The Importance of Cultural Diversity in the Management Classroom and VJIM’s role in it

Why is an understanding of diversity crucial in management classrooms today? One of the reasons is that progressive businesses are gradually embracing diversity more than ever, not least since it’s the need of the hour.

With its dynamic faculty and multicultural campus, the Hyderabad-based Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM) is better placed than a lot of others in terms of addressing the importance of diversity in both, educational institutions as well as the business world. And the intensification of diversity doesn’t only limit to ethnicity and race; it also encompasses students of different language background, religion, region, economic status, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Having realized that fostering awareness and inclusion around multicultural education and considering a culturally-responsive approach to training benefits all students, VJIM has set an example by hosting students from over 24 states across India. Not only has this created greater multicultural awareness and helped students with different backgrounds succeed, but it has also evoked a sense of acceptance towards others.

The role of culture


Time and again, it is important to remind ourselves why cultural awareness with a balance of diversity is so crucial in the classroom and the impact it can have on students in the present time as well as the future. Teaching diversity to management aspirants prepares them to embrace various social and cultural groups, thereby helping them become better citizens in their respective communities.

Implementing and celebrating diversity and cultural awareness is a journey in itself, but the following points highlight how it’s beneficial –

  1. Students become more broad-minded
  2. Students learn empathy
  3. Students gain a better understanding of people and lessons
  4. Students feel safe and confident
  5. Students are more prepared for a diverse workplace

Lastly, the climate and culture followed and practiced by an educational institution impacts student success. As a result, it is especially important for both, the college and the classroom culture, to reflect, celebrate, and acknowledge diversity.

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