Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management Hosted a Seminar on ‘Being Human in Technology Driven World’

Hyderabad, 2018: Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management hosted a one-day seminar on ‘Being human in the technology driven world.’ This seminar aimed at sensitizing students on the importance of human touch in this technology driven world and also the importance of the HR department at an organizational level.

To this end, the industry leaders from across sectors convened in Hyderabad, at VJIM’s campus, to share the proven knowledge around Human Resource functions and its contribution. A full-day seminar at the VJIM campus featured Mr. Navneet Peri – Founder of HR PERI Inc., Mr. Emmanuel Gosula – Senior HR, EPAM Consulting, and Mr. Ch. Dakshinamurthy – Employee Relations/Industrial Relations Professional.

These industry experts from across different sectors along with in-house faculty members discussed and addressed the importance of HR functions, insights into the real-world behavioral skills, knowledge, and attitude that an HR professional should possess, and much more:

* Mr. Navneet Peri, on the reasons that led to the inception of HR functions, the role of technology in talent acquisition, and the concept of Artificial Intelligence along with HR functions and how they make work a lot easier.

* Mr. Emmanuel Gosula, on the importance of self-nomination and promotion and how it helps in the success ladder, how digitalization is helping in monitoring and hiring efficient employees.

*Ch. Dakshinamurthy, on how having an insight about every department in the organization helps in sourcing the right talent.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Yamini Meduri (HR Faculty and Program Coordinator) at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, commented, “On behalf of the faculty at VJIM, we’re pleased to have hosted this seminar and we’ve aimed to provide quality and first-class information from real-world industry experts for the students. Through a forum of this nature, it’s our constant endeavor to offer comprehensive knowledge sessions to mobilize the enormous potential of our students.”

The whole objective of conducting this seminar was to widen the knowledge of the aspiring students, and there wouldn’t be a better way than an interactive session of this nature. In conclusion, it was noted that such interactive sessions have the potential of improving knowledge, attention, and awareness about the relevant sector.