Vishnu BK is set to hit the ground running with GGK Tech. How has the PGDM journey been for him?

vishnuAs a Computer Science engineer, Vishnu BK hoped to work in a Tech company in managerial profiles. With his single minded goal, he enrolled for the PGDM program at VJIM, Hyderabad. For two years, he was groomed as a future professional at the institute and it has resulted in his placement with GGK Tech handling Business Development for the company. Here he reflects on how his B School made his dream come true.

Crossing the finish line

Stakes are high for management aspirants during the placement process. For Vishnu they were raised a few notches because GGK Tech was his preferred industry sector, and the placement process consisted five rounds. “The first was aptitude test including basic logical reasoning, verbal ability and quantitative ability. It was followed by Group Discussion, where I think I did well,” he says candidly.

Shortlisted candidates were put through a stress interview with Team Leader, and a company based interview with the Managing Partner. “The final round was a market research task based on two prospective customers. I had done my homework about the company and followed questions asked to seniors to understand the pattern. Besides your knowledge they want to test your communication skills and how you handle stress,” he informs.

From early steps to giant strides

Vishnu remembers his early days on the campus as an anxious student with dreams in his eyes. According to him everyday learning at VJIM, Hyderabad turned him into a finished product. “The ET sessions taught me a lot about news and of course finance, while business communication classes and student forums improved my presentation skills. Being associated with the PR committee taught me networking skills,” he recounts.

While those were his early steps towards his professional goals, Vishnu believes he took giant strides during his SIP. Looking back at the experience he says, “I did my internship with iPublish ATS doing research on ‘Identifying Recruitment Requirement for Startups’. It was quite useful to have done my SIP on market research because that’s related to the job profile I’ve been offered. So it has all worked out for the best and I am raring to go.”


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