Post COVID-19, what would be some of the hottest job profiles for management students

We are getting close to that time of the year when students are prepping to graduate and enter the real corporate world. Naturally, this phase is filled with anticipation, pressure, excitement, and a little nervousness about the uncertain and unexplored career path.

But what’s different this graduation season is the fact the world is hit by a pandemic and finding a suitable job will more challenging than years prior. For young adults who are on the verge of graduating this year, there is a different level of concern, mainly regarding sourcing opportunities, appearing for interviews, and cracking the right deal while being sheltered at home. In a situation where a large number of corporates are staring at unprecedented losses, freezing hiring, and considering mass layoffs, there’s an urgent need for an alternate game plan.

So, here’s a list of a variety of sectors, including different job profiles, that will gain demand and be suitable for management graduates post COVID-19:

  1. Social Media Manager

Social mediaOne of the newest and most in-demand careers involve social media management. If you are an ardent social media user and understand the importance of engaging multimedia content for promoting businesses, then this might be a career option that you may enjoy. The social media industry is faced-paced and constantly evolving, and hence, the role may always seem challenging, demanding, and pressurizing.

  1. Production Manager

ProductionOwing to the current situation, retailers and electronic manufacturers around the world have put a halt or slowed the process of production. Clearly, as the businesses in India and world-over reopen, the demand for management candidates with interest in this area is likely to rise by most manufacturing and processing companies. Thus, a role as a product manager where you’ll be responsible for planning, communication, coordination, and technical management could be for you.

  1. Management Consultant

managerEven though this is an obvious career path, the demand for a management consultant is certain to multiply more than ever post the pandemic. Be it large corporates or startups, the need for businesses to evolve and scale up results by resolving problematic areas using limited resources can be attained using the business skills of a management consultant.


  1. Risk Manager and Consultant

4When it comes to threats like a pandemic, businesses hold a better chance of surviving and recuperating if management is prepared with a team of risk managers and consultants. The role of a risk manager extends after and beyond an event where they are expected to curb and respond to the unforeseen situation by establishing employee-specific protocols,

identifying alternate work processes, and creating a standby budget for emergencies of this nature.

Apart from the abovementioned careers, management students will also most likely find opportunities in areas of communication, retail management, digital marketing, and financial management.

Amid continued concerns over COVID-19 and a sapped economy, the job search may take longer than expected, but the right skills will get you to the career that’s right for you!

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