students to keep up the good work.

To know more about Chrysalis, the annual management fest of VJIM, Hyderabad visit:

-Sukanya Dhar

VJIM, Hyderabad

Celebrating Onam in style- VJIM nurtures tradition to create culturally responsible leaders

onammmOnam is a widely popular Hindu festival held in Southern India. As a student of Vignana Joythi Institute of Management, Hyderabad I was fortunate to attend, and I was part of a huge crowd that included many 1st year and 2nd year students. And, as evidence of how popular this festival is, students from Kerala even invited students from other states to join them in the celebrations. For me, I have to admit that my favorite part of the festival was the delicious food – it was prepared by students in Kerala and it was amazing!

At the end of the event, a “musical chairs” contest was held. Musical chairs is a game where a group of people circle around some chairs while music plays in the background. The catch is that there is always one less chair than there are people. So, when the music stops, each person has to sit, or else they are out. It was exciting and hilarious to watch the students walk nervously around the chairs, waiting for the music to stop. Many students, most of them men, put on their traditional Kerala dress as they paced around the chairs. And, all of the students, no matter what year, showed a lot of enthusiasm while playing.

Many friends of my batch said they really enjoyed the festival. One of my friends, Aman, said that “musical chairs was awesome and it was nice to learn more about the culture of Kerala”. Another friend of my mine, Tushar, agreed with me and said “the food was amazing”. It didn’t matter if you were there for the games, food, dancing, or just to Kerala – Onam went beyond all of our expectations.

“Life becomes a festival when gaiety and culture blend. Onam delivers the message of both.”

Mr. P. Venkat Kumar at VJIM, Hyderabad shares his experience with the retail giant Big Bazaar and helps students get an insight into the Retail industry

-Sandipa Padhi

PGDM, Class of 2015

Vignana Jyoyhi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad

Industry-Institute interface sessions at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad are highly anticipated because they offer a brilliant opportunity for students to learn from the best in the business. The session held on 9th Sept was no different as it brought Mr. P. Venkat Kumar, Assistant Unit Head, Operations, Big Bazaar, Ameerpet, Hyderabad to the campus to share his views and insight on the subject of Retail Management. With him he brought his vast experience in the field to help students understand what it is all about and how they can excel in it.

The Retail Industry has always been considered to be one which is versatile, dynamic and filled with different opportunities. Mr. Kumar also reminded the gathering that the Indian Retail Industry is one of the largest in the world and is estimated to be over USD 450 billion. Moreover the industry is in a high growth phase, and is expected to grow continuously for the next two decades. There are many new changes on the anvil, including the much talked about FDI approval. Hence it was a timely session for the students, who stood to gain a lot from it.

Mr. Kumar wasn’t to disappoint as he helped them understand the basics of Retail Management. According to him, “It includes various processes, which help customers procure the desired merchandise from the retail stores for their end use. It has all the steps required to bring customers into the store and fulfill their buying needs. Retail management makes shopping a pleasurable experience for customers who can shop without difficulty and leave the store with a smile on their faces.”

For those who might be interested in Retail industry or even aspire to open a retail outlet of their own, Mr. Kumar had a few pointers to consider. “The location of the store, population of the area, customer convenience, pre-capita income of that area and the mix of community are the factors that you have to remember,” he suggested. He then explained the importance of these factors with an example of Big Bazaar outlet in Hyderabad that couldn’t make profits because the pre-capita income of the population in the area worked out to be a hindrance.

In fact, Mr. Kumar’s lecture was interspersed with several anecdotes from his own professional experiences that made things easier to understand for students. He reminded them that Big Bazaar had 200 different formats of retail outlets all over the country because of the above mentioned factors. He then offered valuable insight into an important element of retail; layout of a store. He stated that it includes manpower, product mix, ambience, parking facility, licensing, visibility of the building, which one should pay attention to.

Mr. Kumar then dug into his experiences with Big Bazaar to talk about critical factors that impact retail stores. “Stocks are important and we try to keep them high. Staff should be well trained and have job satisfaction, which is why we rotate them. But the most important thing is to make sure your customers are happy. That’s the reason we have started Wednesday Bazaar and other offers during festive seasons,” he added. Clearly these strategies have hit their mark, as did his talk with the VJIM students.

VJIM to host a workshop with DELNET, to help users utilize its vast resources to the fullest

_SSV5144 (1)Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad will be hosting a unique workshop come Sept 20, 2014. It has teamed up with DELNET, a major digital library resource in South Asia for the one day workshop to train people and institutes to make the most of the advantages their libraries have in store for them. This is another interesting initiative from the institute to offer cutting edge advantage to its students.

DELNET was set up in 1988 with the goal of encouraging resource sharing amongst libraries. It strived to achieve its goal through development of network of libraries, collecting, storing and disseminating information besides offering computerized services to users. The organization brings together the resources of more than 4,900 libraries as its members in 33 states and Union Territories in India, and 8 other countries.

VJIM understands the importance of a good library as a strong resource base for students and its team members. After all, ever since its inception, the institute has not only aimed for academic excellence but promoted a research bent of mind amongst faculties and students alike. To make sure they had the best access to resources, it joined DELNET in 2002 and has been using the facilities a great extent since then.

The one day workshop will highlight DELNET resources and services for the benefit of the participants. But that’s not all; they will also be offered training in Koha, which is an open source integrated library management software. There will be several other aspects of library management that will be covered in the workshop.

The workshop is open to members of DELNET, who will be keen to utilize this opportunity to their advantage. But the good news is that non-members too can participate in the workshop and understand more about the services that are being offered by the organization.

Faculty members who need to refer to books and resource material for their teaching can benefit from this workshop. It also gives the cutting edge advantage to all researchers and scholars who can find material they look for under one roof. And of course, it has its merits for all students, in this world of e-books, to find a library resource that is comprehensive and expansive to say the least.

There is a nominal fee that will be charged for the workshop, which has a lot in store for participants. Members will have to pay a fee of Rs. 250 to be a part of the workshop while non-members will be charged Rs. 350. The workshop is highly anticipated and is already creating a buzz.

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“Each one, teach one” is a concept that originated in the US when African and Afro American were denied education. It has caught the imagination of the developing nations such as India where people have realised that there is a huge disparity among the “have’s” and “have not’s” and everyone should play a role in increasing education standards.

The excellence of an institute can be comprehended from the initiatives taken by that institute, which presents the ways in which they would like to mould their students. One such noble initiative taken by Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management is the “EACH ONE TEACH ONE” program. We believe in providing meaningful education. The main objective of this program revolves around increasing computer literacy by providing good Computer training and education to the government school students who do not have access to Computer learning and make them competent enough to face the contemporary world which is highly dependent on Technology.

The program structure is designed with care and attention to provide Computer education to the students of nearby Zillah Parishad School, located in Gourampet, once in every month, throughout the academic year, with a planned course structure, keeping in mind the basic computer knowledge which every student must possess.

The most fascinating aspect of this program is that these kids are taught by the students of VJIM where they are introduced to the joy of teaching-learning, in the institute’s state-of-the-art “Computer Centre”.

“What a blind person needs is not a teacher but another self”. At the end of the day, being the self of these kids brings the utmost joy and satisfaction within the students of VJIM as well. This initiative clearly brings out the yearning which the institute has towards shaping the character of its own students. This mutual process of teaching-learning comes directly in use not only for self-development, but also towards lighting up the lives of many underprivileged children.

–          SYEDA TAHERA SADIA, PGDM (2013- 2015), VJIM