A noon with Peri Maheshwar, CEO & Founder, Careers360 at VJIM, Hyderabad

December 1, 2017 was a remarkable day at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad. Mr. Peri Maheshwar, CEO, Careers360 addressed the PGDM students on campus around some of the most topical issues related to personal and professional well-being of today’s young managers.

PeriHis sound advice revolved around the importance of ethics, honesty, boldness and hard work. While Peri drew heavily from the world and professional sojourn of various individuals, his talk became even more interesting as he introduced  interesting anecdotes from his own journey. A Chartered Accountant and a CS by education, Peri has worked with SBI Capital Markets Ltd. for 3 years before shifting to Outlook Publishing India Pvt. Ltd. where he took the office of the President and spent 16+ years. With decades of experience in his kitty, Peri started what is now considered as one of the successful career counselling companies of the country- Careers360.

With an inspired audience in front of him, Peri’s word echoed in the VJIM auditorium as he urged students to stay brave in the face of hurdles. He advocated the importance of “standing up for what is right!” He suggested that one should choose one’s battle carefully and stick on the path irrespective of the results.

He also went on say that it was a good strategy to be ethical as ethical businesses often make more revenue than anticipated “because of the goodwill that it garners.” Peri Maheshwar drove the idea home by talking from his own experience where he was able to garner support from unexpected quarters when he fought against certain institute(s) that was not delivering on the promises made to the students.

The event folded on a high note with Peri’s words of wisdom- “I would love to see students develop the ability to face challenges in varied situations.” He did not just wish
“luck” to VJIM-ites; rather, Peri wished them “success!”


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