Hello Students! How to make the most of this Quarantine?

As the world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic, more than 130 countries have shut schools and colleges nationwide, impacting over 80% of students globally. This is unparalleled and first-of-its-kind; the world has never seen so many children out of colleges at the same time.

In a situation like this, it is natural for children to feel confused, sad, scared, worried, or angry. However, if you are one of them, remember, sitting at home doesn’t mean you cannot learn anything new or get any work done. Here’s what can be done this quarantine:

  1. Dive into a good book


Reading novels is something that people of all age groups enjoy. And what better time than now for you to laze around with an engrossing book. Be it one of the books from the Ruskin Bond collection, to Paulo Coelho, JK Rowling, or a few from the range of advanced authors like RK Narayan, Arundhati Roy, Shiv Khera, or Khalid Hosseini.


  1. Watch educational series and movies

people-watching-online-video-digital-internet-television-web-videos-player-social-media-live-stream_53562-8917There is an unending list of series and movies that will educate you on different topics. Choose the genre of your choice and watch them online. If you or any of your family members have access to Amazon Prime or Netflix, there are umpteen number of documentaries, movies, and TV series you can watch.

  1. Get better at drawing and painting

art-classesNow is the perfect time to bring all those paintbrushes to use that have been catching dust for ages. In case you are short of brushes, go for ice cream sticks, plastic spoons, or use your fingers. Save a list of 11 painting ideas or participate in an online painting competition.

Each day, try giving an hour of your time to draw and paint – it can be anything, a place, a fruit, or an object in front of you.

  1. Learn a language

international-group-people-saying-hi-260nw-1182493903Learning a language is a new experience but it does demand dedication. Besides giving you an edge over others, the new language will help you in your career and open new avenues of education and jobs in the near future.

While everyone spends time resting and napping, you can turn the quarantine period into an opportunity to learn new skills.

The options are endless and surviving the quarantine without losing your sanity is not as tough as it may seem. Do what you like and spend this time period by doing all things productive!

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