A look at how S. Aswini Samatha Sai of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, furthered her skills to build a better career

S. Aswini Samatha Sai’s journey at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, and after that, is an example of how quality education, right mentorship, and a dream-like placement offers more opportunity and growth than anticipated. Sai had decided much in advance that VJIM was meant for her once she’d seen the course modules, faculty success stories, list of companies visiting the campus, and the facilities offered by other PGDM colleges.

Over the days, her conviction to pursue PGDM in Hyderabad with majors in Marketing and Business Analytics at VJIM became stronger, and in no time, she became a part of the tightly-knit and friendly department, as she likes to call it. Happy in her work of nearly six months, Sai says, she did not expect she would bag a job at an organization like Monster.com as a sales executive. She credits the success of her placement to VJIM and its faculty members for supporting and fostering her growing dream.

Adding to this, she said, “The extra-curricular activities, helpful lecturers, seminars, in-class presentations, and summer internship experience have together as well as individually been challenging, eye-opening, and yet, sources of improvement that helped me grab an opportunity at Monster.com. The institute has played a key role in my career path and also in helping me attain & advance high-level skills like communication, creative ability, humanity, and decision making.”

Having undergone multiple rounds of interview for the final placement, Sai shares it felt great when her confidence and knowledge about marketing was judged, and that, she was praised for the same by the employers. At present, her work profile that mainly includes interacting and managing clients, and also building a relationship with them, has broadened her mind, skills, and career path, which she finds perfect for herself.  To anyone thinking of going to VJIM, she says do it. she says VJIM offers degrees, but along with it, they also offer a huge range of extra-curricular activities, support, and extraordinary placements that are like no other.

Prithvilal Pitty’s journey as a student at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad, to bagging a dream job through placements

As someone with no prior experience, choosing the right institute for PGDM program was very crucial for Prithvilal Pitty of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management. After thorough research of the top PGDM colleges, Pitty opted for VJIM because of their high rankings and reputation across the university tables, which, in his opinion, have only increased since his time there.

With marketing as his specialization during the course, Pitty was able to bag a job at Naukri.com as a sales executive. Hoping to be exposed to multiple job roles and business functions, Pitty knew he had to major in a subject that would make his degree and time investment attractive to employers. Now, his role as a sales executive is helping him explore the areas of product sales and client engagement & management.

Prithvilal Pitty,
PGDM, Class of 2020

After 2 years of receiving a quality education and rightful industry exposure, Pitty firmly claims that a PGDM course, if done from the right PDGM college like VJIM, makes a lot of difference in the career as well as the life of an individual, and improves the overall future. At VJIM, Pitty shares he was inspired by the way the course curriculum was imparted and by the class-apart lecturers. When speaking of his favourite things at VJIM, he says the opportunities and people were like no other. He also added to this, “I have met some of the best people in my institute through the course, workshops, seminars, and guest lectures. The faculty members and staff have all got one common goal – to see the students succeed. To help aspirants attain their dream, the institute takes all the efforts possible – be it guidance, mentorship, events, or conferences. Not to forget, the community spirit on the campus is incomparable and it makes each of us feel like we were a part of the VJIM family.”

In terms of work, Pitty’s internship experience and activities at the institute have taught him to foster decision-making skills, effective communication, and technical knowledge. He believes, it was his persistence that enabled him to keep making strides in his personal and professional growth.

Santosh takes ‘rejection’ in his stride and bags placement with ITC Limited.

Some of the brightest minds and leading personalities in the world of business have risen from failure. It’s your ability to take setbacks into your stride and turn the opportunities into success that proves your mettle as a professional. That’s exactly what Santosh, PGDM 2016 – 18 at VJIM, Hyderabad did after he failed to make it past the first round of placements for his ‘dream company’. “It was tough but I realized companies don’t reject candidates, they choose those who are ideal for their organization. After that I got shortlisted by every company,” he says wisely. And his reward was placement with a top brand like ITC Ltd. He tells us how it all happened.

Getting down to the basics

As an engineering graduate Santosh admits that he had no knowledge of management concepts when he enrolled with VJIM, Hyderabad. He chose to be a generalist with knowledge of core subjects rather than being a specialist in one. The nature of the program encouraged him in his pursuit. “Dynamic and updated course structure, affable faculty, mentoring system and career vision schooling systems for placement preparations are four factors that make VJIM stand out from other B Schools. These elements of learning were crucial for my growth too,” he adds.

Building on the strong foundation

According to Santosh, VJIM, Hyderabad offers students a number of platforms to showcase their talents and grow as professionals. He singles out the influence of AIMA games where he had to take solo responsibilities, manage teams and improvise to overcome worst case scenarios. “My SIP with Trip Thrill, a startup company in Tourism Industry was another building block in my journey. My project was to acquire homestays for the company in Coorg and market them on online platforms. I could put my learning into practice in a short span of time,” he says.

Santosh believes these experiences will help him in his professional life as he takes on the role of a Sales Manager with ITC. Besides the learning he takes memories of open air dinners in the hostel, canteen hangout sessions and placement parties. Given his own prestigious placement, you’d imagine that his party was one to remember.