How VJIM, Hyderabad Articulates Career Vision Schooling in the PGDM Program

Career development courses – including workshops and seminars – how are they being made an integral part of the Management curriculum at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Managemen (VJIM), Hyderabad?

As the level of curriculum becomes stringent and complex, a course of Career Vision Schooling (CVS) appears to be a perfect fit for the students who wish to seek exposure and a line of new opportunities. In a bid to groom the students belonging to different backgrounds, VJIM formally incorporated CVS as a 3-credit course in the academic year 2015-16. By doing so, the institute has found success in witnessing students obtain a greater degree of confidence and comfort in making important career decisions.

The course is designed in a way that it helps in developing all the required skills that the students may need to become job-ready. Overall, during the course of pursuing PGDM, the program is divided into four key sections; mainly, co-curricular programs, corporate engagement, functional areas, and placement. While functional areas section is particularly focused on the academic side of the course, CVS rightly finds its place amid a range of co-curricular programs such as case analysis, business simulation, ET analysis, summer internship programme (SIP), and business line on campus.

CVS, the career development programme is well-planned and executed over a period of 5 semesters, in the form of 5 modules, commencing right from the start of the academic year. The modules consist of personal competencies, business orientation, collaboration, employability training – 1, and employability training – 2, which together as well as individually impart and strengthen the employability skills in the students.

Connecting aspirants with courses like CVS and experts offering training for it is one of the ways VJIM is initiating activities to help students obtain invaluable career development assistance.


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