6 Mistakes every Leader should avoid while Managing their Teams

A guide by Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management


A key understanding to leadership is- people hire people, who hire people and somewhere within those three generations of hiring, there are leaders who have to handle these people. The chain is endless and we have come up with a list of mistakes you need to avoid making if you wish to manage an alpha team of performers:

1. My way or the highway (MWOH): Everyone has something useful to offer in terms of thoughts, ideas and suggestions. MWOH is fueled by the insecurity of a leader who wants to create an environment of control. Ideas do not always have to flow from you just because you are on the top of the team pyramid and you can’t think of everything. By listening to your team, not only will you create a feeling of involvement but will also improve the overall performance of the team by encouraging a sense of ownership.

2. All about the numbers: In simpler terms, if it is not making dollars, it doesn’t make sense. But numbers only become a problem when you lay too much focus on them and forgetting the team of people who are making those numbers happen. In your race to put numbers on the chart, you may lose sight of the “how.” So always keep people supreme and focus on creating a healthy team.

3. Talk and not listen: This is one of the major mistakes, leaders make. They only talk and they don’t take the opinions of others. Studies have shown that if people are not heard, they will cease to say the things that matter.

4. Change things just for the sake of it: Change is the law of nature but it should not be forced just to prove that you support change. It is a universal fact that any change that happens is difficult not only on leaders but on every single employee in the organization+. A good leader surveys the impact, timing and necessity of change before even planning to bring the change.

5. Do not be inattentive: This is one of the most common mistakes a leader makes. Handling a team is no easy task. There would be always a temptation to stop caring about the team and just do what you think is right without taking into account the needs and wants of the team. Such mistake can go a long way in destroying your team and your leadership as a whole.   I’ll close with the words of John Maxwell, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

6. Unwilling to receive candid feedback – “I am a leader and I am perfect.” This is an ultimate ingredient to disaster of your leadership career. As a leader, if you are not open to a feedback from your employee, you are going in an extremely wrong direction. We all learn throughout our life and our resistance towards feedback hampers our ability to grow and further succeed in life. As a leader, if you really want to keep improving, be open to a positive feedback and try to lead your team with open mind.


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