The Orientation Program at VJIM, Hyderabad packed with learning experiences with a twist and first taste of corporate culture.

The Orientation Program being held at VJIM, Hyderabad is in full swing as new management recruits get acquainted with each other, their B School and the corporate culture as well. A healthy mix of learning and fun activities, the program being held between 11th and 30th June has hit the right notes. And it all began with the ice-breaking session where students worked in teams and got to know each other. For many it is the beginning of the long lasting bonds they will make on the campus throughout the course of the program.

The freshers also got the opportunity to explore the campus through the exciting Treasure Hunt event. As they looked for suggestions and clues they interacted with faculty members and figured out some of the cool spots on campus, which will become their future hangouts. Sessions on grooming, business etiquettes, team management, business strategies and communication skills were helmed by experienced faculty members. These skills are as important to future managers as the knowledge of business concepts they will rely on in their careers.

Students were also exposed to the latter through Pre-term courses that gave them a fair idea of what to expect during the program. Madhulika spoke of the benefits of the courses as she said, “As a Bachelor’s in Computer Applications graduate these sessions were very useful for me to understand the basics of management courses.” The ABS (Analyzing business situations) and News paper analysis also played a key role in helping students understand the latest trends and made them aware of the innovative pedagogues VJIM, Hyderabad focuses on.


The Out Bound Training session instilled the importance of team work amongst students in a fun way. They also got the platform to put their learning into practice through ‘My Theme Corner’. Once again students worked in teams and were given three hours to execute an entire event based on different themes. VJIM, Hyderabad builds on this practical exposure through industry visits and sessions that add to students’ learning experience. The orientation program already included eye-opening visits to Acumen Connect and Finecab, a cable manufacturing company. With this all round exposure new recruits of the institute are definitely on the right track.


Justice Chelameswar delivers an inspirational speech at VJIM, Hyderabad convocation ceremony and instills the importance of values and hard work amongst students

DSCF4107It was the 20th convocation ceremony at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad and the institute pulled off a coup of sorts as it had Justice Jasti Chelameswar as the Chief Guest for the ceremony. A highly renowned and respected name in the country, Justice Chelameswar was just the right person to impress upon the importance of ideals, values and of course learning, on the young minds, who were ready to spread their wings and take on the world.

Of course it was a big day for the students and their loved ones, but it was made even bigger by the presence of the man who had a big, positive impact on the audience with his speech. Justice Chelameswar started his speech by saying that he was delighted to be amongst youngsters buzzing with energy and reminded him of his college days. Thus he instantly build connect with the gathering and then left a lasting impression on them.

He used examples from Physics and History to talk about the significance of management and its relevance to the fast changing world we live in. According to Justice Chelameswar, trade expanded because of change in civilization. He focused on International trade when he said, “People used to buy horses in Russia and sell them in India. Things might have begun with local trading but international trade evolved because of several factors.”

Thus he impressed upon the youngsters in the crowd that they should broaden their horizons and find a place for themselves in today’s world, which is a global village in the true sense of the word. Justice Chelameswar also urged the students to try and grow their knowledge base because he believes that understanding of various domains is the vital component that is practically imperative to carry out International trade.

On the same note he asked the students to keep their fire for learning burning as that can keep professionals going. Justice Chelameswar said, “If you are serious about gaining knowledge, you will continue to be a student throughout your life. Such is the importance of persistence in learning. You can continue your studies in your area of interest and it will help you build a solid career in your chosen field.”

While his talk revolved around learning and success, he also recommended that these budding professionals should not lose sight of something as important, if not more; happiness. “A lot has to be said about keeping the world around us happy. No human being will be happy if the world around him is not happy. Hence no matter how well you do in life, you have an obligation to the rest of the society and should contribute towards it,” he said amidst huge applause.

Justice Chelameswar wound down his talk by narrating the story of the man who was upset with God for giving him 25 years of life while the horse, dog and monkey were given 100 years each. As things transpired, the man managed to get 25 years from the horse, the dog and the monkey. To which, God said, “First 25 years, you will live like a human being, next 25 years work like a horse, next 25 years you will bark like a dog and the last 25 years you will live like a monkey.”

With this anecdote, Justice Chelameswar reminded the students that their lives had taken a new turn now and they would have to work like horses to build strong careers for themselves. He had thus pushed the students to take their work seriously and emphasized the importance of hard work in their future careers. Not only was the talk extremely motivational for the students, they went back with his guiding principles that can show them the light in days to come.

– Article courtesy: SYEDATAHERA SADIA