Talk Right And Communicate Right – The Core of Soft Skill Training for PGDM Students

Soft skills are important in every profession, but their significance in the world of management is perhaps the highest. This is because the manner in which management professionals present themselves and communicate with the outer world can deeply influence their own success and the success of their organization. This is perhaps why we lay so much stress on training our students in the key soft skills of talking right and communicating right. In fact, we consider it extremely essential for the students to master these skills for paving the way for a successful career.

What Makes These Skills So Important

The ability to talk and communicate in the most appropriate manner matters a lot in the corporate culture. This is because it reflects the interpersonal abilities and attributes of an individual’s personality. Mastering these skills makes it easier for management professionals to gain a clear understanding of the best way to react and respond in a given business situation. The higher the students aspire to move on the management ladder, the more important it becomes for them to gain a proper hold of these skills. Moreover, talking right and communicating right form the basis for developing other soft skills, such as optimism, responsibility, sense of humor, good manners, sociability, and empathy to name a few.

Why These Skills  Matter More For Management Professionals


The reason that makes business organizations invest in hiring management trainees is their belief that these aspiring professionals are best suited to take the venture to new heights of success. However, doing business is all about interacting with people, which is why the students opting for a PGDM in Hyderabad need to master the skills of taking and communicating in the right manner. The three most common business scenarios where these skills come in quite handy are discussed as follows.

For Business Generation


Management professionals are often tasked with the responsibility of generating greater business for their organization. This requires them to have excellent interpersonal skills and a great command over their communication. Having the right business etiquette and good communication skills can help management professionals to win over new clients in an almost effortless manner.

Efficiently Manage People From Diverse Cultures

The management professionals are required to deal with people from diverse cultures backgrounds as a part of their job. Without proper soft skill training, this can prove to be extremely challenging. We pay special attention to imbibing these key soft skills in our students.  This prepares them to adjust and deal with the people from different cultures, environments, and languages in the most efficient manner.

For Personal Career Growth


The ability to talk and communicate in an effective manner can play a vital role in enhancing the career growth of management students. In fact, these skills are essential to help the candidates to evolve as successful leaders making it easier for them to manage the workforce. It will also help them to establish a strong relationship with individual team members and motivate them to contribute towards business growth and success in an optimal way.

7 Questions every VJIM wants every Budding leader to ask themselves before they leave campus

You are on the verge of finishing your PGDM? Do you think the main job is done? Well, no. It is yet to begin.

Now that you are about to join the workforce, let us re-orient your thinking process and remind you- you have been trained to become leaders these 2 years of your PGDM. All set for it? Then ask yourself:

  1.     What Kind of Culture you want to Create?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that what kind of culture you are comfortable working in yourself. Your success as a leader depends highly upon the performance of your team which is directly related to the work culture you are working in. Every team has an ideal and this ideal or the value system needs to come from you as a leader. Work culture decides that in what environment your company would be able to work at their best of the potential.

  1.     What kind of Enthusiasm you want to bring at work?

A motivated leader breeds a motivated team. The more the positive energy you will bring in the company, the better your team will work under you. Many management theories support the fact that a team with an active and enthusiastic leader have high performance level and are more efficient. So what kind of enthusiastic level you want to bring to the company and specifically in your team would be a deciding factor behind how your team will perform in the longer run.

  1.     What Vision you have?

Leading a team with no vision is like walking on a path with no destination. It is meaningless and extremely dangerous. Ask yourself what is your vision and what is it? Where do you see yourself or your team one year from now or what scope you think your current project has? All these questions are extremely important as it will help set a goal not only for you but for your entire team.

  1.     Are You Approachable?

A good and successful manager is the one who is approachable and works from the base level. The most basic rule of being a manager is stepping into other people’s shoes and then taking a decision. Always think from the point of view of others. Would you be happy working in a team where your manager is not easy to approach? No, right? So answer this question accordingly and then make it a rule as a leader.

  1.     Are you Decisive?

One of the biggest challenges of being a leader is taking hard decisions that can affect your team. Sometimes as a leader, you will find yourself in a position of dilemma where you have to take a practical decision for the good of the company but that is adversely impacting your team. Being decisive is extremely important and you have to make it a point to ask yourself this question and prepare yourself accordingly.

Call for Papers for the 11th National Conference “India Rising: Perspectives from the South Asian Region” to be hosted by VJIM, Hyderabad presents a huge opportunity

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad will host its 11th National Conference in the presence of leading lights from the industry and academia on the 29th and 30th of Jan, 2018. The conference also offers a platform for papers on the theme “India Rising: Perspectives from the South Asia Region”. To be submitted by 20th of January, the papers will bring further value to the discussion on the highly relevant topic in today’s times.

Indian economy is booming and initiatives like Make In India, Digital India and Tax Rationalization are having an impact. The region is considered the biggest marketplace in the world today. While there is no denying that India will take its place amongst developed nations in the world, challenges like integration, low inter regional trade remain. These and few other The conference organized by conveners Prof. Shishir Polasani and Prof. Suresh Kerani, the B School has created a platform that will have a lot in store for entrepreneurs, government policy makers, research agencies, consultants, industry professionals, academics and future managers alike. They will be privy to discussions on opportunities and challenges for regional economic growth. The conference is divided into six topical sub themes to streamline discussions:

  • Building Social and physical infrastructure
  • Leveraging Demographic Dividend
  • Fostering Transparency and Governance
  • Institutionalising Financial Reforms
  • Reimaging Financial Reforms
  • Reimaging Educational Ecosystem
  • Balancing Globalisation and Regionalism

At the end of the day, the conference will o facilitate interaction amongst various stakeholders from the South Asian Region. It will also aim to propose policy recommendations to foster greater intra-regional cooperation and integration.. Researchers and students can be a part of the engaging discussion by submitting papers on related  sub-themes.

Those who are interested in sending their papers for the conference, here are the important pieces of information:

Register yourself at

Last date for registering: January 25, 2018

Maximum Length: 6,000 words excluding title / cover page and references

Synopsis: Not more than 200 words

The papers must include a clear indication of purpose of research, methodology, major results, implications of the study and key references. It will be a huge opportunity for researchers to reach out to a prolific audience and make their mark with findings on a topic that everyone is talking about. Papers should be mailed to:

To directly call and enquire, you may connect

15 signs that you are an MBA student

With all those oh-so-true signs and symptoms’ posts getting viraled on social media, I felt this irresistible urge to think as to what are the few typical signs which almost the entire MBA fraternity suffers from. Naturally my thought led me to get into the task of doing my bit of research, reading some behavioral psychology (if you know what that means), talking to some random MBA students, sneaking into the lifestyle of few of my friends, disturbing a couple of class toppers with my volley of stupid questions, bothering few parents (including mine), mentally bunking a class or two, tearing a couple of pages from notebook and finally locating the top fifteen signs that have been an epidemic among MBA students.

You might differ or you might agree to all of them:

  1. As soon as your eyes open in the morning, you think of- “when will I get time to sleep again?”
  2. Brushing or taking breakfast always come secondary. Newspaper it is.
  3. Presentation is like- “What, that’s it?”
  4. You forget that once upon a time, you were afraid of public speaking. Now all you do is, speak, speak and speak in public. Wanted or unwanted. You just cannot help sharing what you feel. Unfortunately, suddenly you find yourself feeling a lot as well.
  5. Having to stay away from home, you and food start to be in a serious sort of relationship. Like really serious!
  6. Having a tight mailbox is the most natural thing in the world. And oh look who mails you every hour of every day- of course your course co-coordinator and club representatives.
  7. Your family members don’t really understand which language you are speaking these days. Like really, what kind of human beings keep on interspersing sentences with words like – Intervention roll-off or dividend?
  8. Once you felt, business attire is equivalent to being a professional and how you wanted to wear them one day! Now, you run away from it at the slightest opportunity you get.
  9. Oh you love shopping and what exactly you shop the most? A4 sheets eh!
  10. Even in your dreams you find yourself solving case studies. Multi-tasking has never been easier than this before.
  11. You are hardly on time. You are always running against time or behind time.
  12. No one understands the value of “last minute” more than you do.
  13. What’s Day Zero? Ask anyone but an MBA graduate and they would say it is an American film on global terrorism.
  14. Text books? Nay. Wikipedia? Oh Yeah!
  15. Watching films and seasons suddenly become your new found hobby if you are living in the college hostel.

Sandipa Padhi

PGDM 2015, VJIM HYderabad