A. Mrudula believes her SIP experience helped her convince Nestle that she is cut out for Sales career

mrudula“I have learned a lot about management at VJIM, Hyderabad. But I have also learned so much about myself here. I have gained in confidence and believe in facing any situation life throws at me with conviction,” says A. Mrudula student of Batch 2017 at the B School. The Hyderabad girl who specialized in Marketing And Operations faced the rigorous placement process with the same self-belief and landed a job as a Sales Trainee with a renowned International brand like Nestle. Here she tells us how she cracked the placement process.

Making a place for herself

The placement process took her places, from the group discussion and first interview in Vishakhapatnam to the final round in Chennai. A. Mrudula reflects on the process and how she made it through when she says, “In the first round they were interested in knowing my personality and whether I’d be a right fit for the organization. I had to prove I could sell and my SIP helped me to a large extent. The round in Chennai included an aptitude test and final interview with regional sales officer and senior HR.”

Being a woman in the world of Sales

Sales is often considered to be a male domain given the demands of the industry and the travels involved. A. Mrudula admits that during the placement process she was quizzed on whether she would be able to relocate from Hyderabad and be fit for the profile on the whole. “They also wanted to check if I could work in the field in adverse weather conditions. I could convince them that I was ready for the challenges because of my SIP work in the field. I also expressed by passion for the profile and the industry,” she says.

An ideal match

Mrudula is grateful to her B School for getting her SIP in FMCG industry, a domain she is interested in. Her SIP was with Heritage Foods Ltd, Hyderabad and her project required her to do a study of Planogram and Merchandising of Heritage Ice creams. “My SIP experience helped me learn how an FMCG company works day in and day out. I also gained knowledge about how a company can sustain in the market. This is a major area where I could relate with during my placement,” she adds.

Mixed bag of emotions

With the placement in her chosen stream in her bag, A. Mrudula is looking forward to making an impression as a professional. But at the same time she is nostalgic about her time at VJIM, Hyderabad, her friends and faculty members, who became her mentors. “The journey has been a huge learning curve and a unique experience for me. I would like to tell my juniors to be confident and that can only happen when you are willing to learn from everything you do. Make the most of the opportunities you have here,” she concludes from her own experience.


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