With the high spirit of Teachers’ Day in the air, VJIM, Hyderabad students made it extraordinarily special for their professors at the B-school. Festoons, balloons, glitters, cards and flowers lifted the mood of the day to an amazing pitch. It all started after all the teachers and students gathered at the auditorium post the classes for the day.

Monica and Naveen from Batch 26 introduced the event and gripped the audience’s attention. The program kick-started officially after lightening the lamp by Prof Rama Rao, Prof. Padmini and Prof. Manchalla. Then there was a beautiful song performed by Sowmya, PGDM student, VJIM, Hyderabad. The energy of the day soared further when batch 26 unfurled various interesting games held to entertain the faculty.

Amidst laughter, conversations and all the amazing activities, the teaching and non-teaching staff were recognized with gifts and each faculty member was dedicated a song. There was thundering applause in the audience.
The event concluded with a cake cutting ceremony by Dr. Durga Prasad, Director, VJIM, Hyderabad. What a day!

The Orientation Program at VJIM, Hyderabad packed with learning experiences with a twist and first taste of corporate culture.

The Orientation Program being held at VJIM, Hyderabad is in full swing as new management recruits get acquainted with each other, their B School and the corporate culture as well. A healthy mix of learning and fun activities, the program being held between 11th and 30th June has hit the right notes. And it all began with the ice-breaking session where students worked in teams and got to know each other. For many it is the beginning of the long lasting bonds they will make on the campus throughout the course of the program.

The freshers also got the opportunity to explore the campus through the exciting Treasure Hunt event. As they looked for suggestions and clues they interacted with faculty members and figured out some of the cool spots on campus, which will become their future hangouts. Sessions on grooming, business etiquettes, team management, business strategies and communication skills were helmed by experienced faculty members. These skills are as important to future managers as the knowledge of business concepts they will rely on in their careers.

Students were also exposed to the latter through Pre-term courses that gave them a fair idea of what to expect during the program. Madhulika spoke of the benefits of the courses as she said, “As a Bachelor’s in Computer Applications graduate these sessions were very useful for me to understand the basics of management courses.” The ABS (Analyzing business situations) and News paper analysis also played a key role in helping students understand the latest trends and made them aware of the innovative pedagogues VJIM, Hyderabad focuses on.


The Out Bound Training session instilled the importance of team work amongst students in a fun way. They also got the platform to put their learning into practice through ‘My Theme Corner’. Once again students worked in teams and were given three hours to execute an entire event based on different themes. VJIM, Hyderabad builds on this practical exposure through industry visits and sessions that add to students’ learning experience. The orientation program already included eye-opening visits to Acumen Connect and Finecab, a cable manufacturing company. With this all round exposure new recruits of the institute are definitely on the right track.

An interview with Prof. Rama Rao, Placement Chairperson, VJIM, Hyderabad

This freewheeling interview with Prof. Rama Rao, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad sheds light on the present day placement scenario for fresh management graduates. Pivoting the conversation on VJIM’s placement in particular, the interview elaborates on certain common placement challenges of 2014, a critical survey on the contemporary management course curriculum and its relevance to the industry.

  1. With the 2014 placement season going in full swing across Indian B-schools and particularly VJIM, what is your take concerning the current economic scenario? Is it having enough scope for management freshers? 

Current economic scenario has enough scope for management freshers in terms of numbers, with right aptitude and attitude, barring a decline in certain functions like operations in view of the deceleration in manufacturing sector. Compensation remains flat across the sectors as compared to the previous years except in some.


  1. What were the few challenges which you faced as the faculty coordinator of placements at VJIM, Hyderabad this year?

The internal challenges were i) increase the strike rate ii) Preparing the students to grab the earliest opportunities available within their choices iii) Training students for specific job requirements and iv) Place the enhanced strength of 200 students for the first time. On external front the challenges have been i) explore and convince new recruiters to visit our campus ii) getting enhanced numbers of recruiters to match the increased batch size to 200 students.


  1. What are two factors that you think have been keeping top-of-the-line recruiters away this year from recruiting fresh graduates from management schools? In that retrospect, how many old recruiters have come back to VJIM to recruit this year?

Most of our top of the line recruiters (more than 70%) have come back to our campus barring banking and manufacturing sectors. Banking sector have switched over to different models for fresh recruitments. They recruit under graduates and train them through specially designed training programs designed by them in collaboration with certain premier B-schools. Public sector banks are restrained by court order for not visiting campuses. The reluctance of manufacturing sector can be understood due to its present scenario. But over-all schools have done well and VJIM, Hyderabad in particular has seen quite a phenomenal placement session this year. However I am optimistic that both these sectors will come back to B-schools in the near future.


  1. What are the immediate three things you think contributed in getting so many old recruiters re-recruit VJIM graduates even within a turbulent economy as this?

i)Quality of our Alumni working with them; ii) long standing relationship between VJIM and the recruiters; and iii) our rigor in academic quality of curriculum and delivery being in line with industry requirements;  iv) Quality of students undergoing Summer Internships and Pre Placement Offers procured by them in the process.


  1. What do you feel can be improved upon in the curriculum of MBA courses, so that students find a better connect with the industry? Is VJIM doing enough to bridge the gap (kindly give few instances/ specifics) between the academia and industry?

Periodically updating the curriculum design and delivery mechanisms in line with the changes in the industry requirements will help MBA courses become contemporary. Enhanced industry interactions through varied means also helps develop better industry connectivity.

 We at VJIM are innovating many processes and introducing new methods in this direction. Some salient steps include i) introduction of contemporary sector specific elective courses and specializations, ii) reverse orientation after summer internship, iii) Faculty internship, iv) enhancing the involvement of industry personnel in curriculum design and delivery, iv) periodic functional seminars by top-notch industry personnel, v) Student memberships in industry bodies like HMA, AIMA, NHRD, Retail associations etc. and holding their meetings in our campus for students to benefit, vi) Through training managers from corporates in functional and managerial aspects by Management Development Programs by our faculty vi) Business Conclave and many other such moves. To mention in one go we are now following our own model “Business Education Repositioned”  for  imparting knowledge in sync with the concept of  Global Width and Local Depth to our students.


  1. What are the sorts of diversities VJIM stress on while selecting potential students? Why?

We stress on Geographic Diversity, Gender Diversity, Under-graduation diversity, Cultural diversity and skills diversity for- i) raising the all India characteristic of VJIM; ii) providing students a diversified environment for day to day interaction and gain hands on experience of diversity management; iii) for enhancing the scope of diversity of placements to cover the risk of recession in some of the sectors.


  1. Do you find placements to be one of the key responsibilities for B-School management now-a-days?

Placement has become prime responsibility, not just a key responsibility, for a B-school management in view of the expectations of the prospective students and parents.


  1. Few highlights of placement this year which you might want to share with our readers?
  1. Highest salary of around 7.8 lacs p.a,
  2. Campus visits by leading corporates across large variety of industries, sectors and functions
  3. A good mix of repeat and new recruiters visiting the campus
  4. Successfully placing the largest batch of VJIM so far
  5. The placement process has largely been student driven