A two days’ workshop for VJIM PGDM students helped them learn stock and investment from the horse’s mouth

The thing about “experiential learning” is, there is no alternative to it if you are meaning to make a sound manager out of yourself. At Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad theories are backed with veteran experts’ inputs in the field to complete the concepts for students, better. It is in sync to this that Finance specialization students currently attended a workshop with professionals from Karvy Stock Broking Ltd. that opened a whole new dimension of understanding the nitty-gritty of the financial world and stock- better!

The two days’ workshop on “Student Engagement and Applied Learning in Finance” was scheduled for 11thand 12th December, 2017. VJIM PGDM students enthusiastic about completing their Diploma in Financial Management got a complete insight into the basic concepts of stock market and how s/he could make their way into the stock market and build on their own investment profiles.

On the first day of the workshop students were introduced with the basic concepts of stock markets and various kinds of securities that are traded in the market.

Day two of the workshop saw a further detailed conceptualization of capital markets and corporate actions. The Karvy Stock Broking Ltd. professionals designed the workshop in ways to give practical exposure to the students on how one can be an investor and make proper investment decisions. Students were also taught how they can analyze a company’s performance and make their own investment portfolios.

“The two days’ workshop has been very insightful for all of us finance enthusiasts. These workshops solve for bridging the gap between the classroom and the industry and we get to pick crucial components of various functions directly from professionals working within the space. I could literally relate my theories to the activities given to us,” says one of the students attending the event.


Report on Panel discussion on “Career Building in HR”

With the insane humdinger, changes, innovation, policies and endless gusto in the field of Human Resources, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad organized a HR Panel Discussion on 21st September, 2017. The objective of the Panel Discussion was to help aspiring HR professionals understand the opportunities in the field today and how to go about developing oneself as a successful HR manager.

The Panel Discussion had Mr. Narayana Rao, Head-HR, NCC Group, Hyderabad; Ms. Hema Srinivas, Independent Consultant, People Development Hyderabad; Ms. Tushma Singh, Manager L&D, Granules India Ltd; Mr. Cdr Santosh Nagarajan( Retd.), Associate Director-Talent Virtusa and Moderator- Ms. Madhujit Singh, CEO, Ananya Women@work

The Panel Discussion was organized in association with “Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD), Hyderabad Chapter.”

Introducing the discussion series, Prof. Yamini Medhuri delivered an excellent introduction to the topic and overview of the present scenario and stated the current relevance of career opportunities in HR. Followed by the introductory speech on HR, Prof. Medhuri welcomed Mr. Santhosh Nagarajan, who has spent 21 years in the Indian Navy and has championed People Skills through his dynamic experience. From his words HR is simply 

the management of human assets.” He also spoke about relevance of learning. Mr. Nagarajan’s talk emphasised “the only way to learn and grow is to unlearn and relearn.”

Mr. Narayana Rao spoke extensively around the fact that Human Resources is an organization’s greatest assets and how all other resources get connected through employees. He also mentioned that, “to make employee deliver as per company objectives, they need to be properly selected, trained and motivated.” The talk became even more riveting when he stressed upon the areas of HR growth, career prospectus of HR professionals, qualities needed to become successful professional and other career for HR professionals.

His speech was followed by Ms. Tushma Sinha, who has a background in Law. From her point of view to be an HR is “a big deal, and it includes 3 main competencies like understanding DNA of the company, human psychology and human values.”

Ms. Hema Srinivas started her talk stating- “the HR field is condensed with all about utilizing common sense and that too is most challenging when it comes to understanding people needs.” She concluded saying that “the more you are connected with people, the easier you will find to scale success”.