VJIM Business Conclave: E-commerce – Current Trends and Future Opportunities

The possibilities of E-commerce is infinite. In fact, the last decade saw some of the most successful companies evolve from E-commerce businesses and are now, giants in the field of retail and manufacturing. It is keeping in sync to this overwhelmingly shifting trend of the industry that Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) organised a Business Conclave on E-commerce – Current Trends and Future Opportunities on 17th November 2018.

Mr. Vinay Peddi, CEO Avantsy Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Tagorji Yerneni, CEO and Co-Founder, Letzbank.com, Ms. Preeti Sinha, CEO and Founder Greens & More, Mr. Saketh Shiva and Mr. Gaurav Jain, Consultants Mee Seva, Govt of Telangana, Mr. Hemanth Jonnalagadda, Co-Founder Commut, Mr. G.V. Vamshi Krishna, Senior Zonal Manager, Naukri.com were invited at the Conclave to discuss about the current trends and future opportunities in the E-commerce industry.

However, what exactly is E-commerce? It can be described as an activity of selling or buying of products/services online over the Internet. E-commerce has disrupted businesses leading to major changes in industry structure, market place structure and business models. It draws on technologies such as electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce, supply chain management, online transaction processing, internet marketing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems, elaborated the experts.

VJIM has been organizing Business Conclaves for the last few years on various themes that are relevant to the business trends of the time. While last year VJIM chose to conduct these conclaves in the functional areas, this year the B-school is set to conduct these conclaves in the emerging and trending sectors. This is the third such conclave in this series and would address the challenges and championing areas of the E-commerce field. The first one was in BFSI with the second one being on the topic of Digital Marketing.

Conclaves of this nature not only help students to get insights from the corporate world but also aids them network with the corporate representatives. VJIM students are always enthusiastic about hearing the practical dimension of various management concepts from the practitioners directly. 

The Director of VJIM, Dr.Ch.S. Durga Prasad, General Secretary of Vignana Jyothi, Sri. K. Harishchandra Prasad and Prof. M R. Rao who was the Dean Emeritus of ISB also graced the occasion and spoke about the changing landscape of Business.

7 Questions every VJIM wants every Budding leader to ask themselves before they leave campus

You are on the verge of finishing your PGDM? Do you think the main job is done? Well, no. It is yet to begin.

Now that you are about to join the workforce, let us re-orient your thinking process and remind you- you have been trained to become leaders these 2 years of your PGDM. All set for it? Then ask yourself:

  1.     What Kind of Culture you want to Create?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that what kind of culture you are comfortable working in yourself. Your success as a leader depends highly upon the performance of your team which is directly related to the work culture you are working in. Every team has an ideal and this ideal or the value system needs to come from you as a leader. Work culture decides that in what environment your company would be able to work at their best of the potential.

  1.     What kind of Enthusiasm you want to bring at work?

A motivated leader breeds a motivated team. The more the positive energy you will bring in the company, the better your team will work under you. Many management theories support the fact that a team with an active and enthusiastic leader have high performance level and are more efficient. So what kind of enthusiastic level you want to bring to the company and specifically in your team would be a deciding factor behind how your team will perform in the longer run.

  1.     What Vision you have?

Leading a team with no vision is like walking on a path with no destination. It is meaningless and extremely dangerous. Ask yourself what is your vision and what is it? Where do you see yourself or your team one year from now or what scope you think your current project has? All these questions are extremely important as it will help set a goal not only for you but for your entire team.

  1.     Are You Approachable?

A good and successful manager is the one who is approachable and works from the base level. The most basic rule of being a manager is stepping into other people’s shoes and then taking a decision. Always think from the point of view of others. Would you be happy working in a team where your manager is not easy to approach? No, right? So answer this question accordingly and then make it a rule as a leader.

  1.     Are you Decisive?

One of the biggest challenges of being a leader is taking hard decisions that can affect your team. Sometimes as a leader, you will find yourself in a position of dilemma where you have to take a practical decision for the good of the company but that is adversely impacting your team. Being decisive is extremely important and you have to make it a point to ask yourself this question and prepare yourself accordingly.